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Health News - Genetics

Medical conditions that cause muscle wasting
Conditions that can cause muscle wasting include muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and spinal muscular atrophy. Treatment may include dietary changes and exercise. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

Cancer: New compound boosts chemo, prevents treatment resistance
A new study in mice finds a compound that boosts the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drug cisplatin and stops cancer cells from becoming resistant to it. (Medical News Today)

Parkinson's: New gene therapy shows promise for prevention
Researchers from Japan have tested a new gene therapy against Parkinson's disease using mouse models. Their results suggest that the approach is effective. (Medical News Today)

Why 6 fingers per hand are better than 5
People with polydactyly — who have more than five fingers per hand — have better dexterity and rewired brains that can control these extra digits. (Medical News Today)

Autism and the gut microbiome: Further evidence strengthens link
New research in rodents finds additional evidence that the microbiome may influence the likelihood of developing autistic behaviors. (Medical News Today)

Gout: Why the stigma?
There is a stigma attached to gout, and it tends to be linked to heavy drinking and a bad diet. Here, we explore that stigma and the truth about gout. (Medical News Today)

Is leukemia hereditary?
Leukemia is a genetic condition, but in most cases, it is not hereditary. In this article, we explore the links between leukemia and family history, genetics, and lifestyle and environmental factors. (Medical News Today)

What to know about muscle atrophy
Muscle atrophy can occur due to poor nutrition, age, and genetics. Symptoms vary, and treatment may include physical therapy, functional electric stimulation, or surgery. Learn more about muscle atrophy here. (Medical News Today)

Early-onset Alzheimer's: Is 'bad cholesterol' a factor?
A new study connects high blood levels of 'bad' cholesterol with the presence of early-onset Alzheimer's. The link, the authors suggest, could be causal. (Medical News Today)

How lack of sleep harms circulation
New research pinpoints a possible mechanism underlying the relationship between lack of sleep and a heightened risk of diverse cardiovascular problems. (Medical News Today)

Dog ownership could be down to genes
A study of tens of thousands of identical and nonidentical twins in Sweden suggests that genetic makeup could be a strong factor in choosing to own a dog. (Medical News Today)

Endometriosis: Are scientists making any headway?
Endometriosis is a common chronic condition, though nobody knows what drives its development. A new study takes us a little closer to tackling its causes. (Medical News Today)

A compound in broccoli and kale helps suppress tumor growth
A compound present in broccoli, kale, and other cruciferous plants restored an underperforming tumor suppressor in a mouse model of cancer, study reveals. (Medical News Today)

How much coffee is too much for the heart?
In a large new study, researchers identify 'the tipping point' for consumption after which coffee can increase a person's cardiovascular risk. (Medical News Today)

Why don't whales develop cancer, and why should we care?
Whales have a minimal risk of developing cancer, despite factors that may lead us to think otherwise. Why is this, and how can this knowledge help us? (Medical News Today)

Nature vs. nurture: What fuels obesity, diabetes?
Researchers explain that lifestyle choices can change how our genes behave without altering our genetic code, driving obesity and diabetes. (Medical News Today)

Designing an antidote for world's most venomous jellyfish
While studying the venom of box jellyfish — one of the most deadly animals on earth — researchers in Australia stumbled across a possible antidote. (Medical News Today)

Deleting just one gene may 'completely prevent' pancreatic cancer
Using a mouse model that "faithfully mimics" human pancreatic cancer, researchers have found a gene that wholly prevents the disease when knocked out. (Medical News Today)

Does body weight contribute to the risk of psoriasis?
Researchers have now established that greater body weight increases a person's psoriasis risk. The underlying mechanisms, however, remain unknown. (Medical News Today)

Could invigorating the immune system prevent lung cancer?
Early immune-related molecular changes in airway tissue could potentially predict invasive lung cancer and serve as prevention targets, new study suggests. (Medical News Today)

Using small molecules to regenerate heart tissue
New research in mice uses gene-regulating molecules called microRNAs to repair heart tissue after an adverse cardiovascular event such as a heart attack. (Medical News Today)

Cancer: Scientists find 129 'jumping genes' that drive tumor growth
A study of thousands of tumors from 15 cancer types highlights the widespread role of jumping genes as cancer promoters and identifies 129 of them. (Medical News Today)

Can genetic variants predict depression risk in young people?
A new way of determining the genetic risk of depression may help predict which children and adolescents are most likely to face mental health problems. (Medical News Today)

Looking for beauty in your DNA
Newly published research explores the genetic variations that are associated with facial attractiveness and finds that they vary by sex. (Medical News Today)

Scientists quash claims about single 'depression genes'
After reviewing data on 620,000-plus people, scientists quash claims that a single or handful of genes can have a strong influence on risk of depression. (Medical News Today)

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