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Health News - Medical Devices

New test could help select the best treatment for bowel cancer patients
A new test could help patients with advanced bowel cancer get the best treatment for their disease, according to a Cancer Research UK clinical trial published in JAMA Oncology. (Medical News Today)

Prostate cancer study: Quanterix's Simoa technology demonstrates ability to analyze single cancer cells
Quanterix Corporation, a leader in the transformation of healthcare through its ultrasensitive single molecule testing capabilities, has announced that Analytical Chemistry, a leading peer-reviewed... (Medical News Today)

Scripps Florida researchers develop 'LIGHTSABR' -- a cheap, portable drug-discovery system
Screening large "libraries" of compounds to find those with a desired biological activity is a powerful method for discovering new drugs, but requires a large, expensive and dedicated facility. (Medical News Today)

Children in the UK now have access to first-of-its-kind diabetes sensing technology - eliminates routine finger pricks
Abbott has announced that it has received CE Mark (Conformité Européenne) for the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system indicated for children and teens with diabetes ages 4-17 years... (Medical News Today)

Engineering researchers use laser to 'weld' neurons
Ph.D. student is first ever to connect neurons, in ground-breaking research. (Medical News Today)

Research discovers neuroprotective protein in blood is biomarker of Alzheimer's disease
Tel Aviv University, Harvard, Technion team suggests a routine blood test can reveal Alzheimer's risk and IQ measurements. (Medical News Today)

Device hits pancreatic tumors hard with toxic 4-drug cocktail, sparing the body
Implantable device delivers first-line treatment for pancreatic cancer directly to tumors, bypassing bloodstream and limiting widespread side effects. (Medical News Today)

HIV Medicine Association recommends doctors, patients discuss need for common tests
HIV Medicine Association has released recommendations on commonly ordered, but not always necessary tests and procedures, to help patients and medical providers make the most of healthcare... (Medical News Today)

FDA approves first MR-conditional CRT-defibrillators
Medtronic plc has announced that it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the first and only magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) conditional cardiac resynchronization... (Medical News Today)

Physics: It's happening inside your body right now
Simple physics may play a larger role than previously thought in helping control key bodily processes such as how the body fights infection. (Medical News Today)

New health evidence gives women informed choice in the prolapse surgery debate
New evidence published highlights benefits and harms of using artificial mesh when compared with tissue repair in the surgical treatment of vaginal prolapse. (Medical News Today)

Bionic implant could help paralyzed people 'walk with the power of thought'
With the power of thought, paralyzed patients may soon be able to operate an exoskeleton via an electrode stent that is implanted in their brain with a simple day procedure. (Medical News Today)

Device delivers toxic chemo cocktail to pancreatic tumor, spares body
Using a new device to deliver a particularly toxic mix of four chemotherapy drugs halts - and in some cases shrinks - pancreatic tumors in mice while sparing the rest of the body. (Medical News Today)

Muscles on-a-chip provide insight into cardiac stem cell therapies
Stem cell-derived heart muscle cells may fail to effectively replace damaged cardiac tissue because they don't contract strongly enough, according to a study in the Journal of Cell Biology. (Medical News Today)

Stanford study finds possible new jet-lag treatment
Exposing people to short flashes of light while they're sleeping could provide a fast and efficient method of preventing jet lag, according to a study by researchers at the Stanford University... (Medical News Today)

Difference in PSA testing among urologist and primary care physician visits
Declines in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing differed among urologist and primary care physician visits in a study that compared testing before and after a 2011 recommendation from the U.S. (Medical News Today)

Fall detector for older people
New sensor will make life safer for the elderly.Pressure measurements enable a newly developed fall detector to "observe" falls that current sensors do not register, thus improving safety for... (Medical News Today)

New wireless sleeve to help people recover arm use after stroke
Scientists at the University of Southampton are to develop and trial a new wearable technology to help people who have had a stroke recover use of their arm and hand. (Medical News Today)

Removal of complex renal tumors performed safely by robotic surgery in selected patients
Renal cell carcinoma can sometimes spread to the inferior vena cava (IVC), the body's largest vein, posing a threat to the heart and brain. (Medical News Today)

Migraine: light therapy may bring new hope
Migraines often involve heightened sensitivity to light. In a project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, a team of researchers from the Medical University of Vienna is investigating new... (Medical News Today)

New analysis method may reduce need for invasive biopsies
Scientists have identified a quantitative method to measure changes in biomarkers, which may reduce or eliminate the need for invasive biopsies. (Medical News Today)

Single-lesion biopsy may be insufficient to choose therapy targeting resistance mutations
When metastatic tumors driven by drug-targetable genetic mutations become resistant to a targeted therapy drug, the usual practice is to biopsy a single metastatic lesion to test for new mutations... (Medical News Today)

NIH researchers identify striking genomic signature shared by 5 types of cancer
National Institutes of Health researchers have identified a striking signature in tumor DNA that occurs in five different types of cancer. (Medical News Today)

GW researcher tests new method for rapid detection of infection in wounds
A new method for detection of infection in wounds could take physicians less than a minute to complete, rather than the current 24 hours it takes to plate bacteria and leave it to incubate... (Medical News Today)

Make the most of dementia resources now, Australia
Delays in the diagnosis of dementia and a failure to make the most of existing resources remain major concerns for patients, families, carers and health professionals, even as research into... (Medical News Today)

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