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How fatty foods could be damaging your brain
A high-fat diet does not only lead to weight gain; a new study finds too much fat in the body may also trigger an autoimmune response that destroys brain cell connections. (Medical News Today)

Peak-end pizza: Higher prices mean first impressions count
How does price impact your evaluation of a restaurant meal? Psychologists have long thought that we judge experiences based on their most intense moment (the peak) and the last part of the experience... (Medical News Today)

Low sugar diet makes foods taste sweeter but does not change preferred level of sweetness
A new study from scientists at the Monell Center and collaborators reveals that while foods such as vanilla pudding taste sweeter following three months on a low-sugar diet, the level of sweetness... (Medical News Today)

Recommended levels of activity rarely achieved by obese children and those with liver disease
In a new study published in the journal Nutrients, research from the University of Surrey and the Children's Liver Disease Foundation has found that both obese children and those with Non-Alcoholic... (Medical News Today)

Healthy Thanksgiving: the science of overeating and avoiding food poisoning
Everyone loves a little indulgence over the holidays, but what happens to our body when we overindulge? We find out and look at ways to avoid a food-poisoning catastrophe. (Medical News Today)

Cranberries: Health Benefits, Health Risks
This article provides a nutritional breakdown of cranberries, highlights any potential health benefits associated with its consumption, as well as any risks. (Medical News Today)

Pumpkin: Health Benefits, Uses and Risks
Find out about the potential health benefits of pumpkin including supporting heart health, eye health, promoting fertility and giving immunity a boost. (Medical News Today)

Turkey: Health Benefits and Facts
For Thanksgiving, 51 million turkeys will be consumed across the country with total spending for the holiday at around $2,375,000,000. So, what are the health benefits of turkey? (Medical News Today)

Superfoods: Health Benefits, Uses and Risks
Find out all about superfoods; foods that typically provide many nutritional benefits, such as vitamins, mineral and antioxidants, for minimal calories. (Medical News Today)

Researchers identify dietary fat that could offer more effective epilepsy treatment
In a new study, decanoic acid, which forms part of the MCT ketogenic diet, was found to be more effective than current medications in preventing seizures in people with epilepsy. (Medical News Today)

Safety last? Consumers' response to food safety risks are altered due to prior commitment and preference
With the globalization of our food supply, food safety issues are a major concern for both public health and for the food industry. (Medical News Today)

Does the gut microbiome tell us when we are full?
Proteins produced by the gut microbiome as a reaction to nutrients in the gut may send signals to the brain to tell a person when he or she is full or hungry. (Medical News Today)

Cooking with chloraminated water and salt could create toxic molecules
Researchers identify several new molecules, and suggest ways to avoid their formation. (Medical News Today)

Study examines prevalence of severe malnutrition among women in low and middle income countries
Among women in 60 low- and middle-income countries, the prevalence of body mass index (BMI) lower than 16 (the most severe category of adult malnutrition) was about 2 percent, and was associated... (Medical News Today)

Cheesy products - Some online-purchased cheeses are of low quality
Online shopping saves time and provides an enormous product choice, which can be especially convenient during the Christmas shopping season. (Medical News Today)

Food industry can help lower cardiovascular diseases by adding little seaweed to products
Adding seaweed to processed foods such as frozen pizzas, hot dogs and dried pasta will reduce cardiovascular diseases, concludes a new scientific article. (Medical News Today)

Can a handful of walnuts a day keep the doctor away?
New research concludes that walnuts can assist in the functioning of epithelial cells in blood vessel walls and lowering cholesterol levels. (Medical News Today)

WIC program usage reviewed in new interim report
Women and children who participate in the WIC program have low or inadequate intakes of several key nutrients that could be addressed with changes to the program's food packages, says a new report... (Medical News Today)

Eat a good breakfast, get better grades
Eating healthily, and especially eating a healthful breakfast, can double test scores, according to research into 5,000 children in the UK. (Medical News Today)

Research ushers in new era of boutique chocolate
A team of Belgian researchers has shown that the yeasts used to ferment cocoa during chocolate production can modify the aroma of the resulting chocolate. (Medical News Today)

FDA takes several actions involving genetically engineered plants and animals for food
Based on sound science and a comprehensive review, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is taking several important steps regarding food from genetically engineered (GE) plants and animals... (Medical News Today)

Caffeine in pregnancy: moderate amounts do not affect baby's IQ
Pregnant women are advised to consume caffeine sparingly. But now, a new study suggests that moderate amounts of the substance in pregnancy will not affect the child's IQ. (Medical News Today)

Big data and bacteria explain why your diet isn't working
It's so frustrating ­- the latest weight-loss fad works for your best friend, and not you. (Medical News Today)

10 million lives saved and 45 million TB cases avoided with Stop TB Partnership 5-year investment plan
The world is losing its battle with tuberculosis (TB), which is now the biggest infectious killer globally, causing 1.5 million deaths every year. (Medical News Today)

Mini-intestine grown in a test tube for nutritional research
Organoids just a quarter of a millimeter across exhibit functions of the human intestine.Research efforts on the intestine have increased in recent years. (Medical News Today)

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