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Eradicating mitochondria from cells may reverse aging
Scientists found that removing mitochondria from human cells reduced levels of markers linked to cellular aging, proving that mitochondria play a crucial role in the aging process. (Medical News Today)

Mysterious allergy to vibrations: gene provides clue
People with vibratory urticaria now have an explanation for their condition, as scientists discover a gene that is specific to those affected. (Medical News Today)

Lifespan in mice increased by clearing out senescent cells
Scientists increase the lifespan of normal mice by as much as 35% by eliminating senescent cells - cells whose ability to replicate is arrested and that accumulate with age. (Medical News Today)

John Innes Centre scientists disable infectious bacteria by removing key protein
Scientists at the John Innes Centre and the University of East Anglia have made an exciting discovery that could provide a new way to prevent bacterial infections in both humans and plants without... (Medical News Today)

Bears' seasonal hibernation linked to changes in gut microbes
Each year, as bears prepare to hibernate, they gorge themselves on food to pack on fat. (Medical News Today)

Color-changing probes shed light on protein discrimination
A novel fluorescent probe library is developed by a research team including scientists from the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo. (Medical News Today)

New insights into the function of the main class of drug targets
About thirty percent of all medical drugs such as beta-blockers or antidepressants interact with certain types of cell surface proteins called G protein coupled receptors. (Medical News Today)

Breaking through insect shells at a molecular level
Researchers at the universities of Bonn and Leipzig discover a mechanism for fighting pathogens. (Medical News Today)

Using mathematics to improve human health
Scientists at the Universities of York and Torino have used mathematics as a tool to provide precise details of the structure of protein nanoparticles, potentially making them more useful in... (Medical News Today)

Study: Future for charismatic pika not as daunting as once feared
The American pika is thought by many biologists to be a prime candidate for extirpation as the planet continues to warm, done in by temperatures too severe for this small mammal native to cold... (Medical News Today)

New insights into DNA repair could improve drugs that block cancer cell growth
By clarifying how some DNA repair mechanisms work, a new study opens the way to better understanding and thus improving the action of drugs that prevent cancer cell proliferation. (Medical News Today)

Discovery of mechanism that enables bacteria to elude antibiotics
The Molecular Microbiology Research Group in the UAB's Department of Genetics and Microbiology describes for the first time, in a work published in PLOS ONE, a model of behaviour of a bacterial... (Medical News Today)

TSRI study reveals workings of mysterious 'relief valve' that protects cells from swelling
Solving a long-standing mystery in cell biology, a team has shown how a key "relief-valve" in cells keeps cells from taking in too much water and swelling excessively. (Medical News Today)

Synchronized brain waves in distant regions combine memories
Humans have the remarkable ability to integrate information from multiple memories and infer indirect relationships. How does our brain support this important function? (Medical News Today)

Wearable sweat sensor could monitor dehydration, fatigue
Researchers have created a wearable device that measures biochemicals in sweat, which could alert users to dehydration, muscle fatigue and other issues. (Medical News Today)

A master switch that plays a key role in energy metabolism and human brain evolution
Scientists have long used comparative animal studies to better understand the nuances of human evolution, from making diverse body plans to the emergence of entirely powerful and unique features... (Medical News Today)

Bed bugs that feed are more likely to survive pesticide exposure
Many studies have been done on how effective certain pesticides are when they are applied to bed bugs. (Medical News Today)

Scientists discover new clue to how cancer tumors form
Recordings of 3D movements in real time of early tumor formation reveal that specialized cancer cells extend cellular cables to actively reel in both cancerous and healthy cells. (Medical News Today)

Virologists investigating novel applications for viruses
New research underway at the University of Helsinki (UH), Finland, suggests that viruses can be classified in a completely new way based on viral structures. (Medical News Today)

Diabetes breakthrough: encapsulated pancreas cells could end injections
Type 1 diabetes treatment by implantation of insulin-producing pancreatic cells is hampered by the threat of immune rejection. Putting the cells in capsules could overcome this. (Medical News Today)

Crouching protein, hidden enzyme
Meet a microscopic gymnast.A new study led by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and the University of California (UC), Berkeley shows how a crucial molecular enzyme starts... (Medical News Today)

New study creates first 3D vision of cancer target
A team from the University of Leicester has for the first time published a detailed description of a protein linked to many types of cancer. (Medical News Today)

Gut neurons help prevent tissue over-inflammation
The gut needs to balance resistance to dangerous microorganisms with tolerance to avoid damage to tissue. Now, a study of mice shows gut neurons play a role in this balancing act. (Medical News Today)

Could testosterone link lead to therapy for psychopathy?
People with psychopathy do not experience emotions as other people do; brain images suggest that testosterone levels could be a factor. (Medical News Today)

Exact pol(e) position - precisely where the polymerase is changed
Scientists at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, working with colleagues from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, have developed a method for the thorough analysis of protein modifications. (Medical News Today)

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