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A Holistic Approach to Anti-Aging

It is a fact, people are living longer and there has been a rise in people trying to reverse the signs of aging both on the inside and out. Although you cannot turn back the clock, you can make growing old easier.

Is the Anti-Aging Fight a Losing Battle?

No one admits to wanting to grow old gracefully, and today, modern technology modern science have combined to make it easier not to. People are now using both synthetic and homeopathic alternatives, and are going to fancy salons or just fighting the fight on the home front with all the new products available.

What's New in Antiaging Products?

When it comes to aging, we all want to turn back the hands of time or at least pry them away from our faces. But is there anything that we can really do? Absolutely.

Kymythy's Kitchen Nutrition: Natural Anti-inflammatories

Dear Kymythy, Are there any foods that may help with muscle stiffness, aches, and pains?There are many delicious foods that contain natural anti-inflammatory compounds.

Women’s Natural Beauty: Essential Oils for Mature Skin Care

It's no surprise several of the world's finest formulas for beautifying mature skin contain natural essential oils. Therapeutic grade essential oils used in aromatherapy are each selected for their distinctive healing action; many oils are specifically indicated for skin healing and healthy skin maintenance.

The Energetic Continuum

In quantum physics, the energy that fills the cosmos is called "Zero-Point Energy." It is formless, moves beyond light speed, and is omnipresent.

Eat Plenty of Folic Acid to Help Decrease Risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Eat plenty of folic acid to help cut in halve the risk of Alzheimer’s disease according to a recent study conducted by the U.S. National Institute on Aging.

New Discoveries May Help in Fight against Alzheimer’s disease

A possible physical origin of Alzheimer’s disease has been found recently by Scientists from UCLA.  The new discovery means there may be new ways to treat the disorder’s cause and not just the symptoms.

Big Waistline and Leptin

My online and off line experience educating people about the REAL truth behind weight loss often makes me realize how difficult it is to break the conventional thinking about weight loss.

UV Rays

What are UV rays? UV rays are the rays propelled from the enormous sun towards our little planet Earth. These rays can help the body make vitamin D, which helps in tooth and bone development and helps the body build up an immunity towards certain diseases.

Natural Healthy Skin Looks Better Than Botox!

Hundreds to thousands of dollars can be spent on pulling, tightening and synching the saggy skin on your face but there is an easier way. Except those who have cheated healthy skin looks healthy because it is.

What You Can Do To Age Healthily

Age is a fundamental change that occurs to every one. Some people try to avoid it by spending excess amounts of money on plastic sugary to pull, tighten, synch and tuck unwanted sings of their age.

Make the choice to age graciously

As the years roll on bodies tire and the mind slows down: is there any another way? The fact is age comes to every one but everyone has the choice to slow down the consequences of aging.

Could Glutathione Be A Predictor of How Long You Will Live?

All cells in the body need water, oxygen, glucose and glutathione.  The levels of glutathione in our cells could be predictive of how long we will live.

Natural Antiageing Medicine – Going Further Than Just Skin Deep

Why is it that some people age “gracefully,” while others appear tired and worn out in the prime of their life? Does the answer lie in the differences of our genetic make-up?Since the 1950s, scientists have assured us that genes control our life, and biology was considered to be destiny.

Anti Aging Alternatives For Botox

Botox is quoted as the ultimate solution for wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, it is a highly effective treatment for a variety of skin conditions.

Common Traits of the Long Lived

The oldest living person, Gertrude Baines, just turned 115. The California resident was born April 6, 1894, in Shellman, Georgia, to parents who were born into slavery.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen – When Is The Right Time To Start?

Did they mean skin care products when they invented the phrase “an ounce (oz) of prevention is better than a pound ofcure”. Yesterday was the right time to start your anti-aging skin care regimen!Aging is an inevitable process.

