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Health News - Stroke

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Learn about takotsubo cardiomyopathy - also known as stress cardiomyopathy - a temporary heart condition that shares many of the symptoms of a heart attack. (Medical News Today)

Reducing the sodium content of packaged foods: How does Canada measure up?
In 2010, as part of a national sodium reduction strategy, a multi-stakeholder working group published Canada's Sodium Reduction Strategy. (Medical News Today)

A new player revealed in nerve growth process
Role of adaptor protein CD2AP in neuron sprouting discovered by UofL researchers could lead to therapies for Alzheimer's disease, stroke recovery and spinal cord injury. (Medical News Today)

Loneliness increases risk of heart disease and stroke
Results from a large meta-analysis show that loneliness and social isolation are risk factors for heart disease and stroke just as serious as anxiety and a stressful work life. (Medical News Today)

Stent retrievers improve odds for ischemic stroke patients
Timely treatment with endovascular therapy to restore blood flow to the brain significantly improves functional outcomes in patients with acute ischemic stroke, according to a new study to be... (Medical News Today)

Why do older asymptomatic patients have carotid imaging
Most of the patients who had carotid revascularization for asymptomatic carotid disease were diagnosed on the basis of carotid imaging tests ordered for uncertain or inappropriate indications... (Medical News Today)

Researchers identify enzyme link between excessive heart muscle growth, cancer growth
UT Southwestern Medical Center cardiology researchers have identified molecular ties between the growth of cancer cells and heart cells that suggest existing cancer drugs may be able to help those... (Medical News Today)

Immune cells help the brain to self-heal after a stroke
After a stroke, there is inflammation in the damaged part of the brain. Until now, the inflammation has been seen as a negative consequence that needs to be abolished as soon as possible. (Medical News Today)

Vitamin pill could prevent heart attacks and strokes in people with kidney disease
The first patients have begun receiving treatment in a new clinical trial to find out if vitamin K can improve heart and blood vessel health in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD). (Medical News Today)

Better patient outcome linked to get with the guidelines-stroke
Stroke patients at hospitals participating in a nationwide quality-improvement program were more likely to be discharged home and less likely to die after discharge than patients in... (Medical News Today)

New blood thinners reduce atrial fibrillation stroke risk without frequent monitoring
A new generation of blood thinners can reduce the risk of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation, without requiring frequent monitoring and dietary restrictions. (Medical News Today)

What is a Cardiac Risk Calculator? What are the Best Heart Health Predictors?
How do doctors predict and manage cardiac risks? What are calculation tools, and what do they mean? See how cholesterol, blood pressure, age and other factors go into the equation. (Medical News Today)

Biologists discover new strategy to treat central nervous system injury
Neurobiologists at UC San Diego have discovered how signals that orchestrate the construction of the nervous system also influence recovery after traumatic injury. (Medical News Today)

New gene responsible for stroke discovered
Researchers have identified a new set of genes that may be responsible for the two most common and disabling neurological conditions, stroke and dementia. (Medical News Today)

Eating fresh fruits daily may reduce your risk of cardiovascular death
A study of more than half a million adults in China found that eating fresh fruits every day lowered the risks of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular death. (Medical News Today)

Ring-shaped sugar helps in cases of atherosclerosis
Researchers at the University of Bonn show that cyclodextrin promotes the breakdown of dreaded plaques.Hardened and inflamed arteries, atherosclerosis, can be very dangerous. (Medical News Today)

Stroke survivors face 'invisible impairments' to return to work
Online forums found to provide useful advice and support to stroke survivors and carers. (Medical News Today)

New app improves treatment of atrial fibrillation
Atrial fibrillation increases the risk of stroke. Treatment with oral anticoagulation reduces this risk but instead increases the risk of bleeding. (Medical News Today)

Higher calcium intake 'may protect seniors from CVD, but not stroke, fractures'
While a higher intake of calcium was found to lower cardiovascular disease risk for older adults in a new study, it had no effect on the risks for stroke and fractures. (Medical News Today)

Rates of death and stroke equivalent for surgery and TAVR at two years
Intermediate-risk patients with severe aortic stenosis who receive minimally invasive transcatheter aortic valve replacement, known as TAVR, have similar rates of death and disabling strokes after... (Medical News Today)

Penn study describes the molecular cause of common cerebrovascular disease
Cerebral cavernous malformations (CCMs) are clusters of dilated, thin-walled blood vessels in the brain that can cause stroke and seizures, yet exactly how they form is somewhat of a mystery. (Medical News Today)

Right brain structures may hold clue to language recovery after stroke
People who have a stroke in the left side of the brain may find their ability to speak is diminished. Now, it seems the brain's right side may be involved in language recovery. (Medical News Today)

Statin use differs among Hispanic adults at risk for heart disease
In the United States, adults of different Hispanic/Latinobackgrounds, at high risk for heart disease, varied significantly in their use of widely-prescribed cholesterol-lowering medications known... (Medical News Today)

Gut microbes affect brain injury after stroke
Altering the gut microbiota of mice can reduce brain damage after a stroke, reports a new study published online in Nature Medicine. (Medical News Today)

Vascular brain injury is evident in people in their 40s
A large, multi-center study led by the UC Davis School of Medicine for the first time has shown that people as young as their 40s have stiffening of the arteries that is associated with subtle... (Medical News Today)

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