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Herbs for Anxiety, Intolerance and Sleep
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Tags: Troubles and Anxiety, Sleep and Intolerance, Agrimony flower, Aspen tree, Beech tree

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Review Agrimony, Aspen and Beech for Bach Flower Therapy.


Flower remedies are supplied in concentrated form in bottles that will keep indefinitely, before using they need to be diluted with a mixture of about three parts water to one of alcohol.  Often today still water from natural springs is used.  These can be taken by mouth usually up to four drops four times a day or as a compress for external lesions such as skin eruptions and inflammation. 6 drops from the stock bottle are added to half a liter of water.  Baths can also be used to soothe the body and spirit using up to 5 drops to a bath.


The Agrimony flower found mainly in fields, hedgerows and on waist land, growing to a height of 30-60cm, producing a tall conical spike of small yellow flowers that only last for three days; makes an ideal remedy for helping someone that maybe inwardly troubled with anxieties and fears.  Although this person maybe ‘the life and soul of the party’, they hide their inner feelings not wanting to share their troubles with others.  The Agrimony (Agrimonia Eupatoria) flower is well suited to help and bring relief  to this person from the stresses and pressures of everyday living.


A slender tree that is found everywhere in England and widely distributed in North America, Alaska, Canada and Mexico is the Aspen (Populus Tremula).  During March or April the pendant male and smaller round female catkins appear which are used as a Bach Flower Remedy.   Therapists usually use this flower remedy to help people that suffer from sleep walking or having nightmare dreams, they maybe experiencing inner fears based on reoccurring unwanted thoughts that plague them through the day.


The Beech (Fagus Sylvatica) handsome tree reaching up to 30 meters, formally known as the ‘mother of the wood’.  Male and female flowers develop usually between April and May are used as a Bach Flower Remedy to calm the person that is trying to manage an attitude of arrogance and or intolerance, this person is quick to criticize without having any understanding of the facts or situation of others.  When properly used, this remedy can bring a healing relief to those that are in need of it.


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