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Health News - Infectious Diseases/Bacteria/Viruses

Measles-flu comparison yields insights for vaccine design
By comparing flu viruses to the virus that causes measles, researchers fine-tuned a tool that may enable faster vaccine design, according to a study led by Mount Sinai researchers and published... (Medical News Today)

Mosquito sex change success may open new avenue against dengue fever
For the first time, scientists locate the part of the yellow fever mosquito's genome responsible for determining sex and manipulate it to result in 'harmless' sex-changed insects. (Medical News Today)

UK artificial intelligence healthcare pioneer helps fight against Ebola and other deadly viruses
UK artificial intelligence pioneer Deontics has developed a breakthrough approach in the treatment of Ebola and similar illnesses that could save lives and halt the spread of disease. (Medical News Today)

Bacteria cooperate to repair damaged siblings
A University of Wyoming faculty member led a research team that discovered a certain type of soil bacteria can use their social behavior of outer membrane exchange (OME) to repair damaged cells and... (Medical News Today)

Infections can affect your IQ
New research shows that infections can impair your cognitive ability measured on an IQ scale. (Medical News Today)

New treatment for middle ear infection found in anti-stroke drug
Animal study shows that topical use of the anti-stroke drug vinpocetine clears middle ear infection - suppressing inflammation and overproduction of mucus and restoring hearing. (Medical News Today)

EBV co-infection may boost malaria mortality in childhood
Widespread virus could handicap immunity at critical timeMany people who live in sub-Saharan Africa develop a natural immunity to malaria, through repeated exposure to Plasmodium parasites. (Medical News Today)

Why you need one vaccine for measles and many for the flu
While the influenza virus mutates constantly and requires a yearly shot that offers a certain percentage of protection, old reliable measles needs only a two-dose vaccine during childhood for... (Medical News Today)

Can a viral co-infection impair immunity against Plasmodium and turn malaria lethal?
It is known that infections with certain viruses can weaken the immune response to another pathogen. (Medical News Today)

Physicians can play key role in preventing foodborne illness
Food safety awareness is key to understanding the food safety issues on the horizon, and clinicians at hospitals and doctors' offices play a key role in ensuring consumers are aware of the threats of... (Medical News Today)

UGA study pinpoints the likeliest rodent sources of future human infectious diseases
Next infectious disease hot spotsResearchers at the University of Georgia Odum School of Ecology have developed a way to predict which species of rodents are likeliest to be sources of new... (Medical News Today)

Phages transducing antibiotic resistance detected in chicken meat
Antimicrobial resistance in bacteria poses a global threat to public health. Common antibiotics are often ineffective in treating infectious diseases because pathogens acquire resistance genes. (Medical News Today)

Natural plant chemicals could help fight tooth decay, study shows
Oral care products containing a natural chemical that stops bacteria harming teeth could help prevent decay, a study suggests. (Medical News Today)

Re-engineered antibiotic shows potential for treatment of drug-resistant bacteria
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists have created a promising second-generation antibiotic to combat bacteria that are a common cause of respiratory and other infections, including... (Medical News Today)

Kidney failure impacts survival of sepsis patients
Researchers at Duke Medicine have determined that kidney function plays a critical role in the fate of patients being treated for sepsis, a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection. (Medical News Today)

Inhaled corticosteroids for COPD decrease mortality risk from pneumonia and other causes
Treatment of COPD with inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) may decrease the risk of dying from pneumonia and from other causes despite being associated with an increase in the occurrence of pneumonia... (Medical News Today)

DIFICLIR (fidaxomicin) significantly reduces recurrence and all-cause mortality when used first-line in patients with Clostridium difficile infection
Data presented today from the CDI Service Evaluation study shows that the adoption pattern of treatment impacts CDI outcomes. (Medical News Today)

Engineers and scientists to examine antibiotic resistance in food chain from farm to fork
Growing evidence suggests that agricultural practices, especially widespread antibiotic use, could be contributing to the increasing antibiotic resistance problem in humans. (Medical News Today)

Better evidence for orally versus intravenously administered antibiotics is needed
Belief in the superiority of intravenous antibiotics is widespread among health professionals and patients, but it is not supported by good evidence according to Philip Bejon, from the University... (Medical News Today)

Study reveals intestinal bacteria succession during recovery from cholera in Bangladesh
Patterns of microbial population change suggest potential strategies to support recoveryA new study delineates a sequential pattern of changes in the intestinal microbial population of patients... (Medical News Today)

Horizontal gene transfer in E. coli
Escherichia coli O104 is an emergent disease-causing bacterium various strains of which are becoming increasingly well known and troublesome. (Medical News Today)

Lifelong flu jab steps closer as researchers reveal importance of immune cell memory
After discovering how flu-killing T cells remember different strains of virus, researchers believe we are closer to developing a single flu jab that protects for life. (Medical News Today)

Fresh milk, off the grid
Even though much of the population in developing countries is involved in agriculture, food security is virtually out of reach. (Medical News Today)

Adults harbor lots of risky autoreactive immune cells, Stanford study finds
Decades' worth of textbook precepts about how our immune systems manage to avoid attacking our own tissues may be wrong. (Medical News Today)

Diagnostic errors linked to high incidence of incorrect antibiotic use
New research finds that misdiagnoses lead to increased risk of incorrect antibiotic use, threatening patient outcomes and antimicrobial efficacy, while increasing healthcare costs. (Medical News Today)

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