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Health News - Infectious Diseases/Bacteria/Viruses

Decontamination exterminates antibiotic resistant bacteria from pig farm
Decontamination protocols eradicated both methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and antibiotic resistant, pathogenic intestinal bacteria, the Enterobacteriaceae, from a pig farm. (Medical News Today)

Watch out for the quiet ones: low toxin MRSA strains may be the real killer
The most serious MRSA infections could be those caused by superbugs which produce fewer toxins, as opposed to high toxin strains, according to surprise findings revealed by scientists from the... (Medical News Today)

Penn study identifies viral product that promotes immune defense against RSV
Almost all human beings are exposed to the respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, before their second birthdays. (Medical News Today)

Community ecology can advance the fight against infectious diseases
Despite continued medical advances, infectious diseases kill over 10 million people worldwide each year. (Medical News Today)

Drug for fungal infections in lung transplant recipients increases risk for cancer, death
UCSF researchers recommend physicians consider patient-specific factors when using voriconazoleVoriconazole, a prescription drug commonly used to treat fungal infections in lung transplant... (Medical News Today)

Superbugs could be defeated by fecal transplantation
An animal study finds success with fecal stool transplantation against multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium. (Medical News Today)

Positive Phase III results demonstrate efficacy of AVYCAZ in complicated urinary tract infections
Allergan plc. has announced positive topline results from RECAPTURE 1 and 2, the pivotal Phase III studies evaluating the antibiotic AVYCAZ™ (ceftazidime-avibactam) as a treatment for adult... (Medical News Today)

Queen's University developing new drug against sepsis and ARDS
Scientists at Queen's University Belfast are developing a potential revolutionary new treatment for Sepsis and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which are among the leading causes of... (Medical News Today)

Study group calls on pharma and medical device industry to work more closely with antibacterial and anti-biofilm researchers
The European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (ESCMID) - an organization that explores the risks and best practices in infectious disease - advocates the need for greater... (Medical News Today)

Gum disease treatment using blueberry extract in development
After finding extract of wild blueberries can help fight gum disease and reduce use of antibiotics, researchers are developing an oral device that slowly releases it. (Medical News Today)

BENEFIT Study: Antiparasitics for Chagas cardiomyopathy
A 40 to 80 day treatment with the antiparasitic medication benznidazole significantly reduced parasite activity in the blood, but not progression, of serious heart problems over a 5-year period... (Medical News Today)

Imitating viruses to deliver drugs to cells
Viruses are able to redirect the functioning of cells in order to infect them. (Medical News Today)

Lyme disease testing: Canadians may receive false-positives from some US labs
Lyme disease is becoming increasingly common in Canada, and Canadians with Lyme disease symptoms may seek diagnoses from laboratories in the United States, although many of the results will be... (Medical News Today)

State exemption levels low, national vaccination rates high
Vaccine exemption levels for kindergarteners are low for most states and infant vaccination rates are high nationally, according to data from two reports published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly... (Medical News Today)

Lack of sleep could increase common cold risk
A new study has found that people who slept less than 5 hours a night were 4.5 times likely to catch a cold when exposed to the virus than people who slept 7 or more hours. (Medical News Today)

An ounce of prevention: Research advances on 'scourge' of transplant wards
The fungus Cryptococcus causes meningitis, a brain disease that kills about 1 million people each year -- mainly those with impaired immune systems due to AIDS, cancer treatment or an organ... (Medical News Today)

Staying safe in sandy beaches
Researcher from the University of Miami College of Engineering and an international team of scientists write landmark paper for monitoring beach sand to safeguard human healthBeach sand contains... (Medical News Today)

Oysters harbor, transmit human norovirus: Avoid raw ones
Oysters not only transmit human norovirus; they also serve as a major reservoir for these pathogens, according to research published August 28 in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, a journal of... (Medical News Today)

Trypanosomes and renal insufficiency: APOL1 induces a double permeabilization
Prof Etienne Pays and his team from the ULB's Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology (Faculty of Science) sheds further light on the way human APOL1 kills the trypanosmoeThe African trypanosome... (Medical News Today)

Man sheds deadly polio virus in feces for 28 years
Researchers from the UK have reported on a man who they believe has been shedding a mutated form of a vaccine-derived polio virus in his feces for 28 years. (Medical News Today)

Scientists identify possible key in virus, cancer research
Florida State University researchers have taken a big step forward in the fight against cancer with a discovery that could open up the door for new research and treatment options. (Medical News Today)

Modified bacteria become a multicellular circuit
Rice University scientists have made a living circuit from multiple types of bacteria that prompts the bacteria to cooperate to change protein expression. (Medical News Today)

A new virus in liver cancer
More than a cause of a simple infection, viruses are often involved in the development of serious diseases. (Medical News Today)

A patient shedding poliovirus for 28 years -- possible challenges for polio eradication
With all but two countries worldwide, Pakistan and Afghanistan, declared polio-free, the eradication of the devastating viral disease in the near future is a real possibility. (Medical News Today)

The DNA damage response goes viral: A way in for new cancer treatments
Every organism--from a seedling to a president--must protect its DNA at all costs, but precisely how a cell distinguishes between damage to its own DNA and the foreign DNA of an invading virus has... (Medical News Today)

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