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The link between insomnia and cardiovascular disease
(Medical News Today)

Diet, body clock, hormones, and metabolism: What's the link?
A new study of mice has shown how stress hormones control fat and sugar levels in a time dependent way and how a high calorie diet can alter this rhythm. (Medical News Today)

How does temperature affect mental health?
A new study finds that increases in temperature negatively affect mental health outcomes. The authors conclude that this is due to sleep disturbance. (Medical News Today)

Doctors call for end to daylight saving time transitions
Citing evidence on the health risks arising from biological clock misalignments, doctors call for an end to daylight saving time transitions. (Medical News Today)

Deep sleep may help treat anxiety
New research 'establishes a causal connection between sleep and anxiety' and identifies the type of sleep needed to soothe an anxious mind. (Medical News Today)

How waste gets 'washed out' of our brains during sleep
A new study shows, for the first time, that cerebrospinal fluid washes into and out of the brain in waves during sleep, helping clear out waste. (Medical News Today)

What to know about headaches at night
Several things can cause headaches at night. Read this article to learn more about the conditions associated with nighttime headaches, as well as how to treat them. (Medical News Today)

Should you work out when sore?
People may sometimes experience muscle soreness during or after exercise. Read on to find out the causes of this muscle soreness and how to continue working out when feeling sore. (Medical News Today)

Nocturnal seizures: Everything you need to know
Nocturnal seizures occur when a person is asleep. As well as typical seizure symptoms, they may increase the risk of other complications. Learn more in this article. (Medical News Today)

Researchers activate problem-solving during sleep
Researchers at Northwestern University show, for the first time, how to trigger the brain’s unique ability to solve problems during sleep. (Medical News Today)

What causes excessive sleepiness?
Excessive sleepiness often occurs following a poor night's sleep. In some cases, it may be a symptom of a sleep disorder or another underlying health condition. Read on to discover the causes of excessive sleepiness, as well as their symptoms and treatments. (Medical News Today)

How long is the ideal nap?
The best nap duration varies from person to person, but experts tend to agree that 20 minutes is ideal. Learn more about how long naps should be in this article. (Medical News Today)

Sleep allows immune cells to do maintenance work on the brain
Research in mice suggests that the brain's dedicated immune cells are better able to do repair work during sleep, and explains the underlying mechanism. (Medical News Today)

Healthful snacks can reduce feelings of fatigue
Swapping sugar and saturated fat for vegetables and smoothies can diminish the impact of sleep deprivation, according to new findings. (Medical News Today)

Sleep duration predicts death risk in diabetes and hypertension
An analysis of data from 1,654 people suggests that sleep duration may help predict early death risk in people with type 2 diabetes or hypertension. (Medical News Today)

Tips on how to sleep when pregnant
Many women have concerns about how to sleep when pregnant. Pregnancy can cause difficulty sleeping, and certain sleeping positions are safer than others. Learn how to sleep when pregnant here, including what positions to try or avoid. (Medical News Today)

Foods to eat and avoid when hungover
Certain foods and drinks may help to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover. Discover what to eat and drink and what to avoid when hungover. (Medical News Today)

The science behind lucid dreaming
This special feature explores the science behind lucid dreaming, an experience in which a person realizes they are dreaming as they continue to dream. (Medical News Today)

Why does coffee make me tired?
Although coffee’s caffeine content makes it a stimulant, some people feel tired after they drink a cup. Learn about why coffee could make a person feel tired here. (Medical News Today)

What to do about a weight loss plateau
Many people reach a weight loss plateau after several months of diet and exercise. In this article, learn about the possible causes and what to do to break through the plateau. (Medical News Today)

Why do we forget our dreams? Study sheds light
New research in mice singles out a group of neurons that may be responsible for our forgetting unnecessary information during the dreaming stage of sleep. (Medical News Today)

Could this mechanism explain why sleepless nights affect gut health?
A new study in mice reveals that the brain's 24-hour clock regulates the activity of a type of immune cell that has a strong influence on gut health. (Medical News Today)

What does it mean when you wake up with a racing heart?
Waking up with a racing heart can be worrying, but it is not usually a cause for concern. Learn about the possible causes, as well as when to see a doctor, here. (Medical News Today)

Daytime napping 1–2 times a week may benefit heart health
New research finds that napping during the day once or twice a week is associated with a much lower risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. (Medical News Today)

Heart attack risk higher in those who sleep too little or too much
A new study of nearly half a million people over 7 years found that those who slept 6–9 hours per night had the lowest risk of a first heart attack. (Medical News Today)

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