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Health News - Immune System

This mechanism could be why fermented foods benefit immune health
Scientists find a cell receptor that evolved only in humans and great apes allows a bacterial byproduct of fermented foods to activate immune cells. (Medical News Today)

What are the health benefits of lemons vs. limes?
Lemons and limes have very similar health benefits and nutritional profiles. This article looks at the benefits and uses of these citrus fruits. (Medical News Today)

How a parasitic fish could help us fight brain cancer and stroke
New research in mice suggests that molecules derived from a species of parasitic fish could help tackle cancer and other conditions in the brain. (Medical News Today)

Type 1 diabetes: New pancreatic cell transplant system shows promise
A new way of preparing insulin-producing implants of donor pancreatic cells promises to improve transplant effectiveness and reduce ensuing complications. (Medical News Today)

Could gut bacteria explain the link between stress and autoimmune disease?
A mouse study shows that persistent social stress alters gut bacteria in ways that raise the likelihood of immune system attacks on the body's own tissues. (Medical News Today)

How stopping cell death may help prevent rheumatoid arthritis
A new study in mice pinpoints a key cellular mechanism that drives forms of rheumatoid arthritis. Targeting this mechanism could prevent this condition. (Medical News Today)

Colorectal cancer vaccine has promising results in early trials
Researchers have revealed positive results of a small, early clinical trial that tested the effects of a new vaccine on 10 people with colorectal cancer. (Medical News Today)

Atherosclerosis: Research reveals new mechanism and therapeutic target
Scientists reveal how immune cells called neutrophils trigger a previously unknown type of cell death in smooth muscle cells to aggravate atherosclerosis. (Medical News Today)

What are the best foods for vitamin C?
The body does not store excess vitamin C, so a person needs to absorb enough from food each day to meet the recommended intake. This article looks at the top 20 foods rich in vitamin C and ideas for incorporating them into the diet. (Medical News Today)

Chronic fatigue syndrome: New test in sight
Using cutting-edge nanotechnology, scientists have designed a test that accurately identified chronic fatigue syndrome in 40 people. (Medical News Today)

How long does the flu last?
The flu is a common illness that affects thousands of people every year. In this article, learn about how long the flu lasts, what symptoms to expect, and when to seek medical treatment. (Medical News Today)

Could invigorating the immune system prevent lung cancer?
Early immune-related molecular changes in airway tissue could potentially predict invasive lung cancer and serve as prevention targets, new study suggests. (Medical News Today)

How to recognize the early signs of lupus
Lupus is an autoimmune condition that can cause inflammation and other problems in the body. Many of the symptoms are similar to those of other conditions, so doctors may find it hard to diagnose. Learn about the early symptoms, as well as the diagnosis and treatment, of lupus here. (Medical News Today)

How does bereavement impact the immune system?
Losing a loved one increases the risk of mortality. A recent review investigates whether changes to the immune system might help explain this effect. (Medical News Today)

Common virus could speed up cystic fibrosis
New research finds that a virus that lies dormant in most of us can accelerate disease progression in people with cystic fibrosis. (Medical News Today)

How to stay healthy with a weak immune system
People who have a weak immune system tend to get frequent, severe infections. Techniques and lifestyle changes that may help a person stay healthy include managing stress, getting enough sleep, and practicing proper hygiene. Learn more about how to stay healthy with a weak immune system here. (Medical News Today)

New HIV vaccine could expose latent virus and kill it
Using immune cells in an innovative way, scientists just got closer to developing an HIV vaccine that could make antiretroviral drugs a thing of the past. (Medical News Today)

Could this food additive make it harder to fight the flu?
A compound called tert-butylhydroquinone (tBHQ) weakens the body's immune response to influenza infections, new research suggests. (Medical News Today)

Cancer: Are probiotics making immunotherapy less effective?
Probiotic supplements could be having a detrimental effect on this particular form of cancer treatment, according to new research. (Medical News Today)

Why do I have chills without a fever?
Potential causes of chills without a fever include hypothyroidism and exercising in intense cold. Treatment may be unnecessary unless a fever develops or chills recur. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

Benefits and uses of B-complex vitamins
Vitamin B complex refers to the eight B vitamins. In this article, we take a closer look at each of these vitamins, the benefits of B-complex supplements, who should use them, and side effects. (Medical News Today)

Gut microbes can spur immune system to attack cancer
An international study has identified gut bacteria that activate the immune system to slow melanoma growth in mice and highlights a key signaling pathway. (Medical News Today)

Is sugar the key to treating lung problems?
Research in mouse models has revealed a surprising link between the activity of immune cells in the lungs and their ability to process simple sugars. (Medical News Today)

How to stop getting sick
Some people find that they keep getting sick. Potential causes of frequent sickness include stress and lack of sleep. Lifestyle changes can help reduce the likelihood of a person becoming ill. Learn more about why some people keep getting sick and what to do about it here. (Medical News Today)

Vitamin C can cut time spent in intensive care units
An analysis of published trials calls for research into vitamin C's effects on critically ill patients after finding it can cut time in ICU by 8 percent. (Medical News Today)

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