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Do you really think you're a foodie?
Profiling the adventurous eaterThink you're a foodie? Adventurous eaters, known as "foodies," are often associated with indulgence and excess. (Medical News Today)

Study: Restaurant meals can be as bad for your waistline as fast food is
When Americans go out to eat, either at a fast-food outlet or a full-service restaurant, they consume, on average, about 200 more calories a day than when they stay home for meals, a new study... (Medical News Today)

Temple doctors provide commentary in New England Journal of Medicine about major weight loss study
Elias S. Siraj, M.D., FACP, FACE, director of the Diabetes Program at Temple University Hospital (TUH), and Kevin J. Williams, M.D. (Medical News Today)

Thin colorectal cancer patients have shorter survival than obese patients
Although being overweight with a high body-mass index (BMI) has long been associated with a higher risk for colorectal cancer, thinner patients might not fare as well after treatment for advanced... (Medical News Today)

Child development may be affected by early antibiotic use, study finds
Researchers found mice exposed to antibiotics commonly used in early childhood experienced changes to gut bacteria, as well as increased weight gain and larger bone development. (Medical News Today)

Adolescent women 'more likely to have unsafe sex' if obese
Obese adolescent women were found less likely to use contraception than their peers with healthy weights, with those that did use contraception less likely to use it consistently. (Medical News Today)

Longer-term follow-up shows greater type 2 diabetes remission for bariatric surgery compared to lifestyle intervention
Among obese participants with type 2 diabetes mellitus, bariatric surgery with 2 years of a low-level lifestyle intervention resulted in more disease remission than did lifestyle intervention... (Medical News Today)

To shed weight, go vegan
People on a vegetarian diet, and especially those following a vegan one that includes no animal products, see better results than dieters on other weight-reducing plans. (Medical News Today)

Tree Nut Council-funded study links nuts to lower body weight and risk of obesity
Tree nut consumption associated with lower body weight and lower risk of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseaseIn a study published this week in Nutrition Journal*, researchers compared... (Medical News Today)

Offering healthier options at carryout stores improves bottom line
Small pilot program suggests selling nutritious foods can boost revenue, not just healthA pilot program designed to encourage mom and pop carryout shops in Baltimore to promote and sell healthier... (Medical News Today)

A high-fat diet may alleviate mitochondrial disease
Mice that have a genetic version of mitochondrial disease can easily be mistaken for much older animals by the time they are nine months old: they have thinning grey hair, osteoporosis, poor hearing... (Medical News Today)

Neighborhood facilities 'have an influence on levels of diabetes'
Neighborhood resources for physical activity have an effect on the risk of diabetes, shows 10-year study. Local stores offering healthier food choices were also influential. (Medical News Today)

Epidemic of obesity and overweight linked to increased food energy supply
Food energy supply and global obesityObesity - a global health problem - is increasing in many countries in step with increases in the food energy supply, according to a study published in the... (Medical News Today)

Researchers seek to answer "obesity paradox"
A world-first study at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital is seeking to answer the "obesity paradox" of the link between being overweight and heart function. (Medical News Today)

New genetic form of obesity and diabetes identified
The first case of an inheritable protein deficiency in humans linked with diabetes, obesity and reproductive problems has been identified in a young woman. (Medical News Today)

Cranberry juice may help protect against heart disease and diabetes risk factors
Study finds polyphenol-rich cranberries to be a sustainable lifestyle approach to better healthA new study 1 reveals that drinking low-calorie cranberry juice cocktail may help lower the risk of... (Medical News Today)

Study: Muscadine grape seed oil may help reduce obesity
Muscadine grape seed oil supplies a form of Vitamin E, giving scientists another clue to reducing obesity, a new University of Florida study shows. (Medical News Today)

What effect does marijuana have on weight gain?
While cannabis alters the functions of neurobiological circuits controlling appetite, its effect on weight gain is complex since several factors appear to be involved, says Didier Jutras-Aswad... (Medical News Today)

Is marriage good or bad for the figure? Comparative study of nine European countries
It is generally assumed that marriage has a positive influence on health and life expectancy. But does this "marriage bonus" also apply to the health indicator of body weight? (Medical News Today)

Exercising early in life yields rewards in adult years
Experiments on mice by UC Riverside biologists shows early-age exercise in mice has positive effects on adult levels of voluntary exercise, including a reduction in body massMore than one in... (Medical News Today)

Fructose produces less rewarding sensations in the brain
Fructose not only results in a lower level of satiety, it also stimulates the reward system in the brain to a lesser degree than glucose. (Medical News Today)

Online computer game can help shed weight and reduce food intake
A simple new computerised game could help people control their snacking impulses and lose weight. (Medical News Today)

Eating in the absence of hunger: A recipe for expanding waistlines
A QUT research study has concluded that compulsive snacking is another leading cause of weight gainA QUT researcher has had an article on how compulsive snacking is a major cause of weight gain... (Medical News Today)

Weight loss plus vitamin D reduces inflammation linked to cancer, chronic disease
First study of its kind to test effect of vitamin D and weight loss on inflammatory biomarkersFor the first time, researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have found that weight... (Medical News Today)

Eat protein before carbohydrates to lower post-meal glucose
A small pilot study suggests that the order in which we consume different food groups as part of a meal affects glucose and insulin levels. (Medical News Today)

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