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Catnip: What do we know about the feline drug?
Catnip is the most famous stimulant for cats. How does it work, why does it not affect all cats, and are there any catnip alternatives? We investigate. (Medical News Today)

Sugar alters brain chemistry after only 12 days
New research in pigs examines how sugar intake affects the brain's reward circuits and finds that changes are noticeable after just 12 days. (Medical News Today)

20 causes of numbness in the hands
Several conditions can cause a person's hand or hands to feel numb. In this article, learn more about the causes and how to treat them. (Medical News Today)

What to know about oscillopsia
Oscillopsia is the sensation that the surrounding environment is constantly in motion when it is not. Oscillopsia is usually a symptom of an underlying condition. Read more here. (Medical News Today)

Could some antibiotics help treat early onset dementia?
A preclinical study using cell cultures has found that some antibiotics may help address a genetic mutation associated with forms of early onset dementia. (Medical News Today)

New study could 'drastically' change how we understand Parkinson's
New findings about Parkinson's disease mechanisms may change doctors' understanding of its development and even alter the way in which they treat it. (Medical News Today)

What is the autonomic nervous system?
The autonomic nervous system is a complex network of cells that control the body's internal state. Read on to discover how it works. (Medical News Today)

What to know about brain atrophy
Brain atrophy can refer to a loss of brain cells or a loss in the number of connections between these cells. In this article, learn about the symptoms of brain atrophy, as well as some causes and treatments. (Medical News Today)

Could hydration levels influence cognitive function?
A new study found a link between inadequate hydration and poorer cognitive functioning, especially in memory and attention tasks — but only in older women. (Medical News Today)

What causes Alzheimer's? Not toxic amyloid, new study suggests
The findings of a new study suggest that the accumulation of toxic beta-amyloid proteins in the brain may not be the cause of Alzheimer's disease. (Medical News Today)

Scientists draw closer to a dementia vaccine
A new mouse study uses a two-pronged approach to designing a vaccine for dementia. The results are encouraging, and a clinical trial may be on the horizon. (Medical News Today)

What to know about vasovagal syncope
Vasovagal syncope is fainting that occurs in response to a sudden drop in blood pressure or heart rate. Learn about its causes, symptoms, and treatment here. (Medical News Today)

Fragmented sleep may trigger migraine 2 days later
The largest prospective study to date to look at sleep and migraine risk using objective measurements of sleep finds an intriguing link between the two. (Medical News Today)

Could MDMA help treat mental health conditions?
New research in mice investigates the possibility that MDMA, a potentially addictive drug, may help in the context of mental health therapy. (Medical News Today)

A key area of the brain is smaller in women on the pill
A new study found a dramatic difference in the size of the hypothalamus between women taking the oral contraceptive pill and those not using it. (Medical News Today)

What causes uncontrolled laughter in epilepsy?
A thorough investigation into an individual's uncontrolled laughter revealed that the cause was seizures resulting from a rare form of epilepsy. (Medical News Today)

Why is it so difficult to say no to that piece of cake?
New research in rats identifies a brain circuit that may explain impulsive eating. The findings may eventually help those who are finding it hard to diet. (Medical News Today)

Inflammatory marker could be early warning for dementia
New research identifies an inflammatory biomarker in the blood, called sCD14, that may predict someone's risk of developing clinical dementia. (Medical News Today)

What causes arm numbness?
Arm numbness has many possible causes, from sleeping on the arm and cutting off the circulation to serious issues, such as a stroke. Learn more about these and other causes here. (Medical News Today)

What to know about RSD
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, or RSD, is a nerve disorder that affects pain regulation. Here, learn about the symptoms and treatment options. (Medical News Today)

What to know about the Moro reflex?
The Moro reflex is a normal, involuntary motor response in healthy babies. This article provides more details, including possible triggers and how to calm a baby with Moro reflex. (Medical News Today)

What to know about a CSF leak
A cerebrospinal fluid leak involves the fluid escaping from the spine or a tear in the brain’s protective covering. Read on to learn more. (Medical News Today)

What to know about dysarthria
Dysarthria is a type of speech disorder that occurs due to muscle weakness. Learn about the causes of dysarthria and the available treatment options here. (Medical News Today)

Belly fat may reduce mental agility from midlife onward
As middle-aged people age, having more body fat and less muscle may affect their fluid intelligence, says a new study that implicates the immune system. (Medical News Today)

Cancer drug shows promise in Parkinson's disease safety trial
A small clinical trial of nilotinib in people with Parkinson's disease finds that the cancer drug is reasonably safe and holds promise as a therapy. (Medical News Today)

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