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Health News - Alcohol/Addiction/Illegal Drugs

New smartphone app warns drinkers if they go over recommended daily/weekly units
A new smartphone app warns drinkers if they go over the recommended maximum daily/weekly units of alcohol, to help them better manage their intake, reveals a commentary published in the online... (Medical News Today)

Adolescents who view medical marijuana ads more likely to use the drug, study finds
Adolescents who saw advertising for medical marijuana were more likely to either report using marijuana or say they planned to use the substance in the future, according to a new RAND Corporation... (Medical News Today)

Illicit drug use may affect sexual function in men
In a study of 1159 males who illicitly used amphetamines, half of participants said drug use had no impact on their sexual functions, while the other half reported impacts such as reduced erectile... (Medical News Today)

Many women - especially smokers - drink alcohol while pregnant
Smokers were the expectant mothers most likely to risk drinking alcohol during their pregnancy, in a large survey of women in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. (Medical News Today)

NT's mandatory alcohol rehab may discriminate against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
The Northern Territory's Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act 2013 (AMT Act), which permits mandatory residential alcohol rehabilitation for up to 3 months, has little evidence to justify it, is not... (Medical News Today)

Could eye color predict the risk of alcohol dependence?
For the first time, researchers have uncovered a link between eye color and alcohol dependence, finding people with light-colored eyes may be more likely to become alcoholics. (Medical News Today)

Clemson research: Bad sleep habits linked to higher self-control risks
Poor sleep habits can have a negative effect on self-control, which presents risks to individuals' personal and professional lives, according to Clemson University researchers. (Medical News Today)

One in 4 people prescribed opioids progressed to longer-term prescriptions
Opioid painkiller addiction and accidental overdoses have become far too common across the United States. (Medical News Today)

Brain activity predicts promiscuity and problem drinking
Brain areas weigh in on risk vs. rewardA pair of brain-imaging studies suggest researchers may be able to predict how likely young adults are to develop problem drinking or engage in risky sexual... (Medical News Today)

Support for overdose-reversing drug low, but can be bolstered with right messages
Researchers say sympathetic stories of how naloxone can save lives may help boost public support for increasing its availabilityWhile most Americans do not support policies designed to increase... (Medical News Today)

Hospital-wide program for delirium, alcohol withdrawal and suicide/harm impacts readmission rates
Brigham and Women's Hospital finds that developing and implementing an interdisciplinary care improvement initiative improves outcomesApproximately 20 percent of all patients admitted to a... (Medical News Today)

What effect does marijuana have on weight gain?
While cannabis alters the functions of neurobiological circuits controlling appetite, its effect on weight gain is complex since several factors appear to be involved, says Didier Jutras-Aswad... (Medical News Today)

Getting high in senior year: NYU study examines reasons for smoking pot
The study reveals-- 'boredom,' 'experimentation,' and 'insight' -- are reasons for use related to increased and decreased risk of use of other drugsMarijuana is the most prevalent drug in the U.S. (Medical News Today)

New study shows significant fall in use of 'headshop' drugs among young people following introduction of national ban in Ireland
A new study by researchers in Trinity College Dublin has shown a significant reduction in both recent and problematic use among young people of novel psychoactive substances (NPS), more commonly... (Medical News Today)

Tamper-resistant opioids will not solve opioid addiction problem
Tamper-resistant formulations of drugs will not solve the problems of opioid addiction and overdose, argues a commentary in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). (Medical News Today)

What is lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)? Effects and hazards of LSD
LSD is one of the most potent, mood-changing chemicals. It is manufactured from lysergic acid. The primary effect of LSD is to alter the senses and cause hallucinations. (Medical News Today)

Online computer game can help shed weight and reduce food intake
A simple new computerised game could help people control their snacking impulses and lose weight. (Medical News Today)

Not drink driving is often against the lore: QUT study
Cultural "lore" outweighs criminal law when Indigenous drivers in regional and remote communities get behind the wheel drunk, a new study by Queensland University of Technology has found. (Medical News Today)

Needle exchanges can prevent more HIV outbreaks like one in Indiana
In New England Journal of Medicine, two experts make case for lifting federal funding bans for such programs to protect health of IV drug usersCongress needs to immediately lift the ban on... (Medical News Today)

University of Iowa studies impact of marijuana on driving
First-of-its-kind study at University of Iowa's National Advanced Simulator shows how marijuana and marijuana with alcohol impacts drivingA new study conducted at the University of Iowa's... (Medical News Today)

'Lack of evidence' to support benefits of medical marijuana
A meta-analysis assessing the effects of cannabinoids in treating certain medical conditions finds there is limited high-quality evidence supporting the drug's effectiveness. (Medical News Today)

Blood pressure medication could prevent alcohol, drug addiction
A study of the effect of isradipine in addicted rats suggests the drug reverses brain rewiring that underlies memories of addiction-associated places. (Medical News Today)

Survey: Many doctors misunderstand key facets of opioid abuse
Lack of understanding may lead to continued overprescribing of addictive prescription pain pillsMany primary care physicians - the top prescribers of prescription pain pills in the United States... (Medical News Today)

Could 'virtual reality' treat alcoholism?
A form of 'virtual-reality' therapy may help people with alcohol dependence reduce their craving for alcohol, a new study suggests. (Medical News Today)

Patient-initiated workplace violence affects counselors, treatment and outcomes, research finds
More than four out of five counselors who treat patients for substance abuse have experienced some form of patient-initiated workplace violence according to the first national study to examine the... (Medical News Today)

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