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Long-Term Negative Consequences of Using Club Drugs on Teens

The term 'club drugs' refers to a wide variety of psychoactive drugs mostly abused by teenagers and young adults, often at raves or trances (all-night dance parties), dance clubs and nightclubs.

Concerns about health and looks cause thousands to cut back on alcohol

Men are worried that drinking too much alcohol will affect their appearance according to a new survey for the ‘Know Your Limits' campaign published this week.

Endometriosis -How Oral Contraceptive Pills Effects Vitamins, and Circulatory System In A Woman's Body

During the last stage of the menstrual cycle normally a layer of endometriosis lining in the inside of the uterus is expelled, known as menstruation blood but instead some of the endometriosis tissues growing somewhere in the body causing endometriosis.

New Insights on Addiction, Mood, Memory, and Cognitive Ability

An array of new science is painting not only a clear picture of addiction but of how the same brain issues relate to poor memory, poor mood, and poor cognitive function.

Benefits of Multi Panel Drug Test

The drug abuse among people, employees, and especially among teenagers is a cause of concern and several drug testing methods are used to check drug abuse.

Methods of Alcohol Testing

Alcohol is widely abused substance besides drugs and causes large number of fatalities every year. Although alcohol consumption to some extent is permitted by law, its abuse can lead to alcohol related crimes and accidents.

Types of Alcohol Detectors

Alcohol addiction has severe harmful effects on physical health, mental health, and on society. Alcohol testing is done at workplaces, institutions, schools, industries, and colleges to prevent alcohol related accidents, crime, and injuries etc.

Identifying the Worst Effects among Opiate Abusers

Opiates are extracted from the Asian opium poppy plant. Heroin is commonly abused opiate drug. Opiates such as Heroin are Central Nervous System depressants which slow the functions of both the brain and the body.

Serious Effects of Benzodiazepine Abuse

Benzodiazepine is a psychoactive drug used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, nervous tension, acute stress, and anxiety associated depression.

Negative Implications of Cannabis Abuse on General and Oral Health

Cannabis, commonly known as Marijuana, is the most frequently used illicit drug in America. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there were about 15.

Adverse Side Effects of Using Methylphenidate

Methylphenidate (MPH) is a central nervous system stimulant, which affects chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control.

Causes of Pain Killer Addiction among Teenagers

Teenage painkiller drug abuse is one of the major health concerns in US as many of the teenagers are getting addicted to these harmful drugs.

Identifying the Worst Effects Among Heroin Abusers

Heroin is a highly addictive drug semi-synthetic opioid drug. This central nervous system depressant is one of the highly abused illegal drugs in United States.

Negative Implications of Using Cannabis on General and Oral Health

Cannabis or Marijuana is highly abused illegal drug in United States. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) report, more than 15.

Negative Effects of Morphine on Human Body and Brain

Morphine is a potent opiate analgesic drug that directly effects the central nervous system. It is generally prescribed to manage pain after surgeries.

Know About the Primary Causes of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the major health concerns all over the world today. In US, drug addiction has been increasing at alarming rate. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2009, nearly 21.

Impact of Marijuana Addiction on Primary Parts of Human Body

The Human body is a complex system of which each primary part has a unique and important role. However, the harmful chemicals that enter the human body due to abusing marijuana, change the regular patterns of its working and create a conflict in its organized system.

What Kind of Drugs Can be Detected Through Saliva Drug Test

Illicit drug abuse is one of the major health related issues in United States as millions of people are getting addicted to drugs and spoiling their precious lives.

Make a change to delete your addiction…

Do you or someone you know suffer with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex or other unhealthy practices? If you do or know someone that does use this new year as an opportunity to change.

Side Effects of Cocaine Abuse on Health

Cocaine is extremely addictive central nervous system stimulant. Many people, particularly in the United States are abusing Cocaine and getting destroyed.

The Importance of Family Involvement in Substance Abuse Treatment and Addiction Therapy

For family and friends of drug and/or alcohol addicted individuals, addressing addiction is one of the most difficult aspects of seeking substance abuse treatment.

Short Term and Long Term Effects of Amphetamine Drug Abuse

Amphetamines, one of the most addictive drugs available, are a group of active psychostimulators. They are so called because, when abused, they result in increased production of neurotransmitters in central nervous system, mainly Dopamine and Noradrenaline (norepinephrine).

News Articles

Study shows 1 in 25 deaths worldwide attributable to alcohol

Toronto Canada - Research from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) featured in a recent edition of the Lancet shows that worldwide, 1 in 25 deaths are directly attributable to alcohol consumption.

Heavy drinkers face significantly increased cancer risk

Heavy drinkers of beer and spirits face a much higher risk of developing cancer than the population at large, says a group of Montreal epidemiologists and cancer researchers.

Binge drinkers let down guard against infection

As if a bad hangover wasn't enough of a deterrent, new research has shown how binge drinking weakens the body's ability to fight off infection for at least 24 hours afterwards.

Even low alcohol consumption has a negative impact on overall health

Low alcohol consumption is bad for your health in general. Researchers writing in BioMed Central's open access journal Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation studied the relationship between alcohol consumption and health to test the current theory, which suggests improved health, is responsible for the link found between low alcohol consumption and increased wages.

Track your festive drinking with new mobile phone application

To coincide with the start of the Christmas period, the Department of Health has released the first official alcohol tracker application for mobile phones.

Alcohol consumption in Portugal: The burden of disease

•               Portugal is currently ranked eighth in the world in alcohol consumption.

Greater religiosity during adolescence may protect against developing problem alcohol use

A new study of the effects of religiosity on the genetic variance of problem alcohol use in males and females has found that religiosity can moderate genetic effects on problem alcohol use during adolescence but not during early adulthood.

Difficult childhoods lead to teenage drinking

An African study has found a link between a difficult childhood and alcohol consumption as a teenager. Researchers writing in BioMed Central's open access journal Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health studied the association between adverse childhood experiences and drunkenness among 9,189 adolescents aged 12-19 years living in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi, and Uganda.

Alcohol taxes can reduce death rates among chronic heavy drinkers

Florida study looks at impact of 1977 and 1983 increase in taxesGAINESVILLE, USA - Adjusting the alcohol tax in Florida to account for inflation since 1983 would prevent 600 to 800 deaths each year in that state from diseases caused by chronic heavy alcohol use, according to a new study from the University of Florida.

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