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Why Do So Many People Take Pharmacy Drugs
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     There is no person in this world, who wouldn't have some personal problems, negative feelings or discomfort. I'm sure, everybody knows immediately what I'm talking about. Some may feel it more intense than others. But from what type of cause does all this all come from? Going through life, we are collecting bad experiences and sometimes even losses, which keep on coming back to our minds and bother. Bad relations, problems - you name it. Then it "tells us" sometimes to drink more beer or take some stronger pharmacy drugs. But this depends on the person and what she considers is the best handling for her. Some people may handle it with "action", like getting to work making money, and not going home anymore.

     The big problem for trying to handle it with alcohol or any type of drug is, that it reduces the actual confront level of the person. And this not only happens with the reason she is taking it, but in her entire environment with all her responsibilities and connections. First she starts hiding from others, then she is somehow disappearing ("where is she right now ...?"), and some time later she is gone. What happened to her was, that she stopped completely trying to confront and handle all of her personal problems, small or large. It goes so far, that she starts to destroy herself, what is the lowest level of confront.

     But now we have to look more closely

     Alcohol and any type of drug are poisons. If you would take a higher dosage at once, you would be soon dead. Smash some Aspirin pills in a soup spoon, I'm not saying make a very huge mountain, swallow it and within one hour latest you are dead. Every doctor knows that. But they keep on producing all these drugs and call them "medicine", because it brings a lot of money. Plus some people are very easy to "get to it".

     1st question: Did you ever see a pill, handling someone's problems ?

     2nd question: How does a person look like, who is taking all this crap ?

     Just one daily, simple example:

     The not addicted person will say to her problem: "Today I feel so bad. I got a letter from the school about my daughter. I have to go and see the teacher."

     The addicted person may say:"Today I feel so horrible, I think I have to go and see the doctor."

     If all the problems of a person would have only one source point, the doctor could say, "Take this pill, it is against ...." but as you can imagine, it will never be that way with pills. Problems are very different and complex, and you can only get them resolved with your personal confront finding a solution. And this can sometimes really hurt, but drugs and alcohol will never help.

     The Handling

     Taking drugs or alcohol has to be stopped immediately. The body may already somehow have gone down. Lots of real nutritious food, fruits and vitamins are needed now, to recover back into a much more stable health condition. When this is done and the person got some decent recovering time with some little exercise and personal care, then she should start confronting, why it all went wrong, find the real reasons and talk about it, and then ...

                        ... let's go for a real handling, once and forever ! 

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By Thomas Lechner Instructor for Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: I had several friends and also an aunt in my family where I observed that sleeping pills anti-depressants and alcohol are undoubtetly creating harmful addiction and damage the personality and happiness of the person. It all is ending up in a real mental disorder which can only get resolved with getting the person off the drug and back again into a strong and stable health condition. And this became then for me one of my major responsibilities in life.

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Why Do So Many People Take Pharmacy Drugs

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