Health News - Multiple Sclerosis

MS: Common herpesvirus variant raises risk
New research finds that one variant of the human herpesvirus 6 significantly increases a person's chance of developing multiple sclerosis. (Medical News Today)

Study shows the progression of multiple sclerosis can be slowed
New research in mice finds that blocking a key molecule can slow the progression of multiple sclerosis. The findings pave the way for new treatments. (Medical News Today)

Why is my leg shaking?
There are many reasons a person’s leg could be shaking, from restless legs syndrome to anxiety. Read this article to learn about 10 possible causes of a shaky leg. (Medical News Today)

Does sunlight change our gut microbiome?
Scientists have found changes in the gut microbiomes of vitamin D deficient volunteers after only three sessions of ultraviolet light exposure. (Medical News Today)

Everything you need to know about syringomyelia
Syringomyelia occurs when a fluid filled cyst forms in the spinal cord. Learn about the possible symptoms, causes, and treatment options in this article. (Medical News Today)

What causes left sided facial numbness?
Possible causes of left sided facial numbness include stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Bell’s palsy. Learn more about left sided facial numbness here. (Medical News Today)

What causes numbness in the thigh?
Causes of numbness in the thigh include lupus, some autoimmune conditions, and multiple sclerosis. Treatment depends on the cause. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

What causes numbness on the right side of the face?
Facial numbness can occur when nerves in the face become damaged or inflamed. Find out which conditions can cause right sided facial numbness, and learn about the treatment options. (Medical News Today)

MS: Paleo diet may reduce fatigue by improving cholesterol
New research finds that improving cholesterol levels by adopting a diet high in vegetables reduces exhaustion in people with multiple sclerosis. (Medical News Today)

What causes numbness and tingling?
Numbness and tingling can occur in different parts of the body. Though they are often harmless sensations, some serious conditions can cause numbness and tingling. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

Rejuvenating brain stem cells may hold key to future MS treatments
Scientists have found a way to rejuvenate brain stem cells in rats. The finding offers clues on how to restore lost brain function in diseases such as MS. (Medical News Today)

Could activating these immune cells protect against MS?
New research in mice suggests that stimulating a particular group of immune cells could counteract the autoimmune reaction in multiple sclerosis. (Medical News Today)

What causes tingling in the head?
Many things can cause tingling sensations in the head, from respiratory infections to multiple sclerosis. Read about these and more causes in this article. (Medical News Today)

Why do I feel tingling in my face?
Tingling in the face has many potential causes, including some medications and certain health conditions. Learn more about what can cause tingling in the face and how to treat it. (Medical News Today)

What does MS fatigue feel like?
Fatigue is a common symptom of multiple sclerosis (MS) that can affect a person’s quality of life. Learn more about the causes of MS fatigue and possible treatments here. (Medical News Today)

Vaccinations do not raise risk of multiple sclerosis
A study of more than 200,000 people in Germany, including 12,000 with multiple sclerosis, has concluded that vaccinations are not a risk factor for MS. (Medical News Today)

How do ancient viruses cause MS and other neurological diseases?
Remnants of retroviruses embedded millions of years ago make up 8% of our DNA. How can they cause neurological diseases, such as MS? (Medical News Today)

What are the best exercises for MS?
Exercise can help improve physical and mental well-being for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). In this article, we look at the best types of exercise for people with MS and give tips for staying safe. (Medical News Today)

How childhood viral infections may later drive multiple sclerosis
Based on a study in mice, researchers now suggest that transient viral infections in childhood may facilitate multiple sclerosis development later in life. (Medical News Today)

What to know about steroids and MS
Treatment options for multiple sclerosis (MS) flares include steroids. These can help reduce symptoms such as visual disturbances and weakness. Their effectiveness is relatively high. Learn more about steroids for MS here. (Medical News Today)

What to know about MS in children
Multiple sclerosis in children can cause weakness, tremors, and muscle spasms, among other symptoms, which treatments can reduce. Learn more about multiple sclerosis in children here. (Medical News Today)

What to know about surgery for MS
In some cases, multiple sclerosis (MS) can respond to certain types of surgery, which may include deep brain stimulation. Many other surgical treatments are available that can also help reduce symptoms. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

What to know about optic neuritis and MS
Multiple sclerosis (MS) can damage the optic nerve and cause optic neuritis. In this article, we look at the causes, symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis of optic neuritis in MS. (Medical News Today)

Can naltrexone help with multiple sclerosis (MS)?
Low doses of naltrexone are a recent, popular treatment for MS symptoms. In this article, we look at the research, action, and side effects of naltrexone for MS. (Medical News Today)

How does MS affect the eyes?
Multiple sclerosis (MS) can affect a person's vision due to its effects on the nerve cells. In this article, we look at why MS affects the eyes and discuss eye-related symptoms and treatment options. (Medical News Today)

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