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Can exercise slow down Alzheimer's?
A new proof-of-concept study finds that people with Alzheimer's biomarkers in the brain who exercise frequently experience slower deterioration. (Medical News Today)

Causes and treatments for burning legs
Muscle soreness, injuries, sunburns, and nerve damage can all cause a burning sensation in the legs. Learn more about the causes and how to treat them here. (Medical News Today)

Should you exercise during your period?
Exercise during a period can improve mood, reduce pain, and provide overall health benefits. Learn more about exercising during a period here. (Medical News Today)

What is the ideal heart rate when running?
Keeping track of heart rate while running can help people maximize their fitness or weight loss goals. Learn about heart rate zones, safe levels, and how to measure heart rate here. (Medical News Today)

The importance of 'sport-related hobbies' for middle aged women
Research in postmenopausal women finds that leisure time physical activity improves blood lipid profile, which is an indicator of cardiovascular health. (Medical News Today)

Physical fitness linked to better brain function
In the largest and most in-depth study of its kind, scientists confirm that physical fitness is associated with improved cognitive ability. (Medical News Today)

Calorie restriction plus exercise can make bones more fragile
New research in female mice reveals that exercising while on a low calorie diet can decrease quality and quantity of bone instead of increasing robustness. (Medical News Today)

What to know about leg cramps at night
Leg cramps at night, or nocturnal leg cramps, are often linked with overuse or underuse of the muscles, but medical conditions may also be the cause. Learn about causes and treatments here. (Medical News Today)

What to know about muscle fatigue
Muscle tiredness, or fatigue, can occur for many reasons. We discuss some of the causes, what people can do to relieve muscle fatigue, and when to see a doctor here. (Medical News Today)

1 extra kilo of deep belly fat can increase diabetes risk in women
Deep belly fat — which is hard to detect and measure — can increase women's risk of type 2 diabetes over seven times, according to a new study. (Medical News Today)

What are the best drinks for losing weight?
Healthful weight loss requires changes to exercise and diet routines. Some drinks may support weight loss, while others add calories. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

Standing burns more calories than sitting or lying
A new study of healthy young adults suggests that standing more could be a simple way to raise daily energy expenditure and compensate for sedentariness. (Medical News Today)

Physical inactivity for 2 decades linked with twice the mortality risk
New research finds that a lack of physical activity for 20 years is associated with doubled mortality risk compared with people who have exercised. (Medical News Today)

How to gain weight on the face
It is difficult to gain weight specifically on the face, but putting weight on generally or improving muscle tone can make a person's face appear fuller. Certain facial exercises and topical products may also help. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

What is the average time to run a mile?
The time it takes to run a mile depends on a person’s age, sex, and fitness level, among other factors. Various strategies can help a person improve their time. Learn more about average mile times here. (Medical News Today)

What to do to reduce facial fat
Some people have concerns about excess facial fat. This article outlines seven tips for helping prevent and reduce excess facial fat. (Medical News Today)

How can mouthwash interfere with the benefits of exercise?
Newly published research finds that the use of antibacterial mouthwash could inhibit the blood pressure-lowering effects of exercise. (Medical News Today)

The best ways to reduce body heat
Hot weather, illness, and certain medications can all cause a higher-than-normal body temperature. Learn about eight tips to reduce body heat, as well as when to see a doctor, here. (Medical News Today)

Exercise may help people with cardiovascular disease the most
Researchers uncover evidence suggesting that people with cardiovascular disease reap even greater benefits from exercise than healthy individuals. (Medical News Today)

Physical activity earlier in life prevents colon polyps later on
New research finds that exercising daily in adolescence and adulthood reduces the risk of developing adenomatous polyps at an older age. (Medical News Today)

Post-workout protein shakes: Do they reduce muscle pain, aid recovery?
A study assessed whether whey or milk protein could boost muscle recovery after a workout. It concluded that neither were better than a sugary drink. (Medical News Today)

Memory boost: One-off exercise as effective as 12 weeks' training
A new small trial suggests that a 'day by day' approach to aerobic exercise can offer a memory boost and other cognitive benefits to older individuals. (Medical News Today)

Being easily fatigued may signal future heart problems
New research suggests that tiring after light physical tasks or exercise could be a signal for cardiovascular disease when people get older. (Medical News Today)

What happens if you do pushups every day?
Pushups are a beneficial exercise that people can do every day. Pushups can increase muscle mass and cardiovascular health. Risks include back pain. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

More of any physical activity tied to longer life
New research using motion sensor data has linked being more physically active at any intensity to a markedly lower risk of early death. (Medical News Today)

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