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Health News - Sleep/Sleep Disorders

Sleep deprivation could reduce intrusive memories of traumatic scenes
A good night's sleep could be the wrong response to traumaA good night's sleep has long been recommended to those who have experienced a traumatic event. (Medical News Today)

Stanford study: Immune response to a flu protein yields new insights into narcolepsy
An international team of researchers has found some of the first solid evidence that narcolepsy may be a so-called "hit-and-run" autoimmune disease. (Medical News Today)

Study suggests that a causal pathway may link job stress and sleep disturbances
Promoting healthy sleep may be an effective strategy to improve life at workA new study suggests that there may be a reciprocal, causal pathway between job strain and disturbed sleep, implying... (Medical News Today)

For women with bipolar disorder, sleep quality affects mood
Poor sleep is associated with negative mood in women with bipolar disorder, according to researchers at Penn State College of Medicine and University of Michigan Medical School. (Medical News Today)

Genes responsible for increased activity during the summer
University of Leicester researchers reveal that a thermosensory gene changes behavior in warmer climatesThe warm temperature on a summer's day is often a time for relaxing, but researchers from... (Medical News Today)

How your brain knows it's summer
Researchers led by Toru Takumi at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan have discovered a key mechanism underlying how animals keep track of the seasons. (Medical News Today)

Scientists identify a calcium channel essential for deep sleep
Sleep seems simple enough, a state of rest and restoration that almost every vertebrate creature must enter regularly in order to survive. (Medical News Today)

Molecular features of the circadian clock system in fruit flies
Studies of mutant fruit flies reveal how both photoreceptors and the visual system influence circadian clock neurons in response to changing light-dark cycles. (Medical News Today)

Rats 'dream' paths to a brighter future
When rats rest, their brains simulate journeys to a desired future such as a tasty treat, finds new UCL research funded by the Wellcome Trust and Royal Society.An illustration of a sleeping rat. (Medical News Today)

Functioning brain follows famous sand pile model
One of the deep problems in understanding the brain is to understand how relatively simple computing units (the neurons), collectively perform extremely complex operations (thinking). (Medical News Today)

Access to electricity is linked to reduced sleep
Blame smartphone alerts, constant connectivity and a deluge of media for our society's sleep deprivation. (Medical News Today)

Study shows sleep disturbances are common and influenced by race and ethnicity
High prevalence of sleep disturbances and undiagnosed sleep apnea among racial/ethnic minorities may contribute to health disparitiesA new study suggests that sleep disturbances and undiagnosed... (Medical News Today)

New sleep genes found
Most of us need seven to eight hours of sleep a night to function well, but some people seem to need a lot less sleep. The difference is largely due to genetic variability. (Medical News Today)

Hormone fluctuations disrupt sleep of perimenopausal women
Study finds sleep interruptions worsen during certain phases of menstrual cycleWomen in the early phases of menopause are more likely to have trouble sleeping during certain points in the... (Medical News Today)

Lack of sleep affects long-term health
New research from the University of Copenhagen has found that maintaining a good night's sleep is important for our future health, partly because of how it affects lifestyle factors. (Medical News Today)

Patients struggle to stick to their diet when they choose a plan they like; myalgic encephalomyelitits/chronic fatigue syndrome
1. Patients struggle to stick to their diet when they choose a plan they likeResearchers say it's counterintuitive, but letting patients choose a diet plan based on personal preference may not... (Medical News Today)

Poor sleep associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke
Poor sleep should be considered a risk factor for cardiovascular disease along with smoking, lack of exercise and poor dietEuroHeartCare is the official annual meeting of the Council on... (Medical News Today)

Sleep your way to success
To get enough sleep, and thereby look alert, can be beneficial both at a personal level and at work. (Medical News Today)

American Thoracic Society issues recommendations on healthy sleep
The American Thoracic Society has released a policy statement with recommendations for clinicians and the general public on achieving good quality sleep and getting an adequate quantity of sleep. (Medical News Today)

Poor sleep may raise the risk of heart attack, stroke
Poor sleep may be linked to double the risk of heart attack and up to four times the risk of stroke, finds new research that is part of a WHO cardiovascular disease program. (Medical News Today)

Healthy sleep: top doctors draw up list of recommendations
Delaying school for teenagers and having set guidance for different ages of children are part of advice from leading physicians about the 'critical need' for good-quality sleep. (Medical News Today)

College students who binge drink have more delayed sleep timing, variable sleep schedules
Later timing of sleep patterns and greater difference in timing between bedtime and circadian phase associated with increased alcohol consumption in first-year college studentsA new study... (Medical News Today)

Twitter data may help shed light on sleep disorders
Researchers generate a 'digital phenotype' of Twitter users with sleep problemsResearchers from Boston Children's Hospital and Merck have built the beginnings of "digital phenotype" of insomnia... (Medical News Today)

'Sleep reduces forgetting signal in the brain,' allowing memories to form
The mechanism of forgetting is an important key to how we form memories, suggests a new study, which focuses on how sleep blocks that mechanism to facilitate memory retention. (Medical News Today)

Sleep problems and energy product use associated with increased alcohol use in teens
Results highlight the importance of considering racial differences in observed associationsA new study suggest sleep problems and energy product use are associated with increased alcohol use in... (Medical News Today)

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