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Health News - Rehabilitation

Bio-inspired robotic finger looks, feels and works like the real thing
Most robotic parts used to today are rigid, have a limited range of motion and don't really look lifelike. (Medical News Today)

'Psychic robot' will know what you really meant to do
What if software could steer a car back on track if the driver swerves on ice? Or guide a prosthesis to help a shaky stroke patient smoothly lift a cup? (Medical News Today)

Five things hospitals can do to improve outcomes of weekend surgeries
Studies have shown that patients who undergo surgeries on weekends tend to experience longer hospital stays and higher mortality rates and readmissions. (Medical News Today)

Research links built characteristics of environment with health of persons with SCI
Among population with spinal cord injury in New Jersey, living in areas of greater mixed land use associated with poorer perceived healthScientists in disability outcomes research have determined... (Medical News Today)

Sensory feedback shapes individuality to provide equal space for behavioral excellence
We can quickly tell from the way someone walks whether that person is young or old, male or female, healthy or sick, because patterns of movement vary from one person to the next. (Medical News Today)

Neuroscientific evidence that motivation promotes recovery after spinal cord injury
It is known by clinical experiences that motivation enhances patients' recovery from spinal cord injury or stroke. (Medical News Today)

'Giant step' in research on paralysis - leg muscle contractions triggered by a simple pill
Nordic Life Science Pipeline Inc. is proud to announce completion of the first clinical trials of SpinalonTM, an oral pill composed of three active molecular entities capable together of triggering... (Medical News Today)

Kessler researchers link spatial neglect after stroke with poor outcomes
Stroke patients with spatial neglect less likely to return home; more likely to fall and have longer staysUsing the Kessler Foundation Neglect Assessment Process (KF-NAP), Kessler researchers... (Medical News Today)

New tech automatically 'tunes' powered prosthetics while walking
When amputees receive powered prosthetic legs, the power of the prosthetic limbs needs to be tuned by a prosthetics expert so that a patient can move normally - but the prosthetic often needs... (Medical News Today)

What constitutes good treatment of tennis elbow?
What is the best treatment for acute tennis elbow? Physiotherapy? Cortisone? A combination? Or might you just as well forego treatment? (Medical News Today)

Many patients prefer online postoperative care to in-person care
The majority of patients who undergo routine, uncomplicated operations prefer online postoperative consultations to in-person visits, according to results from a new study published online as an... (Medical News Today)

Paralyzed man uses own brain power to walk again
A man has walked 5 years after being paralyzed by a spinal cord injury using direct brain control. It is hoped that brain implants could be developed to enable mobility. (Medical News Today)

Confusion afoot - People struggle to tell their toes apart with their eyes closed
Most people can't tell their toes apart without looking. Some healthy people can 'lose' a toe if their eyes are closed. (Medical News Today)

Cartilage regeneration possibilities may improve with fetal cartilage cell transplantation
The self-repair of injured cartilage is difficult for several reasons, foremost of which is the lack of blood supply to the tissue. (Medical News Today)

Captain Trevor Greene partners with SFU to walk again
Former Canadian soldier Trevor Greene, who survived a debilitating brain injury while on duty in Afghanistan in 2006, has recovered his ability to walk again with the help of a customized... (Medical News Today)

Robotic hand provides paralyzed man with 'near-natural' sense of touch
A robotic hand connected to the sensory and motor cortexes of the brain has allowed a 28-year-old paralyzed man to detect sense of touch with almost 100% accuracy. (Medical News Today)

Kessler TBI-MEM study provides Class 1 evidence for cognitive training efficacy in TBI
Kessler Foundation researchers published results of a randomized clinical trial (RCT) of a cognitive intervention to improve learning and memory in individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) ... (Medical News Today)

Bionic suit helps paralyzed man take voluntary steps
A paralyzed man has been able to move his legs voluntarily, making thousands of steps, thanks to a robotic step-training device and noninvasive spinal stimulation. (Medical News Today)

Completely paralyzed man voluntarily moves his legs, UCLA scientists report
A 39-year-old man who had had been completely paralyzed for four years was able to voluntarily control his leg muscles and take thousands of steps in a "robotic exoskeleton" device during five days... (Medical News Today)

Turning breath into words - new device unveiled to give paralysis victims a voice
A new device which transforms paralysis victims' breath into words - believed to be the first invention of its kind - has been developed by academics from Loughborough University. (Medical News Today)

Rehabilitation improves the prognosis of serious heart disease
Rehabilitation is recommended for many patients following a hospital stay for acute heart disease. (Medical News Today)

Study finds major lack of resources for rehab patients in Malawi
Malawi has a population of 16 million, yet, only one inpatient rehabilitation center for individuals with stroke, spinal cord injury, and similar conditions. (Medical News Today)

Playing adaptive sports linked to higher employment, economic impact
Wheelchair rugby and basketball players are aggressive, conditioned and determined, just like people without disabilities. (Medical News Today)

Kessler researchers find ramelteon may be useful for sleep problems after TBI
Pilot study showed longer total sleep time and improved cognition after 3 weeks of ramelteon therapyKessler researchers found preliminary evidence for the effectiveness of ramelteon for the... (Medical News Today)

Long-term brain changes persist years after drug abuse and recovery
It's known that brain changes are present in drug addicts even when they have been abstinent for a short period of time. (Medical News Today)

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