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History and Future of Our Food
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     To really understand what the ideal diet plan might be, we have to go back in history to the beginning of Stone Age, where we can start sorting out the facts involved correctly.

     How did our diet develop through the centuries, to what we all eat today ?

     In these very old days of Stone Age the air had no polution and must have been completely cristal clear. The drinking water had absolute best spring water quality and the very outstanding great tasting and nutritious vegetables and fruits must have grown in huge amouts and big variety all over the place.

     Eating lots of raw food then changed over the years with drying it or cooking, what might have had certain other reasons, but first of all it also brought a different taste. Using salt and other seasonings got added-on time after time what was good, because of getting some other additional minerals and vitamins as well.

     From here we make now a big jump more into our present time to about two hundred years ago, where the actual invention of cooking food and preparing it to real main meals helped us to even enjoy eating more in a great civilized style of living, rather than just for the sake of some nutrition. And so it became a very special art, where families were proud of all their females, when they could cook so jummy that every neughbor would have come by and liked to have a plate for socializing. There were no Super Markets, Mc Donalds or other Restaurants, where one could go to, if a spouse didn't know yet how to cook. And it was a very big question of importance for everybody at this time asking a female before marrying: "Can you cook, and what recipes are your most favorites ?" And if not so, how could one possibly survive with a new family ? And so, all these people at this time got pretty old and healthy, if they weren't really poor or suffering out of any other reasons.

     The big difference for us today is, that we live in a complete different world. The farmer's healthy food from the past changed into pesticides "protected" products of major companies and corporations, producing tons of food products every day for our Super Markets, where added-on chemicals and preservatives now try to make up for the good quality and taste. The ethical principle to produce only the best healthy food products in helping our nation to be correctly fed for life, does not exist anymore. The only question is about how much money one can make with intelligently producing huge quantities most simply and economically, and also very fast for selling. And then it has to sit on the shelves in our food stores for some time, until somebody comes and buys it. And so we are the ones, who have to eat all that. But what we are getting is not really coming out of nature anymore, with no real nutrition and having already lost some of its original flavor. Taste makers and other things got added, even "replacement products" for nutrition and other natural ingredients. Because it is much cheaper to produce it that way (corn sirup, high fructose corn sirup, altered soy and wheat product add-ons, and all the other chemicals and taste and color supporters).

     Our Food got manipulated more for the sake of smartness, delivery and making money.

     Now, the only way of handling it and getting back to the real values for our families in achieving greater health and longer life can only get accomplished with buying fresh ingredients and intelligently only using those, which are labelled with "Organic". Or it is at least explained that everything is "Natural". But always also read the rest on the labels. And then we have to learn to cook, so we can start taking all the risk factors of today's industry completely out of our calculation, in regards to allergies or getting later on a possible chronic disease. Health and a longer life have much more value, than just getting slack and eating junk food.

     We have to overcome our personal slackness and irresponsibility about food and develop our own level for quality and acceptance. And we will never be wrong and suffering anymore with getting new ugly weight problems or being easily receptive to any type of illness.

     On my Therapist Page down in the link section, you will find great information about what you should eat, including everything about real Natural Healing, with lots of Recipes and Preparation Tips for your Cooking from a 5 Star Chef, including videos.

     1.)  Healthy Foods and Natural Healing

     2.)  Helpful Tips For How to Loose Weight

            More Helpful Information:

     1.)  Study Technology for Children

     2.)  Awesome Life Improvement Books

     3.)  Pain Relief without Drugs

           ... and much more !

                                          "Find The Right Answers For Your Life Problems"

By Thomas Lechner
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: I lived my life with eating food more as a daily necessity and normal routine rather than watching out for nutrition and what would be good for my health and overal survival. I was completely blind and uneducated and really wasted so many years of my life.

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