Organic Superfoods Powder - A Premium Superfood Complex

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Green Powder

Total Organic Superfoods - 300g powder

We all know the health benefits of nutrient dense foods which are now classed as superfoods.

Now you can combine the top superfoods into a premium superfood complex which is easy to take to ensure top nutritional status.

Total Organic Superfoods is a power packed green powder from Silvertown Health that has been produced by a top UK supplement formulator using the latest patented scientific food technology to produce an all in one superfoods green powder supplement packed with all the big superfood ingredient you would want.

What is Total Organic Superfoods ?

Its an organic superfoods combination green powder to help support high energy and optimum nutritional status for maximum health benefits. The powder formula is a 100% organic food product that has been certified by the Soil Association grown to the highest organic standards and manufactured in the UK.

What is in Total Organic Superfoods ?

*Pre Sprouted Barley - Generates 400% more energy than ordinary barley . Barley was studied extensively in Japan for its health benefits and was said to be the most excellent natural source of nutrients the body can consume for growth, repair and well being. It contains all key amino acids, powerful antioxidants, natural enzymes, minerals and vitamins. It also provides immune system support and energy giving benefits.

*Wheatgrass - packed with high levels of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Wheatgrass is high in chlorophyll and is an efficient carrier of oxygen through the blood stream keeping the blood well oxygenated . The brain and other functions work best when well oxygenated . Wheatgrass is packed with vitamins , minerals , amino acids and can aid good digestion . The skin and immune system are also supported by the nutrients from wheatgrass.

*Barley Grass - Barley Grass is said to be one of the best nutrient profiles known to man for general growth , repair and overall health . Packed with antioxidants , vitamins , minerals, amino acids and having more iron than spinach this super food really packs a health punch.

*Quinoa - This high protein packed grain aids the support of the amino acids in barley.

*Kelp - This seaweed based superfood is very rich in iodine which helps maintain the thyroid gland which is important for metabolism & energy levels. Also has vitamins, minerals , trace elements and amino acids all crucial for health.

*Spirulina - is a blue green alga algae that lives in water which is said to be the most potent nutritional food on earth. It has powerful immune system stimulating qualities and very high levels of antioxidants. It is also said to help control blood sugar levels and cholesterol . It is even suggested it improves mental awareness. Spirulena has vitamins, minerals , amino acids , high protein content and essential fatty acid levels which are greater than Evening Primrose Oil. Many health experts agree this is the ultimate superfood known to man.

* Acai Berry - A power packed berry with good levels of fibre and a very high antioxidant level score to aid immune system defence. Popular for weight management.

*Turmeric - A member of the spice ginger family tumeric is a powerful antioxidant and is getting a growing reputation for its unique health benefits including suggested cancer fighting ability, detoxing, anti inflammatory effect for joints, cardiovascular support, digestive support and skin health.

*Spinach - High in antioxidant power due to its high level of chlorophyll spinach is seen to assist the immune system and fight infection . Packed with vitamins , minerals, iron and also said to be good for eye and digestion health and also energy levels.

*Apple / Bilberry / Carrots / Lemon - Organic fruits and veg added to contribute to the mix with their low fat , high fibre and antioxidant support.

*Alfalfa - Contains the top 8 enzymes and is high in minerals and vitamins. Alfalfa is a perennial plant packed with chlorophyll a powerful antioxidant found in green vegetables. This superfood also aids digestion . Alfalfa is Arabic for "Father of Food".

*Flaxseed / Linseed - Organic flaxseed and linseed seeds have high omega 3 & omega 6 essential oils. Omega Oils are now seen as very beneficial for health for many reasons.

What health benefits could Total Organic Superfoods offer me ?

* Premium green powder superfood complex for maximum health benefits

* Cardiovascular Support

* Full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins & minerals in a perfect raw food state for maximum absorption

* Helps regulate metabolism

* Boosts energy levels and supports optimum nutritional status

* Cleanses and fights free radical damage

* Supports immune system and increases antioxidant defences

* Feeds the body with a complex of crucial health giving nutrients with 100% organic real food.

* Aid's digestion and bowel health.

* Easily absorbed by the body for effective health benefits with no synthetic nutrients.

* Soil Association organic formula supplement approved that complies with strict high standards.

* No food colours, fillers,binders, flow agents or preservatives just the highest organic grade food. 

Nature intended you to consume food in a perfect raw food state. Now you can with Total Super Nutrition.

Price £21.97 -   RRP £27.95

Further Information

300g tub (green powder)

Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

Contains no added - Lactose , sugar, artificial colouring, gluten, wheat, preservatives, flavours or yeast.


10g scoops , 1 to 2 times a day.

Can be mixed with water, fruit juice, soya milk, rice milk,veg juice or other liquids including smoothies.

For best health benefits take continuously.

Total Organic Superfoods - A premium green powder.

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Organic Superfoods Powder - A Premium Superfood Complex
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