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Health News - Biology/Biochemistry

Known enzymes could be treasure trove for drug discovery
A collaboration between science and industry finds a potential treasure trove for drug discovery - known enzymes that may also work in novel ways to potentially treat disease. (Medical News Today)

Novel arthritis treatment possible with new discovery
Researchers have found that 'microvesicles' - tiny particles released by cells - can penetrate human cartilage, a discovery that could lead to new treatments for arthritis. (Medical News Today)

How cells 'climb' to build fruit fly tracheas
Fruit fly windpipes are much more like human blood vessels than the entryway to human lungs. To create that intricate network, fly embryonic cells must sprout "fingers" and crawl into place. (Medical News Today)

Why weight loss is harder when we carry more fat
Scientists have discovered the more fat we carry, the more our bodies appear to produce a protein that blocks our ability to burn fat. (Medical News Today)

Does the gut microbiome tell us when we are full?
Proteins produced by the gut microbiome as a reaction to nutrients in the gut may send signals to the brain to tell a person when he or she is full or hungry. (Medical News Today)

New technique uses lasers to prevent cells from contracting
You were once a hollow shell. To sculpt that hollow ball into an organism with layers of internal organs, muscle and skin, portions of that embryonic 'shell' folded inwards. (Medical News Today)

Sickle cell trait and disease: raising awareness
Sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait have had an uncomfortable history, but genetic treatments may eventually bring a cure. We take a closer look at the conditions. (Medical News Today)

Scientists grow working vocal cord tissue in lab
By growing functional vocal cord tissue in the lab, scientists bring closer the day when people whose vocal cords have been lost to cancer or injury can get their voice back. (Medical News Today)

'Smart biogel' that kills cancer tumors in development
Scientists have developed an intelligent biogel that, when injected in tumors in the lab, delivers a deadly payload of anti-cancer immune cells that eliminates the tumor. (Medical News Today)

IU biologists report method to calculate lifetime energy requirements of cells, genes
Findings counter prevailing ideas about the forces driving genome evolution. (Medical News Today)

Circulating small cell lung cancer cells successfully cultivated for the very first time
Most cases of small cell lung cancer are only diagnosed after the tumour has already formed metastases. (Medical News Today)

York scientists reveal structure of key cancer target enzyme
A team from the University of York has published research unveiling the 3-D structure of human heparanase, a sugar-degrading enzyme which has received significant attention as a key target in... (Medical News Today)

Biomarkers in Medicine explores the translation of biomarkers into regulatory science
Biomarkers in Medicine, a leading MEDLINE-indexed journal, has published a special focus issue exploring the increasingly important role of biomarkers in both drug development and regulatory decision... (Medical News Today)

Our closest wormy cousins
A team from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) and its collaborators has sequenced the genomes of two species of small water creatures called acorn worms and... (Medical News Today)

Test results of fingerprick blood vary from drop to drop
A new study finds that fingerprick blood test results can vary from drop to drop and suggests at least six to nine drops should be combined for consistent results. (Medical News Today)

Large-scale modeling shows confinement effects on cell macromolecules
Using large-scale computer modeling, researchers have shown the effects of confinement on macromolecules inside cells -- and taken the first steps toward simulating a living cell, a capability that... (Medical News Today)

New diabetes and obesity treatments may arise from study of fat cell metabolism
A study that offers new insights into how fat cells use nutrients to make fatty acids could lead to better drug targets to treat diabetes and obesity, the researchers say. (Medical News Today)

Therapeutic hypothermia can help in range of cardiac arrests
Therapeutic hypothermia - cooling the core body temperature - has been used in cardiac arrest involving shockable rhythms, but it can also help in cases with non-shockable rhythms. (Medical News Today)

Scientists find driver of malaria growth in mosquitoes
By uncovering the role of cyclin - a protein that drives the growth of the malaria parasite in mosquitoes - scientists hope to pave the way to new treatments to defeat the disease. (Medical News Today)

Is there a biological basis for apathy?
Apathetic people may have more active pre-motor cortexes, suggests a new study, which researchers say is the first evidence of a biological basis for apathy. (Medical News Today)

Miniaturizable magnetic resonance
A garnet crystal only one micrometre in diameter was instrumental in a University of Alberta team of physicists creating a route to "lab-on-a-chip" technology for magnetic resonance, a tool to... (Medical News Today)

Lab-enhanced natural killer cells eliminate cancer in lymph nodes
Mouse study shows that attaching an engineered liposome to natural killer cells enhances their ability to trigger cell suicide in cancer cells within tumor-draining lymph nodes. (Medical News Today)

Dendrimer technology gets a grip on cell proteins, could improve cancer treatment
Purdue researchers have devised a way to capture the finer details of complex cell processes by using tiny synthetic particles known as dendrimers, a technology that could lead to more targeted... (Medical News Today)

No more brown apples?
Everybody knows this phenomenon: After slicing an apple, it loses its appetising white colour very quickly, which does not only scare off children. (Medical News Today)

Onion-like layers help this efficient new nanoparticle glow
A dye-coated surface is 1 of 3 specially crafted layers that help the particle emit light ideal for bioimaging. (Medical News Today)

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