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Gut microorganisms cause gluten-induced pathology in mouse model of celiac disease
Early exposure to antibiotics, resulting in microbial imbalance, exacerbates response to gluten, according to research published in the American Journal of PathologyInvestigators interested in... (Medical News Today)

Metabolic syndrome leads 1 in 3 Americans to need more vitamin E
New research shows that the estimated one-third of Americans who have a cluster of health problems that add up to metabolic syndrome don't absorb dietary vitamin E as effectively as healthy people. (Medical News Today)

Low vitamin D and obesity as teenagers may accelerate MS
A study published in Neurology shows that people with MS who spent time in the sun as teenagers - and who were not obese - developed the disease later than others. (Medical News Today)

Berkeley's soda tax boosts retail prices of sugary drinks, study confirms
Not long after Berkeley became the first city in the country to levy an excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, questions arose about whether the move would have its desired effect by increasing the... (Medical News Today)

Numbers are in: 37,000 Australians can avoid a cancer diagnosis each year
Food for thought in first ever Australian study counting cases by cause Around 37,000 Australian cancer cases could be prevented each year largely through lifestyle change, according to the... (Medical News Today)

Melatonin and mealtime: Common genetic difference could put some at greater risk of diabetes
New study explores how genetics influences the effects of taking melatonin close to mealtimeResearchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) and the University of Murcia, Spain, have shed new... (Medical News Today)

Larger food pack sizes increase consumer estimates of portion sizes
The size of a food package can influence people's perception of portion sizeLarger food pack sizes can increase consumer estimates of portion sizes finds a new study completed by the European... (Medical News Today)

Rebates a cost-effective way to boost healthy eating among low-income people, study finds
Providing low-income households that receive federal food assistance benefits with financial incentives to buy fruits and vegetables would encourage them to purchase and consume more healthy food... (Medical News Today)

Nutritional needs for skeletal health change as you age, says new scientific review
Review issued in advance of World Osteoporosis Day shows how bone-healthy diets throughout life help to protect against osteoporosis in old ageWhether you're young or old, the right nutrition can... (Medical News Today)

Packaged food purchases at non-grocery stores are up but nutritional quality is down
What foods are Americans really buying, where are they buying them, and how nutritious are these purchases? (Medical News Today)

Follow-up study of Viaskin Peanut shows significant increase in peanut consumption and treatment benefit in peanut allergic children
DBV Technologies, a clinicalstage specialty biopharmaceutical company, today announced that topline findings from the first 12 months of the OLFUS-VIPES study, or OLFUS, support the long-term... (Medical News Today)

High-fructose diet slows recovery from brain injury
UCLA study finds diet may predict ability to recover from mental deficits after head traumaA diet high in processed fructose sabotages rat brains' ability to heal after head trauma, UCLA... (Medical News Today)

How much radioactivity is in infant formula?
Based on measurements of radioactivity in samples of infant formula manufactured and sold around the world, researchers estimate that infants 1 year of age or younger who consume these formulas would... (Medical News Today)

New dietary guidelines must be sustainable, regardless of politics
The new iteration of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) must incorporate sustainability considerations - both for the health and wellbeing of Americans and the world in which we live, urges a... (Medical News Today)

Larger percentage of bioactive forms of S-equol appear to play role in managing menopausal symptoms
A study of how the body processes a nutritional supplement containing S-equol, a novel soy germ-based ingredient, shows that metabolism yields two forms that are biologically active. (Medical News Today)

Vitamin D3 supplementation helps women build muscle even after menopause
The benefits of vitamin D supplementation for postmenopausal women have been widely debated. (Medical News Today)

People with genetic variant increasing vitamin D metabolism improve blood sugar control with high protein weight loss diet
New research published in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes) shows that people carrying a certain genetic variant relating to vitamin D metabolism are... (Medical News Today)

Increasing calcium intake 'does not improve bone health of seniors'
Increasing calcium intake to current recommendations does not improve bone density or reduce the risk of fractures among adults over the age of 50, two new studies find. (Medical News Today)

Doctors warn hikers, other endurance athletes, and medical personnel about the risks of water intoxication
While emphasis is often placed on keeping athletes and outdoor enthusiasts properly hydrated, too much water can be just as dangerous. (Medical News Today)

Sugary drinks raise risk of heart attack, heart disease by more than a third
A new study urges action to reduce consumption of sugary drinks, as they are confirmed to contribute to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and gout. (Medical News Today)

Saturated fats too often replaced with unhealthy alternatives
While replacing saturated fats with alternatives is widely recommended, many people are replacing them with options that offer no health benefit. (Medical News Today)

Mediterranean diet best for a healthy gut, study finds
A new study of the eating habits of 153 Italians shows that a Mediterranean diet may be best for the production of healthy short-chain fatty acids. (Medical News Today)

Butter is not back: Limiting saturated fat still best for heart health
People who replace saturated fat (mainly found in meats and dairy foods) in their diets with refined carbohydrates do not lower their risk of heart disease, according to a new study led by... (Medical News Today)

Study examines impact of global food consumption on heart disease
More than 80 percent of cardiovascular disease deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, but very little data on the impact of diet on cardiovascular disease exists from these countries. (Medical News Today)

Early intervention improves preschoolers' heart healthy habits
Teaching 3 to 5 year olds about diet, exercise can also improve entire family's health behavior Introducing healthy lifestyle behaviors to children in preschool improves their knowledge... (Medical News Today)

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