Oprah’s Crazy Talk – Bioidentical Hormones – Helpful or Harmful? (Part 1)

Newsweek recently indulged in tabloid journalism, featuring Oprah on the cover with the headline: CRAZY TALK, Oprah, Wacky Cures, & You. The specific emphasis of the article was an attack on Suzanne Somers, Oprah, and bioidentical hormones.

Researchers find clues that may solve mystery of why hair turns grey

A team of European scientists from the Universities of Bradford, Mainz and Luebeck have finally solved a mystery that has perplexed humans throughout the ages: why we turn grey.

Oprah’s “Crazy Talk" – Bioidentical Hormones – Helpful or Harmful? (Part 2)

Hormones decline with age. The simplistic idea of replacing something that is apparently missing makes sense to many people, especially when a lab test can show that the hormone levels are lower than a younger person's or when taking the hormone suppresses a symptom.

Hayflick Comments on Aging

Leonard Hayflick, PhD, a professor of anatomy at the University of California, San Francisco is best known for his aging theory known as the Hayflick Limit, which places the maximum potential lifespan of humans at 120, the time at which too many cells can no longer split and divide to keep things going.

The A-B-C’s Of Anti Aging Skin Care

There is an extensive variety of anti aging products available in the market nowadays. There are products catering to all skin types and targeting specific skin problems.

Natural Anti Wrinkle Treatment to Prevent Skin Diseases

Besides producing wrinkles and blemishes, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun is a major risk factor for dermatological cancer.

How To Tighten A Loose Vagina

Vagina tightening creams have become very popular amongst women who have gone through pregnancy or who are aging as both these conditions result in loosening up of vagina.

Tips to Prevent Your Anti-Aging and Wrinkles Problem

Most wrinkles become visible on the parts of the body where sun exposure is greatest. These particularly include the face, neck, backs of hands, and the tops of the forearms.

12 Healthy Healing Foods from the Bible

Why does our society seem to seek every way to overcome sickness and disease other than looking in the best Instruction Manual that's been around for thousands of years?  Why do we avoid the simplicity of the basics when it comes to our health?  The "basics" I refer to are eating healthy foods, getting regular exercise and adequate sleep.

Lists Of Foods For Healthy Living and Longevity Foods In Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

Getting old is a biological process, no one can avert but delay it. At age 35, our body hormone production ( Kidney essences has depleted to a certain stage) has started to decline, if we don't look after it, it will diminish faster that is how one is looked over than the other.

Anti-Aging Skin Care: Looking younger with Red Wine

If you're into anti-aging skin care, then perhaps you need to ask: Can drinking red wine really make you look younger? There are some ingredients in red wine which are derived from the red grape pip and skin that would suggest so.

Non-Surgical Facelifts Position 1: Using Acupressure to Look Younger

So, you want to look younger without surgery? You want to conduct your own non-invasive facelift, or non-surgical facelift. Utilizing your fingertips instead of going to the surgeon to look younger is often a much better idea than undergoing the knife in many respects.

Anti-Aging Skin Care: The effects of Vitamin A in retaining a Youthful Appearance

Vitamin A should definitely be used in your armory of anti-aging skin care weapons. It is well known that Vitamin A has anti-aging properties, so if you ingest it as a supplement, or in its organic form e.

Anti-Aging Skin Care: The Three Main Anti-Aging Skin Care Classifications

Anti-aging skin care should be a process, and not a reaction to years of sun damage or neglect.Anti-aging should be practiced in a preventative and proactive manner as opposed to reactively, albeit that it's never too late to begin an anti-aging skin care program.

Non-Surgical Facelifts: Why Facial Acupressure can make you look years younger

As a form of non-surgical facelift, a program of acupressure applied to twenty different parts of the face, neck, hands, and arms can make you look years younger in as little as a month.

Anti-Aging Skin Care: How to protect your Skin from the Sun and repair Sun Damage

One of the most important things you can do in anti-aging skin care is to try and stay out of the sun.Due to carbon emissions over the past two centuries, the ozone layer has become a lot thinner, resulting in increased dangerous sun ultra-violet (UV) light radiation which causes serious harm to the skin, especially to light-skinned people, and those that enjoy basking in the sun.

