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What causes itchy legs?
Itchy skin, or pruritus, is common and can affect any part of the body. Many factors can cause itchy legs, including skin conditions, diabetes, or allergic reactions. Learn about causes and treatments here. (Medical News Today)

Beta-blockers for anxiety: What to know
Beta-blockers are a type of medication that can treat heart conditions. Some doctors also prescribe them to ease the symptoms of anxiety. Learn more in this article. (Medical News Today)

What is the ideal heart rate when running?
Keeping track of heart rate while running can help people maximize their fitness or weight loss goals. Learn about heart rate zones, safe levels, and how to measure heart rate here. (Medical News Today)

The importance of 'sport-related hobbies' for middle aged women
Research in postmenopausal women finds that leisure time physical activity improves blood lipid profile, which is an indicator of cardiovascular health. (Medical News Today)

What does it mean when you wake up with a racing heart?
Waking up with a racing heart can be worrying, but it is not usually a cause for concern. Learn about the possible causes, as well as when to see a doctor, here. (Medical News Today)

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in wealthy countries
A new study finds that compared with cardiovascular disease, cancer is twice as likely to be the cause of death in higher income countries. (Medical News Today)

What's the difference between the keto and Atkins diets?
The keto and Atkins diets are two low carbohydrate eating plans. People use them to lose weight and promote health. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

Does the keto diet affect cholesterol?
Because the keto diet involves limiting the intake of carbohydrates, it can help reduce cholesterol levels. However, the diet is not suitable for everyone. Learn more here. (Medical News Today)

Taller people less likely to develop type 2 diabetes
A new study has found a link between tallness and lower type 2 diabetes risk in male and female adults and relates it largely to male leg length. (Medical News Today)

Daytime napping 1–2 times a week may benefit heart health
New research finds that napping during the day once or twice a week is associated with a much lower risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. (Medical News Today)

What do code blue and other hospital codes mean?
Code blue alerts hospital staff to a patient emergency, such as cardiac arrest or a breathing problem. Learn more about code blue and other hospital codes in this article. (Medical News Today)

Keto and paleo diets: What are the differences?
The keto and paleo diets are gaining popularity. They have some similarities and several key differences. Learn more about their food lists, benefits, and side effects, here. (Medical News Today)

Vegetarian heart health: Study identifies benefits and risks
A new study concludes that a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of ischemic heart disease. It also finds a small but surprising increased risk of stroke. (Medical News Today)

Physical inactivity for 2 decades linked with twice the mortality risk
New research finds that a lack of physical activity for 20 years is associated with doubled mortality risk compared with people who have exercised. (Medical News Today)

What is the rarest blood type?
The rarest blood type is called Rhnull. Only around 1 in every 6 million people have Rhnull blood. Learn about other blood types and their compatibilities in this article. (Medical News Today)

Inflammation in late teens linked to mortality risk decades later
Experts know little about how inflammation in early life affects health later on. A new study links teen inflammation to mortality risk 35 years later. (Medical News Today)

How can mouthwash interfere with the benefits of exercise?
Newly published research finds that the use of antibacterial mouthwash could inhibit the blood pressure-lowering effects of exercise. (Medical News Today)

Just 2 glasses of soft drinks daily tied to higher death risk
A study of nearly 452,000 people ties higher soft drinks consumption — including of those artificially and sugar sweetened — to raised risk of early death. (Medical News Today)

Differences in gut bacteria may predispose to heart attacks
A small study has found that people with acute coronary syndrome have distinct populations of gut bacteria, suggesting these may influence heart attacks. (Medical News Today)

Heart attack risk higher in those who sleep too little or too much
A new study of nearly half a million people over 7 years found that those who slept 6–9 hours per night had the lowest risk of a first heart attack. (Medical News Today)

Type 2 diabetes, obesity: Weight loss surgery may lower death risk
A large study finds that weight loss surgery lowers the risk of death and cardiovascular events among people with obesity and type 2 diabetes. (Medical News Today)

What are the side effects of Lipitor? An overview
Lipitor is a cholesterol lowering statin that has a low risk of side effects. Learn about its side effects, warnings, and possible drug interactions here. (Medical News Today)

Exercise may help people with cardiovascular disease the most
Researchers uncover evidence suggesting that people with cardiovascular disease reap even greater benefits from exercise than healthy individuals. (Medical News Today)

Is allulose a healthful alternative to sugar?
Alluose is a natural sweetener that can be used as an alternative to sugar. Learn about the possible health benefits, risks, and how to use allulose here. (Medical News Today)

AI-enhanced ECGs may soon assess overall health
The ability of artificial intelligence to predict sex and estimate age from electrocardiogram readouts shows potential as a measure of overall health. (Medical News Today)

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