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Health News - Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation improves the prognosis of serious heart disease
Rehabilitation is recommended for many patients following a hospital stay for acute heart disease. (Medical News Today)

Study finds major lack of resources for rehab patients in Malawi
Malawi has a population of 16 million, yet, only one inpatient rehabilitation center for individuals with stroke, spinal cord injury, and similar conditions. (Medical News Today)

Playing adaptive sports linked to higher employment, economic impact
Wheelchair rugby and basketball players are aggressive, conditioned and determined, just like people without disabilities. (Medical News Today)

Kessler researchers find ramelteon may be useful for sleep problems after TBI
Pilot study showed longer total sleep time and improved cognition after 3 weeks of ramelteon therapyKessler researchers found preliminary evidence for the effectiveness of ramelteon for the... (Medical News Today)

Long-term brain changes persist years after drug abuse and recovery
It's known that brain changes are present in drug addicts even when they have been abstinent for a short period of time. (Medical News Today)

Just 1 in 10 are referred for cardiac rehab after treatment for heart failure
UCLA-led study finds rate is 'startling' considering proven benefits of these exercise programsOnly 1 in 10 heart failure patients is referred to a cardiac rehabilitation program after being... (Medical News Today)

A brain-computer interface for controlling an exoskeleton
Scientists working at Korea University, Korea, and TU Berlin, Germany have developed a brain-computer control interface for a lower limb exoskeleton by decoding specific signals from within the... (Medical News Today)

Researchers collaborate in development of brain-friendly interfaces
Recent research published in the journal Microsystems & Nanoengineering could eventually change the way people living with prosthetics and spinal cord injury lead their lives. (Medical News Today)

Innovative new technology set to improve musculoskeletal treatment
More than 100 million people across Europe suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain, with an estimated 40 per cent undiagnosed. (Medical News Today)

Team advances therapy preventing addiction relapse by erasing drug-associated memories
Single injection of drug candidate prevents meth relapse in animal modelsRecovering addicts often grapple with the ghosts of their addiction--memories that tempt them to relapse even after... (Medical News Today)

New noninvasive treatment enables paralyzed men to move again
A new noninvasive treatment has successfully restored voluntary leg movement in paralyzed patients for the first time by delivering electrical stimulation to the spinal cord. (Medical News Today)

Stanford team's brain-controlled prosthesis nearly as good as one-finger typing
Years of work yield a technique that continuously corrects brain readings to give people with spinal cord injuries a more precise way to tap out commands by using a thought-controlled cursor; pilot... (Medical News Today)

New eye-tracker method shows 'preferred retinal location' in both eyes
Eyes with central vision loss adapt by developing a new fixation point in a different part of the retina, called the preferred retinal location (PRL). (Medical News Today)

Return-to-work outcomes better for SSDI beneficiaries who use vocational rehab services
Study shows that recipients of state vocational rehabilitation services achieve work milestones at faster rateResearchers have published results of a study showing a relationship between... (Medical News Today)

Preventing knee pain in at-risk adults with diabetes
UD-led study assesses impact of intensive diet/exercise programKnee pain in older adults, often caused by osteoarthritis, usually means more visits to the doctor and also can be a harbinger of... (Medical News Today)

Could electromagnetic pulses be used to treat tinnitus?
Researchers have found delivering electromagnetic pulses to patients with tinnitus could be an effective method of treating this disruptive symptom. (Medical News Today)

FDA authorizes use of prosthesis for rehabilitation of above-the-knee amputations
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has authorized use of the first prosthesis marketed in the U.S. (Medical News Today)

Outcomes comparable for in-person and in-home telerehabilitation following total knee replacement surgery
Patients who received rehabilitation instructions via video teleconference, or "telerehabilitation," following total knee replacement (TKR) surgery had comparable outcomes to patients who received... (Medical News Today)

Neuroscience and technology come together to support people with disabilities
The Centre for Genomic Regulation, Starlab and the University of Barcelona presented this morning Brain Polyphony, an interdisciplinary project that aims to improve communication for people with... (Medical News Today)

Neuroscientists establish brain-to-brain networks in primates, rodents
Neuroscientists at Duke University have introduced a new paradigm for brain-machine interfaces that investigates the physiological properties and adaptability of brain circuits, and how the brains of... (Medical News Today)

Kessler Foundation TBI study shows brain activity changes after cognitive rehabilitation
Findings consistent with prior study of modified Story Memory Technique in multiple sclerosisKessler Foundation researchers published results of their TBI-MEM trial, the first study to... (Medical News Today)

What is the best walking aid for COPD patients?
In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have investigated the impact of different walking aids on patients with chronic obstructive disease (COPD).This image shows respirology draisine. (Medical News Today)

NT's mandatory alcohol rehab may discriminate against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
The Northern Territory's Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act 2013 (AMT Act), which permits mandatory residential alcohol rehabilitation for up to 3 months, has little evidence to justify it, is not... (Medical News Today)

Osteopathic manipulative therapy significantly improves low back pain in postpartum women
German researchers found osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMTh) decreased postpartum low back pain by over 70 percent in women who had given birth at least three months before beginning treatment... (Medical News Today)

Running with prosthetic lower-limbs: an advantage or disadvantage?
Researchers at Bournemouth University have been looking at the impact of lower-limb prosthetics on competitive running, specifically looking at whether athletes with prosthesis are at an unfair... (Medical News Today)

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