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Health News - Seniors/Aging

Fall detector for older people
New sensor will make life safer for the elderly.Pressure measurements enable a newly developed fall detector to "observe" falls that current sensors do not register, thus improving safety for... (Medical News Today)

Prunetin prolongs lifespan in male fruit flies and enhances overall health
Here's a reason for men to eat their lima beans--If research in male fruit flies holds up, it might help you live longer. (Medical News Today)

Health care for older adults should honor diversity
By 2050, the number of older adults representing minority groups is projected to rise to 39%, up from nearly 21% in 2012. (Medical News Today)

Chromosomes reconfigure as cell division ends
Cellular senescence -- when a cell can no longer divide -- is a programmed stage in a cell's life cycle. (Medical News Today)

Treatments that reduce knee buckling may help prevent falls in older adults
Symptoms of knee instability in older adults may indicate an increased risk of falling and of experiencing the various physical and psychological effects that can result from falling, according to... (Medical News Today)

Flu risk: cover your cough at Superbowl celebrations
Superbowl parties and gatherings can spread influenza, putting the lives of over-65s at risk. Researchers advise party-goers to take extra precautions while celebrating. (Medical News Today)

Eradicating mitochondria from cells may reverse aging
Scientists found that removing mitochondria from human cells reduced levels of markers linked to cellular aging, proving that mitochondria play a crucial role in the aging process. (Medical News Today)

Can herpes contribute to cognitive decline?
Chronic viruses - including the herpes simplex virus - are linked to increased risk for cognitive decline in healthy older adults, according to the latest study. (Medical News Today)

Lifespan in mice increased by clearing out senescent cells
Scientists increase the lifespan of normal mice by as much as 35% by eliminating senescent cells - cells whose ability to replicate is arrested and that accumulate with age. (Medical News Today)

Potential new approaches to treating eye diseases
Potential new approaches to treating eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are described in a new study, "IL-33 amplifies an innate immune response in the degenerating... (Medical News Today)

Mature drivers favor checks on over 70s, new study finds
The majority of older drivers are in favour of tighter rules on checking the health and suitability of over-70s to drive - even if those checks could take them off the road themselves - according... (Medical News Today)

Patients with macular degeneration show improvement with high-dose statin treatment
Researchers at Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School and the University of Crete have conducted a phase I/II clinical trial investigating the efficacy of statins (cholesterol-lowering... (Medical News Today)

Hair thinning by stem cell loss
Why people lose their locks in old age may be related to the aging of hair follicle stem cells, two new studies suggest. (Medical News Today)

Financial industry coping with issues of elder exploitation, cognitive decline
Protecting the wealth of older adults should be a high priority for banks, insurance companies, and others, according to the latest edition of Public Policy & Aging Report (PP&AR). (Medical News Today)

Anxiety disorder 3 times more likely among older adults with COPD
Older adults with COPD who were exposed to parental domestic violence in childhood were 5 times more likely to have generalized anxiety disorder. (Medical News Today)

Mayo Clinic researchers extend lifespan by as much as 35 percent in mice
Researchers at Mayo Clinic have shown that senescent cells - cells that no longer divide and accumulate with age - negatively impact health and shorten lifespan by as much as 35 percent in normal... (Medical News Today)

It's all about the timing: Fetal expression of core clock gene determines lifespan in mice
Abolishing the 24-hour clock by knocking out a key gene during development accelerates aging and shortens lifespan by two thirds in mice, but this effect is absent if the gene deletion is delayed... (Medical News Today)

ADA presents guidance on managing diabetes in older adults in long-term care facilities
The care of adults over age 65 with type 2 diabetes is a growing concern: the prevalence of diabetes is highest in this age group and is expected to grow as the U.S. (Medical News Today)

Treatment reverses aging in brains of rats
A compound called ampakine has reversed dendritic retraction in rats' brains, leaving them better able to function cognitively than untreated rats. (Medical News Today)

Drug prevents key age-related brain change in rats
As brain cells age they lose the fibers that receive neural impulses, a change that may underlie cognitive decline. (Medical News Today)

Listeria: Hypervirulent strains with cerebral and placental tropism
Researchers from the Institut Pasteur, Inserm, CNRS and Paris Descartes - Sorbonne Paris Cité University recently published a large-scale study in Nature Genetics based on almost 7,000 strains of... (Medical News Today)

Michelangelo created masterpieces despite degenerative arthritis
Analyses of paintings of Michelangelo suggest his hands were affected by degenerative arthritis, but continuing to work may have kept them mobile. (Medical News Today)

Benzodiazepines 'do not increase dementia risk'
Past research has linked benzodiazepines - drugs used to treat anxiety and insomnia - to increased dementia risk for seniors, but a new study has found no such association. (Medical News Today)

Alzheimer's: no link to mercury in brain or seafood consumption
In the first study to examine the link between mercury levels in the brain and brain neuropathology, researchers say there is no association between mercury levels and dementia. (Medical News Today)

For older adults, serious depression symptoms increase risk for stroke and heart disease
Depression and its symptoms increase as people age, and have been linked to heart disease and stroke in both middle-aged and older adults. (Medical News Today)

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