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Health News - Mental Health

Hospital self-harm cases have steadily risen in England since 2008
But only half of those going to hospital afterwards get mental health assessment. (Medical News Today)

Recent cancer diagnosis associated with increased risk of mental health disorders
A recent cancer diagnosis was associated with increased risk for some mental health disorders and increased use of psychiatric medications, according to a new study published online by JAMA... (Medical News Today)

Pitt computational model finds new protein-protein interactions in schizophrenia
Approach Can Shed New Light on Biological Processes Affected by the Mental Illness. (Medical News Today)

UF researchers find ADHD drug does not heighten suicide risk despite FDA warning
For more than a decade, a black box warning from the Food and Drug Administration has accompanied the ADHD drug atomoxetine cautioning users of an increased risk of suicidal thoughts. (Medical News Today)

Weighing the pros and cons of mental-health apps
"There's an app for that."The phrase is so ubiquitous it's a meme, and trademarked by Apple Inc. (Medical News Today)

Rosemary aroma can help older adults to remember to do things
The aroma of rosemary essential oil may improve ability of people over 65 to remember events and to remember to complete tasks at particular times in the future. (Medical News Today)

Suicide rates rising in US, CDC report
A new CDC report shows suicide rates in the US have increased almost steadily 1999-2014 for all ages 10-74, with the steepest increases occurring after 2006. (Medical News Today)

Study points to how low-income, resource-poor communities can reduce substance abuse
UC Riverside-led research focused on African Americans in the Arkansas Mississippi Delta Cocaine use has increased substantially among African Americans in some of the most underserved areas of the... (Medical News Today)

Improvements in NHS mental health care in England may have helped to reduce suicide rates
Increasing specialist community services like crisis resolution, helping make the transition to adult services smoother for young people, and implementing clinical guidelines are just some of the... (Medical News Today)

Taking the fight against risky pain pill use to the ER: Study shows promise
Long-lasting effect of motivational interviews in reducing risky opioid use. (Medical News Today)

Transfer of gut bacteria affects brain function and nerve fiber insulation
Specific combinations of gut bacteria produce substances that affect myelin content and cause social avoidance behaviors in mice, according to a study conducted at the Icahn School of Medicine at... (Medical News Today)

Patients at high risk for psychiatric symptoms after a stay in the intensive care unit
Results of a multi-institutional national study of nearly 700 people who survived life-threatening illness with a stay in an intensive care unit (ICU) suggest that a substantial majority of them... (Medical News Today)

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Learn about body dysmorphic disorder, an under-recognized psychiatric disorder characterized by excessive preoccupation with a minor or imagined physical defect. (Medical News Today)

Antipsychotic medications may be ineffective for treating or preventing delirium
In a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, researchers examined whether or not antipsychotic drugs, which are sometimes used to prevent or treat delirium, are... (Medical News Today)

Prison's extended punch - Female children of inmates at greater risk for neurological problems
A secondary analysis of data gathered in scores of interviews with female inmates suggests girls who have an incarcerated adult in the family may be at greater risk for lifelong neurological... (Medical News Today)

Psilocybin reduces psychological pain after social exclusion
Social problems are key characteristics in psychiatric disorders and are insufficiently targeted by current treatment approaches. (Medical News Today)

Chapman University research on media disclaimers' effects on body image
The results showed that the women exposed to the disclaimers and subvertising did not report higher body satisfaction than women exposed to unaltered images. (Medical News Today)

UAlberta & Little Warriors change the trajectory of child sexual abuse victims
The Be Brave Ranch clinical results show improved outcomes for child sexual abuse survivors. (Medical News Today)

People in Miyagi coastal areas continue to show higher levels of depressive tendencies
Tohoku University Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization (ToMMo) has revealed that in 2014, three years after the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, depressive symptoms continue to be higher... (Medical News Today)

High levels of mental illness reported by victims of human trafficking in the UK
New research reveals the severe mental health problems experienced by men and women trafficked to the UK for sexual exploitation, domestic servitude and forced labour, including high levels of... (Medical News Today)

Study links gang membership and depression
Kids who decide to join gangs are more likely to be depressed and suicidal - and these mental health problems only worsen after joining, finds a new study co-authored by a Michigan State... (Medical News Today)

San Francisco's homeless youth at 10 times higher risk of death
Street-based study shows suicide, substance abuse main cause of mortality among homeless youth. (Medical News Today)

How does LSD dissolve one's sense of self? fMRI scans reveal answer
fMRI scans have shown what happens in the brain when a person takes the psychedelic drug LSD, and researchers suggest a use for such substances in future neurological research. (Medical News Today)

Stolen years: how smoking disproportionately harms those with mental health conditions
People with mental health conditions die on average 10-20 years earlier than the general population and smoking is the single largest factor in this shocking difference. (Medical News Today)

Major mental health project aims to uncover root causes of social withdrawal
A major European funding initiative aims to unpick the biological reasons underlying social withdrawal, which is a common early symptom of, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease and Major Depressive... (Medical News Today)

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