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Health News - Fitness/Obesity

Irish study: only 1 in 6 mothers of obese children recognize their child as obese
A University of Limerick study has found that mothers of overweight and obese children struggle to recognize their child as overweight or obese. (Medical News Today)

Exercising 30 minutes a day relieves asthma symptoms
New research finds that compared with not exercising, doing 30 minutes of exercise every day, all year round, can significantly help asthma sufferers control their symptoms. (Medical News Today)

Satiety hormone leptin plays a direct role in cardiovascular disease in obesity
While high levels of the satiety hormone leptin don't help obese individuals lose weight, they do appear to directly contribute to their cardiovascular disease, researchers report. (Medical News Today)

Metabolic syndrome leads 1 in 3 Americans to need more vitamin E
New research shows that the estimated one-third of Americans who have a cluster of health problems that add up to metabolic syndrome don't absorb dietary vitamin E as effectively as healthy people. (Medical News Today)

Low vitamin D and obesity as teenagers may accelerate MS
A study published in Neurology shows that people with MS who spent time in the sun as teenagers - and who were not obese - developed the disease later than others. (Medical News Today)

Berkeley's soda tax boosts retail prices of sugary drinks, study confirms
Not long after Berkeley became the first city in the country to levy an excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, questions arose about whether the move would have its desired effect by increasing the... (Medical News Today)

Numbers are in: 37,000 Australians can avoid a cancer diagnosis each year
Food for thought in first ever Australian study counting cases by cause Around 37,000 Australian cancer cases could be prevented each year largely through lifestyle change, according to the... (Medical News Today)

Bariatric surgery can increase likelihood of self-harm, suicide
Research has found that bariatric surgery can increase risks for self-harm and suicide in some morbidly obese patients, suggesting a need to review counseling procedures. (Medical News Today)

Heavy internet use may put teens at risk for high blood pressure
Teens who spend hours on the Internet may be at risk for high blood pressure, say researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. (Medical News Today)

Larger food pack sizes increase consumer estimates of portion sizes
The size of a food package can influence people's perception of portion sizeLarger food pack sizes can increase consumer estimates of portion sizes finds a new study completed by the European... (Medical News Today)

Women with Alzheimer's-related gene lose weight more sharply after age 70
Researchers led by Deborah Gustafson, PhD, MS, professor of neurology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, have shown that women with a gene variant (APOEe4 allele) associated with Alzheimer's disease... (Medical News Today)

Study finds gastric bypass surgery improves blood sugar handling and insulin sensitivity
Roux-en-Y, the most common type of gastric bypass surgery, can lead to remission of type 2 diabetes along with weight loss. (Medical News Today)

Testosterone levels improve in obese men following a common weight-loss operation
New study shows that a sleeve gastrectomy procedure is beneficial in lowering BMI and raising testosterone levels in obese men, leading to other health benefitsA common weight-loss operation... (Medical News Today)

Physical activity: More is better for heart failure prevention
Doubling or quadrupling the minimum federally recommended levels of physical activity lowered the risk of developing heart failure by 20 percent and 35 percent, respectively, according to research... (Medical News Today)

Green tea could help reduce cognitive decline associated with obesity
In the future, a cup of tea may be just what the doctor orders to reduce the cognitive impairments associated with obesity. (Medical News Today)

Sit-stand desks help workers sit less, stand more
A new study suggests providing workers with sit-stand desks is a potentially lasting way to reduce sitting time in the large and growing proportion of people in sedentary jobs. (Medical News Today)

Exercise is good for everyone -- but some struggle more than others
The cause of type 2 diabetes is linked to both genetics and lifestyle. If you have an immediate relative (mother, father, sibling) with type 2 diabetes, the risk of contracting the diabetes is about... (Medical News Today)

Could a pill offer the same benefits as exercise?
In a new review, researchers say that increased understanding of the molecular mechanisms by which exercise benefits health means an 'exercise pill' could soon be in the cards. (Medical News Today)

Later bedtimes linked to greater weight gain
Teenagers and young adults who go to bed late may be at greater risk for weight gain, according to new research led by the University of California-Berkeley. (Medical News Today)

80% of Mumbai women with a BMI over normal are at risk of heart disease: Saffolalife study 2015
In a unique initiative aimed at identifying risk factors associated with poor heart health among Indian women, the Saffolalife Study 2015 has revealed that more than 60 percent of urban India... (Medical News Today)

Preventing cancer: Study finds dramatic benefits of weight-loss surgery
Tremendous changes seen in women most at risk for cancerIN A NUTSHELL:A study looked at the effects of weight-loss surgery on obese women most at risk for cancer. (Medical News Today)

Fatty liver disease and scarring have strong genetic component
Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine say that hepatic fibrosis, which involves scarring of the liver that can result in dysfunction and, in severe cases... (Medical News Today)

Heavier patients require less blood transfusions in hip, knee replacement surgery
Blood transfusion rates in hip and knee replacement surgery were dramatically lower in overweight or obese patients than patients of normal weight, according to a study at Henry Ford Hospital in... (Medical News Today)

Breakthrough in understanding sugar uptake
Researchers from Stockholm University, in international collaboration with UK and Japan, has reached a breakthrough in understanding how fructose is transported into our cells. (Medical News Today)

Children with severe obesity may be at higher risk for heart disease and diabetes
A new study led by researchers in the UNC Department of Pediatrics finds a direct correlation between more severe forms of obesity in children and related risk factors for developing heart disease... (Medical News Today)

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