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How diet can alter the gut, leading to insulin resistance
A new study looks to mice and humans to find out more about the mechanisms through which diet can lead to insulin resistance, a key feature of diabetes. (Medical News Today)

Study finds 'disturbingly' high levels of 'ugly cholesterol'
New research finds that the levels of remnant cholesterol, also called 'ugly' cholesterol, are much higher than researchers previously believed. (Medical News Today)

Fat burning heart rate: Everything you need to know
A person's fat burning heart rate depends on their age. Staying within this heart rate range during exercise is supposed to help people lose weight. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

Could hormone infusions help people with obesity shed weight?
A new 4-week study suggests that hormone infusions may help people with obesity and type 2 diabetes or prediabetes lose weight and improve glucose levels. (Medical News Today)

What to know about the link between diet and cancer
A person’s diet may affect their risk of developing cancer in several ways. Some diets may also help prevent cancer, or help a person recover. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

Using an 'obesity simulation suit' to reveal prejudice among med students
Researchers used an 'obesity simulation suit' to role-play a scenario wherein a person with obesity sees the doctor. The study examined anti-obesity bias. (Medical News Today)

Study reveals 6 top exercises for offsetting 'obesity genes'
New research examines the effect of 18 different types of regular workout on people with a genetic predisposition to developing obesity. (Medical News Today)

Do rising obesity levels explain cardiovascular mortality trends?
Many countries worldwide are losing the progress they had made in lowering mortality rates related to cardiovascular events. Why is this happening? (Medical News Today)

Is diet soda bad for you? Know the health risks
Many people drink diet soda as a low or zero calorie alternative to regular soda. While it may seem like the better choice, diet soda still has health risks. Learn about them here. (Medical News Today)

Are laxatives safe for weight loss?
Doctors do not recommend laxatives for weight loss as they are ineffective and can cause adverse effects. These include dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Learn more about the safety and risks here. (Medical News Today)

Can bananas help you lose weight?
Bananas may help people feel full for longer and increase their potassium and fiber intake. Learn more about how bananas may aid weight loss efforts here. (Medical News Today)

A guide to low fat foods
Reducing dietary fat can help people reach or maintain a healthy weight. It also reduces the risk of heart disease. Learn more about low fat foods here. (Medical News Today)

Study links higher body weight later in life to faster brain aging
A new study has found a correlation between having a higher body mass index and waist circumference later in life, and a faster rate of brain aging. (Medical News Today)

Why does the keto diet cause a skin rash?
People following a ketogenic diet can sometimes develop a red, itchy rash on their upper body. In this article, we discuss the link between ketosis and rashes and explain how to treat a keto rash. (Medical News Today)

Eating earlier in the day aids weight loss by curbing appetite
Eating only between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. seems to aid weight loss by reducing appetite rather than burning calories, according to new research. (Medical News Today)

What to know about walking for weight loss
Walking can help people lose weight. Setting a faster pace, using an incline, and walking multiple times per day can all help increase the amount of calories a person burns. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

What to know about alcohol bloating
Alcohol can lead to bloating by causing inflammation and discomfort in the stomach. It can also cause weight gain, which can give the appearance of bloating. Learn more about alcohol bloating and how to get rid of it here. (Medical News Today)

Ancient survival mechanism may contribute to obesity epidemic
(Medical News Today)

Why even slim people may benefit from calorie restriction
New research reveals the cardiometabolic benefits that a small reduction in calorie intake can have on people who are not overweight or obese. (Medical News Today)

What can cause abdominal pain and constipation?
Abdominal pain and constipation often result from dietary and lifestyle factors and usually respond well to home treatment. However, abdominal pain and constipation can sometimes also be symptoms of an underlying medical condition. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

How many calories do eggs contain?
Eggs are rich in protein, calcium, and potassium, among other vital nutrients. In this article, learn how many calories an egg contains, as well as the risks and benefits of eating eggs. (Medical News Today)

Through my eyes: Weight loss surgery
My name is Jenny Marshall. This is the story of my lifelong struggle with obesity, and how weight loss surgery changed my life forever. (Medical News Today)

New research may explain why evolution made humans 'fat'
Scientists compare how fat cell DNA is packaged in humans, chimps, and other primates. The results reveal the role of evolution in human fat metabolism. (Medical News Today)

Pro-obesity environment and genes could explain big rise in body weight
While genes can raise obesity risk, they interact with environment to drive up BMI, with environment likely contributing more, Norwegian study suggests. (Medical News Today)

New food supplement made from bacteria fights metabolic syndrome
A new study finds that taking Akkermansia bacteria in pasteurized form as a food supplement improves metabolic parameters in people with prediabetes. (Medical News Today)

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