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Health News - Genetics

Potential target for future Huntington's disease treatment discovered
Scientists have discovered that the way DNA sequences are repaired could be critical to the development of Huntington's disease, potentially offering a target for treatment. (Medical News Today)

Cell aging slowed by putting brakes on noisy transcription
Experiments in yeast hint at ways to extend life of some human cellsWorking with yeast and worms, researchers found that incorrect gene expression is a hallmark of aged cells and that reducing... (Medical News Today)

Safeguarding the greater good
A unanimous international consensus reached by 26 scientists recommends specific measures for the responsible conduct of gene drive researchGene drives are genetic elements - found naturally in... (Medical News Today)

Evolutionary war between microorganisms affecting human health, IU biologist says
Health experts have warned for years that the overuse of antibiotics is creating "superbugs" able to resist drugs treating infection. (Medical News Today)

Reconstructing ancient virus should help scientists improve gene therapies
Scientists hope to better understand the complexity of viruses by reconstructing an ancient ancestor so they can design next-generation viruses to deliver gene therapy. (Medical News Today)

Genetic tug of war in the brain influences behavior
Cell-specific imprinting is prevalent in the brain, and more common than classic imprintingTypically genes express two copies, one from the mother and one from the father. (Medical News Today)

Gene variants modifying Huntington's symptom onset may lead to new therapeutic strategies
Genome-wide association analysis identifies sites associated with earlier- or later-than-expected symptom appearance in human patientsA study that took a novel approach to investigating factors... (Medical News Today)

How a single molecule turns one immune cell into another
All it takes is one molecule to reprogram an antibody-producing B cell into a scavenging macrophage. (Medical News Today)

New candidate genes for immunodeficiency identified by using dogs as genetic models
IgA deficiency is one of the most common genetic immunodeficiency disorders in humans and is associated with an insufficiency or complete absence of the antibody IgA. (Medical News Today)

Gene that causes intellectual disability when mutated finally identified
Ground breaking research has identified a novel gene which results in intellectual disability when mutated. (Medical News Today)

Blocking the PHD2 oxygen sensor inhibits breast cancer dissemination
Scientists at VIB and KU Leuven have shown that reducing the expression of the PHD2 oxygen sensor impairs the ability of breast cancers to metastasize (spread) to other parts of the body. (Medical News Today)

Researchers design first artificial ribosome
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University have engineered a tethered ribosome that works nearly as well as the authentic cellular component, or organelle, that... (Medical News Today)

New research opens the door for treatment of relapsing bacterial infections
Northeastern University researchers lay the groundwork for customized antibiotic treatmentsIt's one thing to grow bacteria in a test tube, perform a screen in the lab, and find a mutation in the... (Medical News Today)

Blocking a gene reduces fat
Major clinical study targeting illnesses linked to excessive fat in blood published by University of Montreal researchersBy blocking the expression of a certain gene in patients, University of... (Medical News Today)

Studies reveal details of error correction in cell division
The molecular mechanism of how cells prevent aneuploidyInhibiting AAK activity leads to defects in error correction and chromosomes (blue) being pinned near spindle poles because the... (Medical News Today)

Long telomere length associated with increased lung cancer risk
Genetic predisposition for long telomeres predicts increased lung adenocarcinoma riskA large-scale genetic study of the links between telomere length and risk for five common cancers finds that... (Medical News Today)

Novel therapeutic strategy for single gene disorders delivers RNA that encodes the missing protein
Researchers have demonstrated the feasibility of delivering an RNA that encodes for the protein alpha-1-antitrypsin (AAT)-which is missing or nonfunctional in the genetic disorder AAT... (Medical News Today)

Immediate response seen from advanced sarcoma patient treated with TRK
The University of Colorado Cancer Center and Loxo Oncology, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of targeted cancer therapies, have... (Medical News Today)

Pitt study: Ancient proteins involved in DNA repair could shed light on tumor development
By studying the yeast used in beer- and bread-making, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have uncovered the mechanism by which ancient proteins repair DNA damage and how... (Medical News Today)

Yale study identifies 'major player' in skin cancer genes
A multidisciplinary team at Yale, led by Yale Cancer Center members, has defined a subgroup of genetic mutations that are present in a significant number of melanoma skin cancer cases. (Medical News Today)

Small genetic differences could spell life-and-death for gut infections
Considering how many microorganisms we ingest each day, our gut has an extensive and well-developed immune system. (Medical News Today)

Gene therapy may improve survival of patients with recurrent ovarian cancer
Modified version of developmental protein inhibited tumor growth in animal modelUse of gene therapy to deliver a protein that suppresses the development of female reproductive organs may improve... (Medical News Today)

New technology helps personalized medicine by enabling epigenomic analysis with a mere 100 cells
A new technology that will dramatically enhance investigations of epigenomes, the machinery that turns on and off genes and a very prominent field of study in diseases such as stem cell... (Medical News Today)

Do Latina women have lower risk of developing breast cancer than Americans?
In Mexico, breast cancer has been adequately controlled, and is no longer considered a risk of death when it's diagnosed. (Medical News Today)

Scientists identify another frequently mutated gene in melanoma
Melanoma arises from gene mutations that activate cancer-causing pathways. Now. researchers have unmasked the identity of the third most frequently mutated gene in melanoma. (Medical News Today)

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