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Potential lung disease-causing fungi found in wind instruments
Wind instrument musicians are at an increased risk of a potential hazard dubbed 'bagpipe lung' that could lead to chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis. (Medical News Today)

Gut bacteria, antibiotics, and the rise of type 1 diabetes
Antibiotics impact the type and number of bacteria found in a healthy gut. Could these changes be responsible for the mysterious rise of type 1 diabetes? (Medical News Today)

How safe are our tattoos and permanent makeup?
Tattoos are becoming ever more popular. In the EU, the number of people with tattoos has increased from 5% in 2003 to 12% in 2016 (60 million people in the EU-28), with at least half of them having... (Medical News Today)

Trampoline park injuries "emerging public health concern," doctors warn
In 6 months 40 kids required medical treatment at one trauma centre alone.Indoor trampoline park injuries are an "emerging public health concern," warn doctors in the journal Injury Prevention. (Medical News Today)

Swap a soda for water to reduce weight gain
Swapping an 8-ounce sugary drink for water reduces calorie intake, obesity prevalence, and benefits overall health, say Virginia Tech researchers. (Medical News Today)

Drivers weigh more than cyclists, study finds
People who use cars as their primary form of transport may be putting their health at risk, after research reveals they weigh more than cyclists. (Medical News Today)

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Have the long-term effects been exaggerated?
Atomic bombs dropped on Japan killed around 200,000 people in 1945. A new analysis investigates the 60-year health impact on survivors and their offspring. (Medical News Today)

Light and caffeine improve driver alertness: CARRS-Q study
Bright light combined with caffeine can improve driving performance and alertness of chronically sleep deprived young drivers, according to a Queensland University of Technology road safety study. (Medical News Today)

Potential cancer-causing chemicals found in U.S. drinking water
Unsafe levels of toxic chemicals linked to the development of cancer were found in drinking water serving 6 million people in the United States. (Medical News Today)

Hypertension prevalence higher in lower-income countries for the first time
New research indicates that the prevalence of high blood pressure in low- and middle-income countries has overtaken that of high-income countries. (Medical News Today)

Dangerous chemical eye burns common in young children
Despite long held belief that problem was confined to adult workers, toddlers appear to be at great risk. (Medical News Today)

Susceptibility and resistance to the Ascaris round worm which infects 1 billion people
Approximately one billion people worldwide are estimated to be infected with the roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides, an intestinal parasite of humans. (Medical News Today)

New study supports link between alcohol advertising and adolescent drinking
A study published today [3 August 2016] in the scientific journal Addiction, finds that exposure to several different types of alcohol marketing is positively associated with the amount and... (Medical News Today)

Study shows heat dangers of inflatable bounce houses
Heat safety issues in bounce houses can put children in danger, says a new University of Georgia study. (Medical News Today)

Does eating meat increase risk of death?
Eating animal protein increases risk of death, whereas eating plant-based protein is linked to a lower risk of death, suggests a new study. (Medical News Today)

Heating the exterior of suitcases may decrease the spread of bed bugs through luggage
New research indicates that brief heat treatment is a promising way to decrease the spread of bed bugs being transported on the outer surface of luggage. (Medical News Today)

Antibiotic resistance: Skin infection prevention treatment helps battle 'superbugs'
A new therapy has been developed to prevent skin infections through open wounds in hospitals and protect against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. (Medical News Today)

Poison Oak: Identifying and Treating this Poisonous Plant Rash
Learn all about poison oak and the itchy rashes that it can cause. This article looks at treatment for rashes and how to identify poison oak. (Medical News Today)

E-cigarettes: Toxic emission level dependent on temperature, type, age of device
Researchers have found that the temperature, type, and age of an e-cigarette has a significant effect on the levels of toxic emissions released. (Medical News Today)

Acetaminophen: Is it as safe as we think?
Acetaminophen is the most commonly used painkiller in the U.S., but increasingly, researchers have questioned its safety. We look at the possible risks. (Medical News Today)

The dangers of physical inactivity revisited in 45-year study
In the longest study of its type, researchers conclude: 'Low physical capacity is a greater risk for death than high blood pressure or high cholesterol.' (Medical News Today)

National survey shows public lukewarm on physician-patient gun discussions
According to a nationally representative survey of adults in the United States, about 2 out of 3 people agree that it is at least sometimes appropriate for health care providers to discuss guns... (Medical News Today)

High numbers of black youths killed by police 'reflect excess exposure'
Published this week: a fresh and thorough study looking at why black youths appear to be disproportionately killed or injured by American police. (Medical News Today)

Patients to wait more than one week to see GP on 100m occasions by 2020 - endangering the health of thousands of patients, UK
Patients will have to wait to see their GP on almost 100m occasions by 2020/21, endangering the health of thousands of patients, if the Government fails to implement promises, signed off by David... (Medical News Today)

Zika study: 'Up to 1.65 million childbearing women could become infected'
A new method for estimating who in the Americas is at risk of infection suggests over 90 million Zika infections could result from the initial spread. (Medical News Today)

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