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Health News - Genetics

New technology helps personalized medicine by enabling epigenomic analysis with a mere 100 cells
A new technology that will dramatically enhance investigations of epigenomes, the machinery that turns on and off genes and a very prominent field of study in diseases such as stem cell... (Medical News Today)

Do Latina women have lower risk of developing breast cancer than Americans?
In Mexico, breast cancer has been adequately controlled, and is no longer considered a risk of death when it's diagnosed. (Medical News Today)

Scientists identify another frequently mutated gene in melanoma
Melanoma arises from gene mutations that activate cancer-causing pathways. Now. researchers have unmasked the identity of the third most frequently mutated gene in melanoma. (Medical News Today)

A way to predict whether children with DiGeorge syndrome will develop autism or psychosis
New findings by UCLA and University of Pittsburgh isolate genetic differencesDoctors and researchers have long known that children who are missing about 60 genes on a certain chromosome are at a... (Medical News Today)

Major European mouse study reveals the role of genes in disease
The functions of around 150 genes have been discovered by scientists across Europe in a major initiative to try to understand the part they play in disease and biology. (Medical News Today)

Study finds non-genetic cancer mechanism
Cancer can be caused solely by protein imbalances within cells, a study of ovarian cancer has found. (Medical News Today)

Link between intelligence and longevity is mostly genetic
The tendency of more intelligent people to live longer has been shown, for the first time, to be mainly down to their genes by new research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. (Medical News Today)

DNA 'ambulance' discovery may shed light on origins of cancer
Researchers have discovered how severely damaged DNA is transported to sites within cells for repair. They also note that repair is often inaccurate and could lead to cancer. (Medical News Today)

TOPLESS plants provide clues to human molecular interactions
Scientists at Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) have revealed an important molecular mechanism in plants that has significant similarities to certain signaling mechanisms in humans, which are... (Medical News Today)

Scientists identify schizophrenia's "Rosetta Stone" gene
Scientists have identified a critical function of what they believe to be schizophrenia's "Rosetta Stone" gene that could hold the key to decoding the function of all genes involved in the disease. (Medical News Today)

Investigators at VIB and UGent have developed a tool for more accurate interpretation of biomedical research
Investigators affiliated with VIB and UGent recently achieved great success with a study involving biomedical research on mouse models. (Medical News Today)

Prostate cancer - University of York scientists discover why some tumours are resistant to radiotherapy
Scientists at the University of York believe they have identified how some tiny regulatory molecules in cells can make prostate cancers resistant to radiotherapy. (Medical News Today)

Novel algorithm identifies DNA copy-number landscapes in African American colon cancers
Case Western Reserve scientists develop algorithm to detect DNA copy-number alterations in tumors using deep sequencing dataAn algorithm dubbed ENVE could be the Google for genetic aberrations ... (Medical News Today)

Scientists discover first 'DNA ambulance'
U of T researchers have discovered how severely damaged DNA is transported within a cell and how it is repaired. (Medical News Today)

Web app helps researchers explore cancer genetics
Brown University computer scientists have developed a new interactive tool to help researchers and clinicians explore the genetic underpinnings of cancer. (Medical News Today)

Simple flip of genetic switch determines aging or longevity in animals
Scientists pinpoint start of aging, discover it is not a slow series of random eventsWhen does aging really begin? Two Northwestern University scientists now have a molecular clue. (Medical News Today)

Genetically distinct cells reveal nature's strategy for avoiding pregnancy complications
Mother's little genetic helpers' amend laws of Mendelian inheritanceResearchers add a new twist to the more than century old biological principles of Mendelian inheritance - describing a small... (Medical News Today)

Opening the door to the cause of myeloid leukemia: Finding the targets of common mutation
Researchers at the University of Birmingham have made a breakthrough in understanding how mutated genes in leukaemia reprogram blood stem cells and send them spiralling out of control. (Medical News Today)

The genetic roots of adolescent scoliosis
Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis--a condition featuring curvature of the spine--affects tens of millions of children worldwide, but does not have a known cause. (Medical News Today)

Researchers develop first genetic test to predict tumor sensitivity to radiation therapy
Recent advances in the understanding of cancer have led to more personalized therapies, such as drugs that target particular proteins and tests that analyze gene expression patterns in tumors to... (Medical News Today)

Using low-dose irradiation, researchers can now edit human genes
Effectiveness of gene editing in human stem cells improves tenfold using new techniqueFor the first time, researchers have employed a gene-editing technique involving low-dose irradiation to... (Medical News Today)

Poor survival in multiple myeloma patients linked to genetic variation
As part of a multi-institutional effort, researchers with Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah have found that multiple myeloma patients with a genetic variation in the gene FOPNL die... (Medical News Today)

Researchers identify genetic mutation causing lethal condition in infants
Newborn children born with a mutation in the Plasmalemma Vesicle Associated Protein (PLVAP) gene develop severe protein losing enteropathy, according to a case study1 published in Cellular and... (Medical News Today)

Gene knockout: Loss of a gene can be compensated by another gene
Effects of genome interventions depend on the methods usedNew methods for modifying the genome are currently widely discussed: Using CRISPR/Cas for instance, scientists can remove parts of the... (Medical News Today)

Modified DNA building blocks are cancer's Achilles heel
Ludwig researchers discover a DNA-recycling mechanism that normally protects cells but can be turned against certain cancer cellsIn studying how cells recycle the building blocks of DNA, Ludwig... (Medical News Today)

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