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Health News - Medical Devices

Portable finger-probe device can successfully measure liver function in potential organ donors
Finding may save thousands of dollars spent on surgical evaluation teamsA portable, finger-probe device successfully measured liver function in brain dead adult organ donors, a finding that could... (Medical News Today)

New electronic stent could provide feedback and therapy -- then dissolve
Every year, an estimated half-million Americans undergo surgery to have a stent prop open a coronary artery narrowed by plaque. But sometimes the mesh tubes get clogged. (Medical News Today)

Periprosthetic knee infections: major drain on health systems, new therapeutic approaches
Periprosthetic infections are among the most serious complications in the field of endoprosthetics. (Medical News Today)

Europe's orthopaedic experts consult on how to optimize prevention and therapy strategies
Infections following joint-replacement surgeries: Europe's orthopaedic experts consult on how to optimize prevention and therapy strategiesDr Stephen Cannon, President of the European Federation... (Medical News Today)

'Cell-squeezing' expands options for immunotherapy vaccines
Immunotherapy - where the immune system is trained to attack cancer and other diseases - is proving hard to realize in practice. A new cell-squeezing device may rekindle progress. (Medical News Today)

3-D printing technique explored to help treat type 1 diabetes
Researchers from the Netherlands have explored how 3D printing can be used to help treat type 1 diabetes in results presented in IOP Publishing's journal Biofabrication. (Medical News Today)

Diagnosing cancer with help from bacteria
Engineered probiotics can detect tumors in the liverEngineers at MIT and the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) have devised a new way to detect cancer that has spread to the liver, by... (Medical News Today)

Programming probiotics for early detection of liver cancer metastases
Scientists at the University of California, San Diego and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have described a new method for detecting liver cancer metastases in mice. (Medical News Today)

Communication made easier for children with cerebral palsy
The Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV) has coordinated the ABC project (Augmented BNCI Communication), a European initiative that has developed a new brain-computer interface system to... (Medical News Today)

Verax Biomedical gains FDA clearance for expanded platelet safety measure testing indications
Verax Biomedical has announced that the company has gained FDA clearance to expand the use of its Verax Platelet PGD® test - a rapid test for the detection of bacterial contamination in... (Medical News Today)

New technique speeds nanoMRI imaging
NanoMRI is a scanning technique that produces nondestructive, high-resolution 3-D images of nanoscale objects, and it promises to become a powerful tool for researchers and companies exploring the... (Medical News Today)

Fast chip test for antibiotic-resistant bacteria in sight
A simple chip-based test that diagnoses antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hours instead of days promises to allow doctors to pick the right antibiotic first time. (Medical News Today)

New urine test may lessen need to draw blood
By finding a way to isolate the protein biomarkers of disease in urine, researchers have devised a potentially faster, cheaper test that could reduce the need for blood samples. (Medical News Today)

A chip placed under the skin for more precise medicine
Induction-powered biosensors detecting many molecules in vivo presented at ISCAS in Lisbon by EPFL researchersThis biosensing chip has been created by researchers in EPFL's Integrated Systems... (Medical News Today)

Breakthrough measures Parkinson's progression in the brain
University of Florida researchers have identified a biomarker that shows the progression of Parkinson's disease in the brain, opening the door to better diagnosis and treatment of the degenerative... (Medical News Today)

New chip makes testing for antibiotic-resistant bacteria faster, easier
Researchers at the University of Toronto design diagnostic chip to reduce testing time from days to one hour, allowing doctors to pick the right antibiotic the first timeSchematic of the... (Medical News Today)

New urine test could reduce need for blood samples
If you've been to the doctor, you probably know what to do when you're handed a plastic cup and shown to the bathroom. (Medical News Today)

Nearly indestructible virus yields tool to treat diseases
By unlocking the secrets of a bizarre virus that survives in nearly boiling acid, scientists at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have found a blueprint for battling human disease using... (Medical News Today)

Earthquakes prove to be an unexpected help in interpreting the brain activity of very premature babies
University of Helsinki researchers have partnered with Swedish and Australian researchers to create a "brainstorm barometer", which allows computers to calculate the brain functions of very... (Medical News Today)

Pathbreaking study by Israeli and American neuroscientists reveals autism's 'noisy' secret
3-D simulator provides multi-sensory experience of motion through a 'star field,' and reveals the inner workings of the autistic brainStrapped into a motion-enabled simulator and wearing 3D... (Medical News Today)

Researchers develop a new, free online system able to automatically, quickly and precisely analyse the images from a magnetic resonance of the brain
Researchers of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and the National Centre for Scientific Research in France (CNRS, in French) have developed VolBrain (volbrain.upv. (Medical News Today)

More than two dozen articles provide insights on mummies
In a special issue, The Anatomical Record ventures into the world of human mummified remains. (Medical News Today)

Breakthrough MRI lymph node cancer research launched in Brisbane
In a ground-breaking international study, researchers at the Wesley-St Andrew's Research Institute (WSARI) in Brisbane are launching a trial into a new MRI technique that could for the first time... (Medical News Today)

Customisable female footware based on smart materials prevent some of the most common foot problems
A new adjustable female shoe based on a new memory shape composite of leather and Nitinol material, is now available. (Medical News Today)

Surgical skills lab and dissection curricula train neurosurgical residents
A surgical skills laboratory and corresponding dissection curricula were established in the Department of Neurosurgery at the Cleveland Clinic in the 2011-2012 academic year. (Medical News Today)

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