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Hidden Dangers From Poison Oak, Ivy & Sumac Plants

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, each year 10 to 50 million Americans develop an allergic rash after contact with Poison Oak, Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac Plants.

Shingles Natural Treatment

In the past ten years recent studies and research with alternative treatments for shingles has shown it is possible to recover in less than one week and to reduce outbreaks of lesions and pain in three days.

Acne Myths, Finally Some Facts

Acne is a common skin condition, which can be extremely mild or quite disfiguring. Having had a rather bad case as a young adolescent, I know the kind of socially embarrassing consequences it can have for the victim but I also remember it being sore and painful, filling my life with discomfort.

Acne Treatment, Finally Some Facts

Acne is, perhaps, the single treated skin disorder and has been addressed in a wide variety of ways. Often the wisest step is to develop a program in consultation with a dermatologist or medical practitioner.

Do you have Eczema or Dermatitis?

Although many people believe that eczema and dermatitis are separate conditions, they are actually one and the same. The most common form of this skin condition is atopic eczema.

Acne Skin Care Tips that Work

How should people go about acne skin care? This article enumerates some basic guidelines to go by. For example, you should clean your skin gently, avoid frequent handling of the skin, avoid sun tanning, and lastly, women should choose their cosmetics carefully and men must shave carefully for good acne skin care.

Tell Me What Causes Cold Sores

What causes cold sores for you? What is the one big trigger that causes these painful and embarrassing cold sores in your life?You do not realize it now, but in the next few moments you will learn exactly what causes your cold sores and what you can do right now to eliminate them.

Wearing skin the right way?

Fads of fashion breeze in and out of style, whether its pointy shoes, skinny jeans, a beaded necklace or cute accessories there's always a new look to embody, but your skin is different.

Asthma and Eczema

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects approximately 7% of adults and 9% of children in the United States. Asthma symptoms include wheezing, coughing, out of breath, and other breathing difficulties.

Layers of Skin

Skin is one of the body's largest organs with a surface area of approximately 1.8-2.0 (square) meters and weighing 12-15% of the body's total weight.

UV Rays

What are UV rays? UV rays are the rays propelled from the enormous sun towards our little planet Earth. These rays can help the body make vitamin D, which helps in tooth and bone development and helps the body build up an immunity towards certain diseases.

Natural Healthy Skin Looks Better Than Botox!

Hundreds to thousands of dollars can be spent on pulling, tightening and synching the saggy skin on your face but there is an easier way. Except those who have cheated healthy skin looks healthy because it is.

The Causes and Cures of the Main Forms of Dandruff

Dandruff can be best described as excessive shedding of dead cells from the scalp. Shedding of dead cells is normal as long as it is not excessive.


Psoriasis is a skin disease where the skin cells reproduces rapidly and does not shed up like normal skin cells but pile up on the surface of the skin and lesions forms.

Athens, GA Dermatologist – Tips for Choosing Your Doctor

When choosing which Athens, GA Dermatologist it's important to consider a few things, in order to make sure you find the right one for you.

Athens GA Dermatologist - Skin Cancer Warnings

If warning signs of skin cancer were staring you right in the face, would you recognize them?  Knowing what to look for when it comes to your skin can give you a good idea of when you may need to visit your Athens, GA Dermatologist.

How to create a Allergy Free home

How to create an allergy free home environmentHay Fever is commonly related to irritants caused by pollen and seeds but there are many pollutants inside your home that can set off an allergic reaction.

How To Overcome Anal Itching

We all know how embarrassing that itchy bum moment could be. Generally people will cope with this itching condition but if it is going to last for a lifetime it becomes a hugely embarrassing condition as you have no choice but to keep scratching away at your bottom which is not at all a pleasant sight not only for you but for all the people who accompany you.

SOMADERMâ„¢ Gel is the only FDA registered transdermal human growth hormone product available without prescription.

GROWING OLD IS A FACT OF LIFE, AND IT’S INEVITABLE Our bones become brittle, skin starts to wrinkle, muscles get weaker, and energy plummets.

4 Essential Steps for Your Body to Properly Heal From a Major Injury

No matter what steps you take to stay healthy, you are sure to deal with at least a few serious injuries over the years. Luckily, most of those injuries should heal on their own as long as you continue to take care of your body.

What you need to know about varicose veins

If you would love to recognize even more concerning the varicose capillaries, after that you have actually come to the best area. You will learn important details about the veins and Vein Care.


Botox is an injectable product derived from the botulinum toxin. While it stems from the same microbe that can give you botulism, it’s completely safe in its modified form when administered by a medical professional, such as your New York dermatologist.

4 Doctors Who Can Help Improve Your Health and Appearance at the Same Time

Seeing the right doctor can be good for both your physical health and your appearance. Many of the treatments that these specialists offer are intended to correct certain physical problems while enhancing the way you look.

9 Reasons Why You Still Struggle With Acne

You use two special cleansers, anti-inflammatory masks, and night creams but this does not help and every morning you see a new red spot on the cheek.

What is ?

What is Neuralgia?

Neuralgia is a general term for nerve pain affecting the peripheral nerves. This is a medical condition which results in spasmodic, chronic pain along a single nerve or group of nerves in the head or neck.

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'Poop' dermatitis linked to fashionable toilet seats, harsh chemicals

Considered a dermatological nuisance that was long gone, skin irritations caused by toilet seats appear to be making a comeback in paediatricians' offices, according to research led by Johns Hopkins Children's Centre investigator Bernard Cohen, M.

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