Total Liver Detox - A premium and natural liver detox product

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Total Liver Detox Support – 90 Capsules

Detox is the natural removal of toxic substances in the body that may be harmful for long-term health. Every day, the body encounters useless chemicals and toxins due to air pollution and some foods and drinks we consume like processed foods and alcohol.

Over time this build-up of toxins in our system could cause long-term ill health if these toxins overload the system. It makes sense to keep the build-up of toxins down to a minimum. Detoxification may assist you with this challenge.

Formulated by a top UK supplement formulator for Silvertown Health, Total Liver Detox Support is a a combined group of natural herbs that help support and detox the liver and gallbladder which are key organs for removing toxins and waste from the body.

Why My Liver ?

Your liver has around 500 roles within the body. One of its key roles is to ensure that toxins are filtered from the blood and to eliminate unwanted chemicals that may be harmful to the body. So the liver is your gatekeeper and main detox organ, and so any assistance it has may be beneficial to long-term health.

Why Total Liver Detox Support and how could it help me?

This specific 100% natural formula helps stimulate, flush, support and protect the liver and gallbladder to aid the natural detox process. It also designed to work gently so not to cause a “crisis healing”which can happen with some detox products.

Total Liver Detox support may help to maintain the following for you:

* Immune System.

* Eliminate toxins & free radicals from the body.

* Help generate new healthy cells.

* Clean and purify the blood.

* Improve energy levels.

* Better digestion.

* Improved skin condition.

* More positive outlook.

* Better long term health and well-being.

Look after your liver and gall bladder and they will look after you.

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Ingredients per capsule

Explanation & Use

Barberry Bark 70mg

The bark of the Barberry plant has long been used as one

of the best natural support aids for a healthy liver and gall

bladder function.

Dandelion Root 70mg

Used as a liver support herb the dandelion root helps

stimulate the healthy release of bile by the liver and gallbladder

to help flush out toxins.

Milk Thistle 50mg

Seen by many as the best liver detox, herb milk thistle, part

of the sunflower family, is one of the most powerful liver detox

herbs known to man and is used worldwide for liver detox health.

Burdock Root 35mg

Seen as a natural blood purifier and internal toxic cleaner, the

burdock root is used to promote healthy liver function amongst

other health benefits.

Catnip 35mg

A member of the mint family and seen as a natural food to help

assist with toxin and excess salt removal.

Cayenne 35mg

Part of the pepper family and seen as a general digestive

Aid, but also said to help decrease fat deposits in the liver.

Fennel 35 mg

Although seen as a natural digestive aid, it may also help

with the opening obstructions of the liver & gallbladder.

Ginger Root 35mg

Ginger root is used to stimulate conversion of cholesterol to bile

production which further cleanses the liver and gallbladder.

Wild Yam 35mg

A plant that grows wild in Central & South America and seen as

a good natural toning and nourishing liver aid.

More Information

Size – 0 Vegetable cellulose capsule

Contains No Excipients, gluten, wheat, lactose, added sugar, additives,

artificial colourings or yeast.

Recommended Use

1 or 2 capsules taken 3 times per day with food.

Not to be taken during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Not to be taken with medication.

For best results use continuously for 2 – 3 months. Can be used in conjunction with our

colon detox product, Total Colon Detox. For savings buy our Total Detox Kit.

This product could be on offer on our main website . Please visit us online.

Detox Supplement.

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Total Liver Detox - A premium and natural liver detox product
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