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Health News - Depression

Picky eating linked to anxiety, depression in children
Researchers have found that moderate and severe cases of selective eating are associated with psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. (Medical News Today)

Starvation effects handed down for generations
Third-generation nematode worms show signs of surviving famineNormal adult C. elegans nematode worms (above) are about 1 mm in length. (Medical News Today)

Depressed females have over-active glutamate receptor gene
Numerous genes that regulate the activity of a neurotransmitter in the brain have been found to be abundant in brain tissue of depressed females. (Medical News Today)

Depressive ruminations and the idling brain
New analysis in Biological Psychiatry on the neural processes behind depressive ruminationDepressed people often find themselves preoccupied with guilty, shameful, or self-defeating thoughts for... (Medical News Today)

Doctors should screen all adults for depression, say expert panel
The US Preventive Services Task Force have issued a draft recommendation stating everyone in the US aged 18 and older should be screened for depression. (Medical News Today)

Most adolescents feel better after gastric bypass
Teenagers suffering from severe obesity generally feel worse than their peers, but after undergoing gastric bypass nearly all experience improved mental health. (Medical News Today)

Seniors get mental health drugs at twice the rate of other adults, see psychiatrists less
High use of psychotropic medications in seniors raises possibility of interactions with their other prescriptionsOlder Americans receive prescriptions for mental health medications at more than... (Medical News Today)

Toward a safe antiobesity drug that could block fat absorption
To help address the global obesity epidemic, scientists are developing a new class of compounds called "micelle sequestrant polymers," or MSPs, that could prevent fat particles from getting absorbed... (Medical News Today)

Illuminating mechanisms of repetitive thinking
The ability to engage in mental time travel -- to delve back into past events or imagine future outcomes -- is a unique and central part of the human experience. (Medical News Today)

Scientists discover link between common medications and serious falls in older men
Serious falls are more than twice as likely in older men who take medicines with anti-cholinergic properties - according to new research from the University of East Anglia. (Medical News Today)

Link between mood, pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients
Depressive symptoms and mood in the moment may predict momentary pain among rheumatoid arthritis patients, according to Penn State researchers. (Medical News Today)

National study of deep brain stimulation for depression fails to demonstrate efficacy
Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide, and treatment-resistant symptoms of depression have a terrible personal and societal cost. They can devastate lives, careers, and families. (Medical News Today)

Anxiety, depression may be triggered by stress-induced changes to gut bacteria
Researchers suggest early-life stress may induce changes in gut bacteria that lead to the development of anxiety and depression later in life. (Medical News Today)

McMaster scientists show a link between intestinal bacteria and depression
Exploring the role of intestinal microbiota in the altered behavior that is a consequence of early life stressScientists from the Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute at McMaster... (Medical News Today)

Blood marker may help identify women at highest risk for postpartum depression
Researchers have identified a blood marker that they say can identify women who are at highest risk of developing postpartum depression. (Medical News Today)

Patients with depression, personality disorders most likely to make euthanasia requests
A new study of 100 mentally ill patients in Belgium who made euthanasia requests reveals the majority had depression and/or personality disorders. (Medical News Today)

Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders not as important as outcomes
Nailing the diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder may not be important in prescribing effective treatment, according to Mark Zimmerman, M.D., a clinical researcher at Rhode Island Hospital. (Medical News Today)

Building confidence helps people with MS have fuller lives, reports CWRU researcher
The physical symptoms of weakness and fatigue from multiple sclerosis (MS) can rock a person's confidence and ability to engage in what he or she feels is important, from being a good parent and... (Medical News Today)

New checklist helps identify children, teens with bereavement disorder
If untreated, maladaptive grief can hamper social, academic development in youthEverybody grieves the death of a loved one, and the process helps most mourners adjust to their loss. (Medical News Today)

PTSD affecting 'a quarter-million' Vietnam war veterans
Four decades on from the end of the Vietnam war and some US ex-servicemen still experience mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress and major depression. (Medical News Today)

In pursuit of precision medicine for PTSD
Brain scans may eventually help tailor therapyDr. K. Luan Phan prepares a research participant for an EEG study. (Medical News Today)

Manipulating molecule in the brain improves stress response, new target for depression treatment
Increasing the levels of a signaling molecule found in the brain can positively alter response to stress, revealing a potential new therapeutic target for treatment of depression, UT Southwestern... (Medical News Today)

New treatment for severe depression with far fewer side effects
Electroconvulsive therapy remains one of the most effective treatments for severe depression, but new UNSW research shows ultra-brief pulse stimulation is almost as effective as standard ECT, with... (Medical News Today)

New research shows that people who live with a partner enjoy better health
A study on the effect of divorce or separation conducted by lecturers from the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Valencia reveals that people who do not live... (Medical News Today)

Couch potato toddlers at risk of future bullying
Researchers from the University of Montreal have found that spending large amounts of time watching TV as a toddler can increase the risk of being bullied at school. (Medical News Today)

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