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Health News - Fitness/Obesity

How fatty foods could be damaging your brain
A high-fat diet does not only lead to weight gain; a new study finds too much fat in the body may also trigger an autoimmune response that destroys brain cell connections. (Medical News Today)

Overweight, obesity in early adulthood raises risk for sudden cardiac death
Being overweight or obese in early and mid-adulthood has been linked to greater risk of sudden cardiac death in a new study, emphasizing the need to maintain a healthy weight. (Medical News Today)

Fewer heart attacks with mind-body medicine
Mind-body medicine (MBM) is a holistic approach that has the potential to ward off more heart attacks than conventional prevention programs. (Medical News Today)

Data scientists create world's first therapeutic venom database
Open-source library describes nearly 43,000 effects on the human body.What doesn't kill you could cure you. (Medical News Today)

Dietary restriction gives fruit flies a rhythm for a long life
Research on circadian clocks identifies critical role for peripheral clock genes in fat metabolism and aging and presents new targets for drug development. (Medical News Today)

Low sugar diet makes foods taste sweeter but does not change preferred level of sweetness
A new study from scientists at the Monell Center and collaborators reveals that while foods such as vanilla pudding taste sweeter following three months on a low-sugar diet, the level of sweetness... (Medical News Today)

Prolonged sitting worsens health for heart disease patients
Researchers find heart disease patients may worsen their health by spending too much time sitting. What is more, exercise does not counteract this effect. (Medical News Today)

Recommended levels of activity rarely achieved by obese children and those with liver disease
In a new study published in the journal Nutrients, research from the University of Surrey and the Children's Liver Disease Foundation has found that both obese children and those with Non-Alcoholic... (Medical News Today)

Overweight, obesity early in life increase risk of cardiac death
Later weight loss doesn't completely mitigate risk of elevated BMI in young adulthood. (Medical News Today)

Healthy Thanksgiving: the science of overeating and avoiding food poisoning
Everyone loves a little indulgence over the holidays, but what happens to our body when we overindulge? We find out and look at ways to avoid a food-poisoning catastrophe. (Medical News Today)

Why weight loss is harder when we carry more fat
Scientists have discovered the more fat we carry, the more our bodies appear to produce a protein that blocks our ability to burn fat. (Medical News Today)

Superfoods: Health Benefits, Uses and Risks
Find out all about superfoods; foods that typically provide many nutritional benefits, such as vitamins, mineral and antioxidants, for minimal calories. (Medical News Today)

Stored fat fights against the body's attempts to lose weight
The fatter we are, the more our body appears to produce a protein that inhibits our ability to burn fat, suggests new research published in the journal Nature Communication. (Medical News Today)

Food odors activate impulse area of the brain in obese children
The area of the brain associated with impulsivity and the development of obsessive-compulsive disorder is activated in obese children when introduced to food smells, according to a study being... (Medical News Today)

Anti-fat attitudes shaped early in life
New findings from New Zealand's University of Otago suggest older toddlers--those aged around 32 months old--are picking up on the anti-fat attitudes of their mothers. (Medical News Today)

Food industry can help lower cardiovascular diseases by adding little seaweed to products
Adding seaweed to processed foods such as frozen pizzas, hot dogs and dried pasta will reduce cardiovascular diseases, concludes a new scientific article. (Medical News Today)

Overweight men face discrimination
Overweight men face subtle discrimination as job applicants, employees and customers, just as women do, jeopardizing both their own futures and the success of organizations. (Medical News Today)

Walking faster or longer linked to significant cardiovascular benefits in older adults
In a large prospective community-based study of older Americans, modest physical activity was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). (Medical News Today)

Key molecular players in obesity-associated type 2 diabetes identified
There is strong evidence that inflammation promotes obesity-associated type 2 diabetes and diabetes complications. (Medical News Today)

Mini-intestine grown in a test tube for nutritional research
Organoids just a quarter of a millimeter across exhibit functions of the human intestine.Research efforts on the intestine have increased in recent years. (Medical News Today)

Weight-loss surgery reduces brain's sugar addiction
Bariatric surgery has impressive success rates, but how it achieves this success has been less clear. A recent study linking the gut, the brain and addiction digs a little deeper. (Medical News Today)

British hospitals face serious shortage of liver specialists
Despite rising rates of alcohol- and obesity-related liver disease, fewer than 1 in 3 UK hospitals employ a full-time liver specialist. (Medical News Today)

Personalized diets needed to combat obesity and diabetes
People who follow a common-sense, healthy diet may actually be doing themselves harm, says a new study that recommends personalized diets to suit individual metabolism. (Medical News Today)

Obesity spells problems for trauma patients
Condition linked to increased surgery risk, longer hospital stays, higher charges, greater likelihood of discharge to care facility rather than home. (Medical News Today)

Research shows benefits, danger of Ultraman competition
A team of Florida State University researchers found that the endurance competition called the Ultraman can lead to large reductions in body fat, but also causes temporary muscle damage and... (Medical News Today)

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