List of Foods For Tonifying Kidney Yin (Kidney Yin Deficiency) In TCM Perspestive

Imbalance of Kidney is defined as a health condition of Kidney Qi Deficiency, Yin Deficiency, Yang Deficiency or Jing Deficiency.Kidney, in traditional Chinese medicine is defined as a organ in charge of storing kidney essence (jing), will, determination, and power of memory, water distribution, bone marrow, spinal marrow, and brain marrow, graping qi and bladder as well as hearing , and 2 private parts.

List of Foods Part II - For Tonifying Kidney Yin In TCM Perspestive

Imbalance of Kidney is defined as a health condition of Kidney Qi Deficiency, Yin Deficiency, Yang Deficiency or Jing Deficiency.Kidney, in traditional Chinese medicine is defined as a organ in charge of storing kidney essence (jing), will, determination, and power of memory, water distribution, bone marrow, spinal marrow, and brain marrow, graping qi and bladder as well as hearing , and 2 private parts.

Anti-Aging Skin Care: Sleep is important for Anti-Aging, Relaxation and Longevity

Anti-aging skin care is a process, a lifestyle decision. So, how important is sleep for your daily anti-aging regimen?Sleep is beneficial to the body and for the skin in many respects.

Anti-Aging Skin Care: 14 Ways to Reduce those Annoying Eye Bags

Eye bags make a person look older. How do we diminish those annoying bags under the eyes and get them to look lighter as part of an anti-aging skin care program? Eye bags are caused by the liver's cleansing process of the body's digestive impurities.

Anti-aging Skin Care: Vitamin E slows down the Aging process and keeps you looking Younger Longer

For anti-aging skin care purposes, Vitamin E is essential to slow down the aging process. Taken as a daily supplement, it will assist in anti-aging.

Non-Surgical Facelifts Position 2: Using Acupressure to Look Younger

The second acupressure point: A non-surgical facelift, conducted via acupressure with your own fingertips, leaves a face looking younger, with more color, less wrinkles, and firmer facial skin.

Non-Surgical Facelifts conducted with Acupressure as opposed to Surgical Facelifts

Facial acupressure conducted with your own fingertips is an effective and free non-surgical facelift alternative to a surgical facelift.Surgical facelifts are generally corrections, enhancements or reductions to facial tissue to improve one's looks.

Resveratrol Is Well Recognized As A Natural Compound For Better Health

There are an increasing amount of people who are resorting to natural compounds in their quest to be free from ailments, and resveratrol seems to be one of the products that appeal to many.

Omega 3 Oils Slow Aging by Preserving Telomeres

Omega 3 oils, especially DHA, are routinely in the headlines for their extensive science demonstrating the ability to reduce heart disease, lower triglycerides, improve brain function, help weight management, and reduce the chronic low-grade inflammation associated with virtually any disease of aging.

Facial Exercises: The Fundamentals Behind Facial Exercises as a Form of Non Surgical Facelift

Some people don't believe that a non surgical facelift can be conducted with facial exercises. Here's why facial exercises performed with one's own fingertips are not only more effective, but the benefits are virtually permanent.

Facial Exercise Techniques: The 2 Main Facelift Without Surgery Facial Exercise Program Categories

A facelift without surgery can be performed by means of two classes of facial exercise techniques. To choose which facial exercise program best suits your facelift without surgery needs can be difficult, as both are just as effective!Many people, who wish to look younger, are shying away from cosmetic surgery which involves the scalpel, and instead going the "facelift without surgery" route.

Facelift Surgery: 10 Facts Against Facelift Surgery to Look Younger

Facelift surgery or surgery to parts of the face to look younger, often called a mini facelift has its downside. Before you consider undergoing facelift surgery, let's look at the negatives.

