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Health News - Cardiovascular/Cardiology

Psoriasis and obesity may share genetic source
Psoriasis often occurs alongside metabolic syndrome, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, and research now suggests that there may be a linked genetic cause. (Medical News Today)

Fit in 60 seconds: how 1 minute of intense exercise can boost health
Engaging in intense exercise for just 1 minute three times a week is just as beneficial as 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise weekly, a new study suggests. (Medical News Today)

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Learn about takotsubo cardiomyopathy - also known as stress cardiomyopathy - a temporary heart condition that shares many of the symptoms of a heart attack. (Medical News Today)

Fear of being judged about exercising one of the top 10 biggest causes of "gym-phobia" among women
Around three in every ten women have been put off going to the gym because they fear being judged, according to new statistics released as part of the British Heart Foundation's new MyMarathon... (Medical News Today)

No increased heart failure risk observed with saxagliptin or sitagliptin
A retrospective cohort study found that patients taking saxagliptin or sitagliptin did not have a higher risk for heart failure compared to those taking other commonly-prescribed medications for... (Medical News Today)

Working nights is bad for the heart
Working at night is unhealthy for the heart and increases the risk of sustaining coronary heart disease, meaning a disease of the coronary arteries. (Medical News Today)

Rational autologous cell sources for therapy of heart failure: Vehicles and targets for gene and RNA therapies
The combination of cell and gene therapy is rapidly raising clinical interest, although their combination has been under investigation for several decades. (Medical News Today)

Women have problems sticking to cardiac rehab programs
Gender gap must be closed, say investigators in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of disability globally. (Medical News Today)

"A fatty liver may result in a broken heart," according to new research
Strict Monitoring of Cardiovascular Disease Recommended When Managing Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Reports the Journal of Hepatology. (Medical News Today)

Heart disease risk higher among shift workers
Nurses who do shift work for more than 5 years have a small but significantly higher risk of heart disease, which wanes in time after they stop working shifts. (Medical News Today)

Could a combined dietary supplement help ward off heart disease?
Fish oil, cocoa extract and phytosterols could offer new hope in fight against disease. (Medical News Today)

Cashews: Nutritional Information, Health Benefits
Read all about the nutritional properties of cashew nuts, along with a list of their potential health benefits and ways to incorporate them in your diet. (Medical News Today)

Sleep deprivation may lower 'good' cholesterol
Researchers find that just short-term lack of sleep may have a big influence on cholesterol, shedding light on why sleep deprivation has been linked to cardiovascular disease. (Medical News Today)

Confused cells lead to genetic disorders like heart problems, premature aging
It has been disorienting to the scientific and medical community as to why different subtle changes in a protein-coding gene causes many different genetic disorders in different patients ... (Medical News Today)

Finding sleep's sweet spot
No one is telling you what time to go to bed with this, but researchers are making a strong case that the duration and timing of your sleep are closely associated with whether your behavior is... (Medical News Today)

Missed nursing care may contribute to racial disparities in rehospitalizations after AMI
The Penn Nursing study is the first to assess whether unmet nursing care contributes to racial/ethnic differences in patients with acute myocardial infarction. (Medical News Today)

Well-managed warfarin therapy associated with low risk of complications in patients with atrial fibrillation
In a study published online by JAMA Cardiology, Fredrik Björck, M.D., of Umea University, Umea, Sweden and colleagues evaluated the efficacy and safety of well-managed warfarin therapy in patients... (Medical News Today)

Stem cell technique predicts patients likely to have severe chemo reaction
Study shows heart cells generated from a patient's own skin-derived stem cells can predict if they are likely to suffer severe heart muscle damage from a common chemotherapy drug. (Medical News Today)

Loneliness increases risk of heart disease and stroke
Results from a large meta-analysis show that loneliness and social isolation are risk factors for heart disease and stroke just as serious as anxiety and a stressful work life. (Medical News Today)

Breast cancer patients receiving Herceptin treatment should be monitored for heart damage at any age
Breast cancer patients undergoing treatment with trastuzumab-containing regimens should be monitored for heart damage regardless of age, according to a new multi-centre study in Ontario. (Medical News Today)

Being underweight is an independent risk factor for death after heart attack
Low body mass index increases risk mortality after acute myocardial infarction (AMI), even after adjustment for other health factors that affect body weight, according to a study in PLOS Medicine. (Medical News Today)

Beer compound decreases weight gain and lowers cholesterol
A flavonoid found naturally in beer and hops lowered markers of metabolic syndrome in lab mice. Researchers say it has the potential to be an effective treatment in humans. (Medical News Today)

Technique could help identify patients who would suffer chemo-induced heart damage
Cancer patients who receive a particular type of chemotherapy called doxorubicin run a risk of sustaining severe, lasting heart damage. (Medical News Today)

Reasons for hospital-level variations in bleeding post-angioplasty are unclear
Bleeding avoidance strategies, patient risk account for less than 30 percent of bleeding rate differences. (Medical News Today)

Researchers identify enzyme link between excessive heart muscle growth, cancer growth
UT Southwestern Medical Center cardiology researchers have identified molecular ties between the growth of cancer cells and heart cells that suggest existing cancer drugs may be able to help those... (Medical News Today)

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