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Health News - ADHD

Temper, anxiety, homework trouble are medical issues? Many parents don't realize it
Parents often bring their school-aged children to check-ups or sick visits armed with questions. What should he put on that rash? What about her cough that won't go away? (Medical News Today)

Comprehensive Swedish research study reveals impact of family and neighborhood on mental health
A team of researchers from Sweden and the United States have examined the potential role of the family environment and neighborhood factors on mental health outcomes in a new study published in... (Medical News Today)

Research announced demonstrating non-invasive, game-like technology that can provide early indication of whether a child has ADHD and to what degree
GlassesOff Inc. has announced the results from a study in children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), demonstrating non-invasive, game-like technology that can provide... (Medical News Today)

Children with ADHD more likely to have eating disorder
Researchers have found that children with attention-deficit hyperactivity are considerably more likely than other children to have loss of control eating syndrome. (Medical News Today)

Discovery may open door for treating fragile X carriers
Fragile X syndrome, an inherited cause of autism and intellectual disability, can have consequences even for carriers of the disorder who don't have full-blown symptoms. (Medical News Today)

A novel mechanism involved in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Researchers at the Angiocardioneurology Department of the Neuromed Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalisation and Health Care of Pozzilli (Italy), have found, in animal models, that the... (Medical News Today)

Children with ADHD 'learn better when fidgeting'
A new study suggests that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder perform better at tasks that challenge their working memory if they are moving more. (Medical News Today)

One-third of women with ADHD report being sexually abused during childhood
Adults who have ADHD are much more likely to report they were sexually and physically abused before they turned 16 than their peers without ADHD, according to a new study from researchers at the... (Medical News Today)

Balanced behavior with IRBIT
Regulating hyperactivity and social interactionsHyperactivity and social abnormalities are defining characteristics of ADHD and autism, two developmental disorders that parents and scientists... (Medical News Today)

Rates of ADHD appear to decrease at higher altitudes
Higher levels of dopamine might play a role, researchers believeRecent research has linked the thin air of higher elevations to increased rates of depression and suicide. (Medical News Today)

CDC publishes first national study on use of behavioral therapy, medication and dietary supplements for ADHD in children
The first national study to look at behavioral therapy, medication, and dietary supplements to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among children ages 4-17 shows that less than... (Medical News Today)

Autistic and non-autistic brain differences isolated for first time
New big data methodology can analyse over 1 billion pieces of dataThis is a brain model with regions of interest highlighted. (Medical News Today)

Study finds 17% of college students misuse ADHD drugs
A recent study reports that 1 in 6 college students in the US misuse common medication originally prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. (Medical News Today)

ADHD plus childhood trauma heightens risk for self-harm, suicide
Findings add to growing body of evidence that environmental factors contribute to negative psychosocial outcomesYoung women with ADHD who have been exposed to abuse, neglect or other traumas in... (Medical News Today)

ADHD 'doubles the risk of early death'
The symptoms of ADHD itself increase the risk of a premature death, in addition to a raised risk of substance use, a large study shows. Relative risk of early death was doubled. (Medical News Today)

A brain system that appears to compensate for autism, OCD, and dyslexia
Individuals with five neurodevelopmental disorders -- autism spectrum disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome, dyslexia, and Specific Language Impairment -- appear to compensate... (Medical News Today)

Energy drinks significantly increase hyperactivity in schoolchildren
Middle-school children who consume heavily sweetened energy drinks are 66% more likely to be at risk for hyperactivity and inattention symptoms, a new study led by the Yale School of Public Health... (Medical News Today)

Medical marijuana for children with developmental and behavioral disorders?
Despite lack of evidence, some are advocating cannabis for children with autism, reports Journal of Developmental and Behavioral PediatricsAs medical marijuana becomes increasingly accepted... (Medical News Today)

Time-based training can decrease impulsivity, research finds
A study conducted by researchers at Kansas State University is the first to demonstrate increases in both self-control and timing precision as a result of a time-based intervention. (Medical News Today)

Common pesticide may increase risk of ADHD
Rutgers study suggests that pregnant women and young children are more susceptibleA commonly used pesticide may alter the development of the brain's dopamine system -- responsible for emotional... (Medical News Today)

UF study of drug users finds people with ADHD started using at younger age
Adults with a history of ADHD who use drugs started using substances one to two years earlier than those with no ADHD history, according to a new University of Florida. (Medical News Today)

Almost 1 in 5 adults with epilepsy may have symptoms of ADHD, study finds
A new study is the first to report that nearly 1 in 5 adults with epilepsy may also have ADHD, which may have implications for the treatment of epileptic patients. (Medical News Today)

Study identifies part of brain key to controlling attention
For the first time, researchers have convincingly identified an ensemble of neurons in the brain that is crucial to focusing attention and ignoring distractions. (Medical News Today)

'Master regulator' gene - long tied to autism disorders - stimulates other genes in early brain development
Chemical modifications to DNA's packaging - known as epigenetic changes - can activate or repress genes involved in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and early brain development, according to a new... (Medical News Today)

Trends down for teen prescription opioid abuse, cigarette, and alcohol use
Use of cigarettes, alcohol, and abuse of prescription pain relievers among teens has declined since 2013 while marijuana use rates were stable, according to the 2014 Monitoring the Future (MTF)... (Medical News Today)

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