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Tue, 17 Jul 2018, 21:01 GMT

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Chronic pain: New compound may replace opioids
Researchers have designed a drug that may soon be a safe, effective alternative to opioids for treating moderate-to-severe chronic pain. (Medical News Today)

Olfactory receptors 'do more than smell'
Human olfactory receptors are everywhere in the body — not just in the nose — and may prove useful in healthcare and medicine once we know more about them. (Medical News Today)

Cancer: Can testosterone improve patients' quality of life?
Many patients with cancer experience 'cachexia,' a condition characterized by loss of body mass and debilitating weakness. Can testosterone treat it? (Medical News Today)

Fats or carbs: What causes obesity?
Researchers have been debating for a long time whether it is fat or carb intake that leads to obesity. A new study claims it may have settled the issue. (Medical News Today)

New chronic fatigue syndrome test is 84 percent accurate
Researchers have developed a diagnostic test that can predict who has myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome with 84 percent accuracy. (Medical News Today)

Existing drug may help to treat aggressive brain cancer
Glioblastoma is an aggressive form of brain cancer that is often therapy resistant. New research finds hope in an existing drug that may enhance treatment. (Medical News Today)

Keto diet could make cancer therapy more effective
A new study suggests that the ketogenic diet, which is very low in carbohydrates but high in fats, may give cancer therapy a much-needed boost. (Medical News Today)

'Backpacked drugs' can boost immunotherapy for solid tumors
Researchers have designed a drug-carrying nanoparticle capable of enhancing the effect of immune cells on solid cancer tumors without harmful side effects. (Medical News Today)

Cancer: 'Intelligent drug delivery' is on its way
Scientists have demonstrated a precision targeting system that only releases anticancer drugs when it encounters two tumor conditions in the right order. (Medical News Today)

Hair-like cell structure may drive melanoma
While studying the epigenetic changes associated with melanoma, researchers found an unexpected link with hair-like projections on cells called cilia. (Medical News Today)

Play ball or go rogue? Oxytocin affects cooperative behavior
Oxytocin, 'the love hormone,' plays a key role in human bonding. A new study now investigates this hormone's impact on cooperative behavior more closely. (Medical News Today)

What should you eat while taking antibiotics?
Antibiotics attack and destroy bacteria in the body. They can get rid of an infection, but they can also harm the beneficial bacteria in the gut. In this article, learn which foods can reduce the side effects of antibiotics, promote healing, and restore the balance in the gut microbiome. (Medical News Today)

Study shows how 'friendly' bacteria keep our gut healthy
A new study explains the mechanism by which good bacteria help our guts stay healthy. The results have therapeutic implications for conditions such as IBD. (Medical News Today)

Scientists 'completely surprised' by immunity-boosting virus
Cytomegalovirus — a common, asymptomatic virus — may actually boost the immune system's response to infection, much to specialists' surprise. (Medical News Today)

Targeting the enzyme with a dual role in breast and brain health
One enzyme plays key roles in both breast cancer and intellectual disability. Knowing more about its molecular structure could help to design better drugs. (Medical News Today)

'Supramolecule' helps immune cells 'eat up' cancer
A newly designed 'supramolecule' can stop the 'don't eat me' signal that cancer cells emit and boost the power of immune cells in the fight against cancer. (Medical News Today)

Cancer immunotherapy 'could be safer' with natural killer cells
CAR cancer immunotherapy using natural killer cells from stem cells could be as effective and less toxic than using modified versions of patients' T cells. (Medical News Today)

The riddle of human nipple sizes
A key idea in evolutionary biology is that physical features with greater variability are 'nonfunctional byproducts.' But nipple size may contradict this. (Medical News Today)

Parkinson's may soon be treated with blood pressure drug
New research shows that isradipine protects the neurons that are affected in Parkinson's disease. The findings pave the way for human trials. (Medical News Today)

How a red wine compound may prevent cancer
New research shows, for the first time in the laboratory, how resveratrol stops a mutant protein from aggregating and leading to cancer. (Medical News Today)

Could treating these immune cells cure IBD?
By identifying a distinct group of CD4 T cells that create and perpetuate intestinal inflammation, scientists could be on track to finding a cure for IBD. (Medical News Today)

How gut bacteria may help to spot and address liver disease
There is a link between the composition of the gut microbiota and the development of liver disease, and this may be key to diagnostic and prevention. (Medical News Today)

Serotonin enhances learning, not just mood
Serotonin levels have been linked to the regulation of mood and sexual function. Emerging research now reveals more about its role in learning processes. (Medical News Today)

Type 2 diabetes: Using coffee for 'glucose control'
Researchers show how a synthetic gene circuit activated by doses of caffeine as found in coffee can regulate blood sugar levels in diabetic mice. (Medical News Today)

Is this the 'perfect drug' to stop cancer cells' movement?
Researchers have put years worth of effort into developing a drug that can inhibit cancer cells' ability to move around, thereby preventing metastasis. (Medical News Today)

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