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Health News - Biology/Biochemistry

Imitating viruses to deliver drugs to cells
Viruses are able to redirect the functioning of cells in order to infect them. (Medical News Today)

Scientists identify mechanism behind statin-induced muscle weakness
New research suggests a common side effect of statins that affects the muscles may be due to the cholesterol-lowering drugs' disruption of mitochondria function in muscle cells. (Medical News Today)

Yeast study yields insights into cell-division cycle
Studies using yeast genetics have provided new, fundamental insights into the cell-division cycle, researchers at the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute report. (Medical News Today)

Study reveals how wasp venom kills cancer cells
Researchers have revealed that a component of wasp venom kills cancer cells by making holes in cancer cell membranes that allow important molecules to leak out. (Medical News Today)

Synthetic tumor tissue helps model cancer biology
New, tissue-like, 3D microenvironment made of hydrogel offers cancer researchers a better way to study tumor growth and behavior than the current standard hard, flat plastic plate. (Medical News Today)

Inducing metabolic catastrophe in cancer cells
A study published in The Journal of Cell Biology describes a way to force cancer cells to destroy a key metabolic enzyme they need to survive. (Medical News Today)

Tool to identify receptors activated by specific smell developed, in species ranging from mice to flies
In animals, numerous behaviors are governed by the olfactory perception of their surrounding world. (Medical News Today)

University of Toronto biologists identify mechanisms of embryonic fruit fly wound repair
It's like something out of a science-fiction movie - time-lapse photography showing how wounds in embryos of fruit flies heal themselves. (Medical News Today)

A new technique to make drugs more soluble
Before Ibuprofen can relieve your headache, it has to dissolve in your bloodstream. The problem is Ibuprofen, in its native form, isn't particularly soluble. (Medical News Today)

DNA-guided 3-D printing of human tissue is unveiled
A UCSF-led team has developed a technique to build tiny models of human tissues, called organoids, more precisely than ever before using a process that turns human cells into a biological equivalent... (Medical News Today)

Parkinson's disease may be result of 'brain cell burnout'
Scientists suggest Parkinson's disease may be the result of brain cells that require a high amount of energy to control movement exhausting themselves and dying prematurely. (Medical News Today)

Physics meets biology to defeat aging
International bio-hacker team published its scientific work on how to switch aging offThe scientific team of a new biotech company Gero in collaboration with one of the leading academics in the... (Medical News Today)

Cystic fibrosis: yeast study may address root cause
Cystic fibrosis results from a mutation that stops ions moving in and out of cells. Now, a study shows how a small molecule restored ion channel function in deficient yeast cells. (Medical News Today)

Trypanosomes and renal insufficiency: APOL1 induces a double permeabilization
Prof Etienne Pays and his team from the ULB's Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology (Faculty of Science) sheds further light on the way human APOL1 kills the trypanosmoeThe African trypanosome... (Medical News Today)

Fat deposits in brain may hasten Alzheimer's disease
New research suggests that abnormal fat deposits found in the brains of people who died from Alzheimer's disease could trigger or accelerate the condition. (Medical News Today)

Could hypertension during pregnancy signal elevated risk for siblings?
The male siblings of women who have high blood pressure during pregnancy are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease in later life, a new study finds. (Medical News Today)

Taking a cue from nature: Turning alcohols into alkylating agents
Researchers at Princeton have developed a dual catalyst system that directly installs alkyl groups--fragments containing singly bonded carbon and hydrogen atoms that have extremely useful properties... (Medical News Today)

MDC and MHH researchers show how dynamin mediates membrane constriction and scission
Cells continually form membrane vesicles that are released into the cell. If this vital process is disturbed, nerve cells, for example, cannot communicate with each other. (Medical News Today)

Firstborn women more likely to be overweight, obese
A new study of more than 15,000 sister pairs finds firstborn women were more likely to be overweight or obese than their secondborn sisters. (Medical News Today)

ORNL chemical sampling interface features simplicity, speed
In mere seconds, a system developed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory can identify and characterize a solid or liquid sample, providing a valuable tool with applications in... (Medical News Today)

Fertilization discovery: Do sperm wield tiny harpoons?
Spiky filaments identified that may play key role in sperm-egg fusionThe SLLP1 filament viewed along the side, with each neighboring monomer colored alternatively. (Medical News Today)

Link found between throat microbes and schizophrenia
Researchers have revealed that the microscopic organisms found in the back of the throats of people with schizophrenia are different to those found in healthy individuals. (Medical News Today)

Scripps Florida scientists' structural discoveries could aid in better drug design
Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute Florida campus have uncovered the structural details of how some proteins interact to turn two different signals into a single integrated output. (Medical News Today)

Reprogramming cancer cells back to normal looks feasible, study shows
Researchers united from two different fields have found the protein signaling that maintains the cancerous state of cells can be altered to morph tumor cells back to normal. (Medical News Today)

Challenge of bench to bedside for cancer busting nanotech
Nanotechnology holds tremendous promise for the treatment of cancer, if the science can be translated from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside, according to the author of an editorial... (Medical News Today)

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