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Study finds that protein puts the brakes on melanin
A year and a half ago, researchers at Brown University found a molecular gas pedal for melanin production. Now they've found a brake. (Medical News Today)

Tissue regeneration may be easier with new blood vessel method
A new method using patient-derived 3-D scaffolds should make it easier to grow blood vessels that integrate lab-grown organs and tissue into patients. (Medical News Today)

Scientists capture the elusive structure of essential digestive enzyme
Using a powerful combination of techniques from biophysics to mathematics, researchers have revealed new insights into the mechanism of a liver enzyme that is critical for human health. (Medical News Today)

Breast cancer cells flushed out of hiding
Breast cancer cells use a key to access bone marrow, where they hide and cause relapse years later. Now, scientists think there may be a way to stop them. (Medical News Today)

Cancer immunotherapy 'takes the brakes off natural killer cells'
Researchers suggest removing a protein that acts as a brake on natural killer cells could boost the immune system's ability to destroy cancer cells. (Medical News Today)

Liver cancer recurrence may be predictable from protein levels
Study finds the protein p62 is necessary and sufficient for development of liver cancer in mice and its high expression in non-cancerous liver tissue predicts recurrence in humans. (Medical News Today)

You are what you eat: Immune cells remember their first meal
Scientists at the University of Bristol have identified the trigger for immune cells' inflammatory response - a discovery that may pave the way for new treatments for many human diseases. (Medical News Today)

Calcium channels team up to activate excitable cells
Finding contradicts earlier belief that channels do not work cooperatively.Voltage-gated calcium channels open in unison, rather than independently, to allow calcium ions into and activate... (Medical News Today)

Type 2 diabetes: Study explains link to sleep hormone melatonin
A new study shows that the sleep hormone melatonin disrupts insulin in people with a common gene mutation and may explain why type 2 diabetes is more prevalent in shift workers. (Medical News Today)

New research shows sensitivity to oxidative stress is not always linked to aging
Scientists make an important breakthrough in understanding the impact of oxygen exposure on the aging process of mammal cells. (Medical News Today)

Why cancer drugs can't take the pressure
A major reason why cancer drugs fail is that they cannot penetrate the high-pressure environment of solid tumors. (Medical News Today)

Muscle growth may be improved with longer rest between weightlifting sets
Resting for longer periods between weightlifting sets was found to increase a process that aids muscle growth in a new study, bucking the common belief that shorter rests are best. (Medical News Today)

'Super males' emerge from male-dominated populations, study finds
Males who evolve in male-dominated populations become far better at securing females than those who grow up in monogamous populations, according to new research into the behaviour of fruit flies at... (Medical News Today)

Different spatio-temporal cues converge on a common gene cascade to specify two distinct sets of neurons expressing the neuropeptide Nplp1
A study of the embryonic nervous system of the fruit fly throws light on how two neuronal cell lineages that develop at different times and in different places in the ventral nerve cord of the... (Medical News Today)

Chemical in marijuana shows promise in treating schizophrenia
According to new research at Western University, marijuana is the ultimate contradiction; at least when it comes to schizophrenia. (Medical News Today)

ALS may arise from protein build-up in nerve cells
Mutations in the gene SOD1 are known to cause ALS, but it was not known if the associated protein was involved. Now, a study shows the protein may drive ALS in a prion-like way. (Medical News Today)

Early development of human embryos tracked in culture
The early stages of development of the human embryo are studied in culture for up to 10-13 days in two separate studies published in Nature and Nature Cell Biology this week. (Medical News Today)

Faster metabolism enabled big human brains
Humans evolved their relatively large brain, compared to other primates, thanks to an increased metabolic rate, reports a paper published in Nature. (Medical News Today)

Antibiotics can promote 'bad' gut microbes by disrupting oxygen
A new study provides further insight into how antibiotics can paradoxically reduce infection and cause illness by disrupting conditions that alter good-bad gut microbe balance. (Medical News Today)

Nuclear Pores Captured on Film
Using an ultra fast-scanning atomic force microscope, a team of researchers from the University of Basel has filmed "living" nuclear pore complexes at work for the first time. (Medical News Today)

New mechanism for sensing and regulating pH in the nervous system
The spinal cord has its own system for sensing changes in pH, according to a study by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. (Medical News Today)

New understanding of key enzymes could help to develop new drugs to treat diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's Disease
New knowledge about the mechanism of specific protein complexes in the body could help in the development of better drugs for the treatment of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's, according to... (Medical News Today)

New molecule-building method from TSRI opens up vast realm of chemistry for pharma and other industries
Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have devised a new molecule-building method that is likely to have a major impact on the pharmaceutical industry and many other chemistry-based... (Medical News Today)

Everyday chemicals may encourage cells to store fat
Phthalates known as BBPs, which commonly feature in everyday plastics, soaps and other items, may exacerbate fat formation in cells, with potential implications for obesity. (Medical News Today)

Resistance-proof antiviral that targets several diseases in development
Researchers have developed a modified polymer that blocks various viruses from entering cultured human cells in a way that the pathogens cannot work around with new mutations. (Medical News Today)

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