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Health News - GastroIntestinal

Even surgery may not help patients with severe constipation
Current guidelines for treating severe constipation include surgical removal of part of the colon, a procedure called subtotal colectomy. (Medical News Today)

Drinking trends across Europe increasing bowel cancer risk
It has been estimated that around one in 10 cases of bowel cancer can be linked to alcohol consumption1 and the risk increases the more alcohol you drink2. (Medical News Today)

First-aid for defective mucus
Researchers discover mechanism for fixing defective mucinsIn our mouths, stomachs and eyes, mucus forms a protective layer that prevents friction and keeps foreign bodies out. (Medical News Today)

Tissue-engineered colon from human cells develop different types of neurons
A study by scientists at Children's Hospital Los Angeles has shown that tissue-engineered colon derived from human cells is able to develop the many specialized nerves required for function... (Medical News Today)

The ecology of microbial invasions
University of Groningen scientists have described how microbial invasions follow the same general pattern as invasions by plant or animal species. (Medical News Today)

Rescuing intestinal stem cells from attack in type 1 diabetes
Study suggests cause of diabetic enteropathy and possible treatment approachUp to 80 percent of people with long-standing type 1 diabetes develop gastrointestinal symptoms--abdominal pain... (Medical News Today)

Deworming Shows Growth Similar to Placebo in Pre-school Children in Peru
The three intestinal worms: roundworm (Ascaris), whipworm (Trichuris) and hookworm, cause infections and diseases that are among the most common neglected tropical diseases in the developing world. (Medical News Today)

Is a 'too-clean' environment to blame for childhood asthma?
A new study suggests that 3-month-old infants with an increased asthma risk have lower levels of four types of gut bacteria, lending support to the hygiene hypothesis. (Medical News Today)

Investigational KW-0761 efficiently depletes immune system-suppressing Treg cells
In a phase Ia clinical trial, immune cells called Tregs, which can inhibit anticancer immune responses, were efficiently eliminated from the blood of patients with lung or esophageal cancer by... (Medical News Today)

New predictor of health complications can identify high-risk preemies
Blood eosinophilia predicts deadly complications for preemies with necrotizing enterocolitisPremature infants have heightened risks of deadly diseases because their organs and immune systems are... (Medical News Today)

Four gut bacteria decrease asthma risk in infants
New research by scientists at UBC and BC Children's Hospital finds that infants can be protected from getting asthma if they acquire four types of gut bacteria by three months of age. (Medical News Today)

Novartis drug Afinitor significantly improves progression-free survival in advanced nonfunctional gastrointestinal and lung NET
Novartis has announced results of a Phase III pivotal study showing Afinitor® (everolimus) tablets reduced the risk of progression by 52% (hazard ratio [HR] = 0. (Medical News Today)

Your gut development during infancy can have lifelong implications
The suckling period (infancy) in mice is critical for epigenetic changes (changes that affect the way genes are expressed) in the development of stem cells in the intestine, potentially affecting... (Medical News Today)

Aspirin may double survival for cancer patients
Patients with gastrointestinal cancers who took aspirin after diagnosis were more than twice as likely to survive as those who did not take the drug, a new study finds. (Medical News Today)

Mediterranean diet best for a healthy gut, study finds
A new study of the eating habits of 153 Italians shows that a Mediterranean diet may be best for the production of healthy short-chain fatty acids. (Medical News Today)

Early life infections may be a risk factor for coeliac disease in childhood
Children with frequent infections in the first 18 months of life have a slightly increased risk of later developing coeliac disease compared with children who have few infections. (Medical News Today)

Post diagnosis aspirin improves survival in all gastrointestinal cancers
Aspirin improves survival in patients with tumours situated throughout the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, results from a large study in The Netherlands show. (Medical News Today)

Dried plums may help lower colon cancer risk
New research shows that compounds found in dried plums may encourage healthy gut bacteria and decrease the development of aberrant crypt foci, lowering the risk of colon cancer. (Medical News Today)

Kolltan Pharmaceuticals announces KTN0158 preclinical data at ESMO 2015
Kolltan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced the presentation of data from a preclinical study evaluating KTN0158 in dogs with spontaneous mast cell tumors. (Medical News Today)

Advanced gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumours respond unusually well to new treatment: results from the NETTER-1 trial
Patients with advanced gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) have limited treatment options and there are few oncologists who are specialised in this relatively rare disease. (Medical News Today)

Discovery of differences between tumours of younger and older colorectal cancer patients may lead to better treatments
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is on the rise among younger patients. Although some of the younger-onset cases can be explained by hereditary factors, the majority arise spontaneously. (Medical News Today)

How a Big Mac affects your body in 1 hour
A new infographic claims to reveal how the world-famous Big Mac from fast food giant McDonald's affects the body 10, 20, 30, 40 and 60 minutes after eating it. (Medical News Today)

Simplified diagnosis of coeliac disease
Diagnosis of coeliac disease requires a tissue sample from the small intestine, which can be extremely unpleasant. (Medical News Today)

Drug disarms deadly C. difficile bacteria without destroying healthy gut flora
Stanford University School of Medicine scientists successfully defeated a dangerous intestinal pathogen, Clostridium difficile, with a drug targeting its toxins rather than its life. (Medical News Today)

Latest UK IBD audit report shows further improvement for patients following treatment with biological therapies
The UK inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) clinical audit report reveals today that the majority of patients (80% adult and 77% paediatric) with Crohn's disease saw an improvement following biological... (Medical News Today)

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