Natural Facelift Methods: 14 Natural Facelift Tips to a Younger Looking Skin

There are numerous ways to obtain a younger looking skin via natural facelift techniques. We explore these natural facelift methods in better detail which can usually be divided into internal and external factors in your younger looking skin aspirations.

Yoga Facial Exercises: A Nonsurgical Facelift using Yoga Facial Exercises

Yoga facial exercises? What’s that? And how do yoga facial exercises fit into a daily or bi-weekly nonsurgical facelift regimen? Many people are performing a nonsurgical facelift with their own fingertips, using the miracle of yoga facial exercises in their own living rooms.

Non Invasive Face Lift: How to Look Younger with some Non Invasive Face Lift Techniques

How to look younger is a question almost every man and woman asks themselves. Most people think of cosmetic surgery as the quickest means to eternal youth.

The New Role of Glucosamine in Human Health

Glucosamine supplements are popular for joint health and the health of all connective tissues in your body.  The availability of glucosamine for any body tissue is rate limiting in terms of the ability of that tissue to repair or rejuvenate itself, meaning glucosamine is essential for your physical well being.

Anti Ageing

How do I slow my Ageing process?Here are the top eight factors that make you age faster . If like most people you want to age at the slowest rate possible, make sure you take note of these eight lifestyle issues.

Walking reduces chance of Dementia

An observational study suggests that walking 6 - 9 miles weekly may have an impact on reducing the risk of dementia, has been carried out by the U.

Blood flow increased by Beet Juice

A new study has been performed to show the link between eating beet juice and an increased blood flow in the brain which could encourage graceful aging.

Dog; A mans best friend?

Dogs. Nearly anywhere you find humans you will indefinably find dogs. Both tend to desire companionship and find a void filled through the relationship with each other.

The science behind how the brain learns and remembers…

Being in control of the learning situation enhances learning opportunities and the quality of learning. University of Illinois psychology and Beckman Institute is home to the scientists that recently studied the workings of the hippocampus and its role in learning and remembering.

A New Year, A New You!

2011. Do you remember when it was 1999 and everyone was talking about how crazy it was going to be call it the year 2000 and now ten years later we are in the year 2011.

Green tea properties may help reduce Dementia

The last few years the western world has been buzzing with talk of green tea. Green tea has been a staple in the Chinese lifestyle for centuries by promoting longevity of life.

Protecting Eyesight Using Natural Remedies

The ability to see is a glorious gift. To see another persons face, the detail of a flower, the wonder of a sunset, the dimples on a baby's cheeks the list is endless.

Ten ways to Age Gracefully

We are obsessed with youth. Nowadays it's hard to guess a persons age because so many people are finding great ways to age gracefully and they don't have to involve plastic surgery.

Anti-Aging: How to Liver Longer & Healthier - Definition, Theories of Aging,Types of Free Radicals & Antioxidants

Definition Human aging is a biological process, no one can stop, but delay it. It is possible that one person has a physiological younger than his or her biological if one engages in healthy living life style and eating healthily by increasing the intake of good healthy food such as whole grain, fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes, etc.

Anti-Aging: How to Live Longer & Healthier –Free Radicals, Antioxidants & Cancers

I. CancerCancer is a class of diseases in which a group of abnormal growth of cells have become progressively worse as it intrudes upon and destroys adjacent tissues, sometimes spreads to other organs in the body via lymph or blood and results in death of the host.

Is a Sedentary Lifestyle Dangerous?

If spending even a half-hour at the gym after a long day just sounds too unbearable, you may be in luck. Exercising may not be the golden ticket to staying slim after all.

Top Tips for Successful Varicose Veins Treatment

If you suffer from varicose veins, it's important to make sure that you seek medical advice before making any decisions about treatment. Even though varicose veins symptoms can cause pain and discomfort in some patients, getting the problem treated isn't always a necessary route to take.

Revolutionizing Aging

We are the people who comprise the legendary, diverse generation known to the world as The Baby Boomers.  We grew up during the transformation of Post World War II period and helped shape America into a society filled with change and advancements, in the political, economic, social, and cultural spectrums.

What Is Human Growth Hormones Therapy

These days many people are getting interested in human growth hormones therapy. In this article let us find more about this latest medical development and see if it is really effective in delaying the process of aging.

Hints And Advice For Folks Who Want Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

If you are dissatisfied with some aspect of your appearance, cosmetic surgery can give you the satisfaction you are looking for. Cosmetic surgery procedures give us plenty of ways to enhance ourselves and enhance our image, and the price tag for them is becoming a lot cheaper.

A Facial Exercise Analysis: Comparing Cosmetic Surgery And Facelift Exercises

Facial exercises, or cosmetic surgery, in the quest to look younger, or for countenance improvement, are all about choice after weighing up the advantages and cons.

Facial Yoga Exercises To Get Rid Of Years From Your Looks

Strategies on how to look younger is desired by nearly everybody. Facial exercises, as a means to fulfill this quest is becoming more accepted and established in our modern day society.

Employing Facelift Exercises To Work On Specific Trouble Areas

How to look younger via facial exercises is becoming nearly as popular as cosmetic surgery. But what problem regions on the face and neck really benefit from face exercises, and how? It never ceases to amaze me when individuals ask me for a face exercise technique that will cure bags under the eyes, or resolve their turkey neck dilemma, lift hog jowls, or get rid of eye wrinkles.

Don't Believe The Myths About Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are becoming increasingly prevalent for guys and ladies in their quest to look younger, but there are many myths about facial exercise regimens.

How Aging Plays a Negative Impact on Sexual Life?

Growing older is a fact of life, and it can also have a negative impact on a man's sexual life. It may be harder to sustain an erection, or take longer to become aroused.

On Facial Exercises: Frequent Misconceptions About Facial Exercises

Not a lot of people know this, but yoga facial exercises are an ideal anti-aging treatment approach and can even bring back your face to its earlier glory with not much effort.

Things Which Accelerate The Aging Process

While we all know that aging is an inevitable part of life but we can certainly control as to how quickly and gracefully we age. There are numerous factors which contribute to aging which we are well aware of but their are some things which we regularly do in our life which surprisingly contribute to the aging mechanism.

Own Your Body: 5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Health Today

If you are like most people, you wake up one day and realize that you need to take charge of your health. Unfortunately, we often wait until ailments creep up on us to do anything about it.

The Aging Process: 4 Health Tips For The Elderly

Human beings will inevitably age, but the aging process can be delayed by taking a number of proactive measures to prevent disease and disability.

Caring for Yourself: What to Do When Your Health Starts to Fail

Your quality of life largely depends on your health, which is one reason people worry about it. Some people worry so much that they cause additional damage to themselves by stressing out.

Aging and Adapting: How to Adapt to New Health Challenges as You Age

It is estimated that 92 percent of people who are over the age of 65 have at least one chronic health condition. Your health changes a lot as you get older.

How is BHT different from traditional hair transplant?

Hair transplant is fast being recognized as the most viable solution for baldness and is a highly sought after procedure around the world.

Reevaluating Kremotex – is it the #1 remedy for aging skin?

People try to avoid developing wrinkles as much as possible. Inevitably, though, wrinkles happen over the years even when people find them ugly and unattractive.

How to apply the only Transderm HGH Lotion to the Skin

This article tells you where to apply the only Transderm HGH (Human Growth Hormone) lotion onto the skin.   Firstly, we need to understand that hormones are stored in the body, they are usually stored in the fatty tissue layer, therefore the best way to get them into these areas, which is both easy and very safe with no side affects, is through the thin areas of the skin.

Tips To Help You Slow Down The Aging Process

If you’re not ready to age just yet, then we are sure you’re wishing for ways to slow down the clock and the aging process. Though we can’t stop the clock, we can help you age gracefully.

Practical Ways to Slow Down the Aging Process

It’s a natural desire to look young, attractive and beautiful. No one likes the lines, wrinkles, sagging and other skin imperfections.

Healthy Senior: How Elderly Folks Can Increase Their Longevity

Longevity is a hallmark of current civilized nations. When you think of health, you most likely think about how free from disease your body is.

Simple Lifestyle Tips To Keep Your Memory Sharp

We all have lapses in memory from time-to-time. Maybe it is forgetting to switch out the laundry from the washer to the dryer, so we have to run it through again.

4 Options to Consider When Looking at Cataract Surgery

If you notice your vision becoming cloudy or darkened, it may be due to cataracts. Fortunately, surgery to remove cataracts by replacing your lenses with artificial lenses has become so commonplace that it's easy, routine, and almost always successful.

Top Benefits of hand sanitizers

Anyone who has ever visited a child’s play area has most probably seen it. As the kids are done with playing in with different toys and other equipment, their mothers reach into the handbags and grab the sanitizers.

3 Common Signs of Aging You Can Fight Back Against

Anyone who lives long enough will probably experience at least one of these signs of aging and likely more. Even though there’s nothing anyone can do about the inevitable movement of time, there are solutions for the effects time has on the human body.

5 Preventative Approaches to Aches and Pains While Aging

The trouble with getting old is that you start to feel as if your body is breaking down. Aches and pain can be a normal every day event in your golden years.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) - Does It Make You Look Younger?

The Officially approved use of human growth hormone (HGH) has release a multi-billion dollar industry in today market. Some of the healthcare doctors and advisory grant as a fountain of youth for all certain ages, while others official are very firmly and fear that the risks far outweigh the potential benefits are very high.

Spring in Your Step: 5 Health Benefits of Compression Socks for Seniors

Taking care of elderly people isn’t always easy. As people get older, their health often starts to decline, which warrants them to require special care.



Find The Right Supplier For Your Chemical Needs

You are likely to be aware of the many options available to you if you've ever considered purchasing a supplier of chemical products. It can be difficult to find the right chemical for you.

News Articles

LED light and green tea cream to smooth facial wrinkles

Scientists in Germany are reporting a major improvement in their potential new treatment for facial wrinkles that could emerge as an alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery.

Some colour shades offer better protection against sun’s ultraviolet rays

Economy-minded consumers who want protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays - but rather not pay premium prices for sun-protective clothing - should think blue and red, rather than yellow.

Dance therapy improves seniors gait

For seniors, dancing isn't just for fun; it also can be therapeutic. Two recent studies conducted by University of Missouri researchers found that participation in dance-based therapy can improve balance and gait in older adults.

Canadians lead longer, healthier lives than Americans

Compared to their neighbours south of the border, Canadians live longer, healthier lives. Research published in BioMed Central's open access journal Population Health Metrics has found this disparity between the two countries, suggesting that America's lack of universal health care and lower levels of social and economic equality are to blame.

Can blocking a frown keep bad feelings at bay?

Your facial expression may tell the world what you are thinking or feeling. But it also affects your ability to understand written language related to emotions, according to research published in the current issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

A beauty product that feels good on the skin

Long before they created the immensely successful Hydroxatone brand, Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shipley had created and deployed many programs, which were all huge commercial successes.

Can You Tailor Your Workout To Your Needs By Exercising From Home?

Which part of your body do you want to target next? What about toning up the notoriously difficult parts of the body such as the thighs, upper arms or abdominal area? On the other hand, do you have a specific muscle group you wish to work, such as the biceps and triceps or perhaps your calves and hamstrings? Is it possible to find a solution to work all these muscle groups and get an outstanding, practical all-round workout at home? The effectiveness and efficiency of home fitness has always been a contentious issue.

Fit into your Fifties

The average 50-something is fitter and healthier now than they were in their mid-20s, a report revealed yesterday (Mon).Mature adults are reaping the benefits of better diets, more exercise and increased free time to focus on their health.

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