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Health News - Stroke

Ultrasound examinations can identify patients at risk of stroke
Ultrasound, a non-invasive technique commonly used to study the presence of atherosclerosis disease in blood vessels, can be used to identify patients at increased risk of future stroke who could... (Medical News Today)

New technology promises fast, accurate stroke diagnosis
Minutes count when treating stroke, but current diagnostics take as long as three hours, careful lab work, and skilled technicians to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis. (Medical News Today)

Pollution increases health risks for diabetic women
Air pollution has been known to cause serious health issues for many years. A new study links it to cardiovascular problems and stroke in diabetic women. (Medical News Today)

3-D MRI shows early signs of stroke risk in diabetic patients
People with diabetes may be harboring advanced vascular disease that could increase their risk of stroke, according to new research being presented next week at the annual meeting of the Radiological... (Medical News Today)

'Connector hubs' are the champions of brain coordination
Swinging a bat at a 90-mph fastball requires keen visual, cognitive and motor skills. But how do diverse brain networks coordinate well enough to hit the ball? (Medical News Today)

BC paramedics aim to improve stroke care with new drug trial
BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) has begun a drug trial that could drastically improve the quality of life for stroke patients. (Medical News Today)

Congenital heart defect means higher chance of stroke
People with congenital heart defects have a 5-6 times higher risk of hemorrhagic stroke, and a 9-12 times higher risk of ischemic stroke than the general population. (Medical News Today)

Women who survive heart attack continue to live with risk
Young women who have suffered a heart attack or a stroke continue to have a higher risk of fatality or further injury than those who have not experienced a cardiovascular event. (Medical News Today)

AF Association shows the impact of diagnosis
Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Aware Week aims to raise awareness of an important, yet not well understood heart rhythm disturbance. (Medical News Today)

Walking faster or longer linked to significant cardiovascular benefits in older adults
In a large prospective community-based study of older Americans, modest physical activity was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). (Medical News Today)

Bilingualism may protect cognitive function following stroke
A study of more than 600 stroke patients from India finds speaking multiple languages may help protect cognitive function after stroke. (Medical News Today)

Patients improve speech by watching 3-D tongue images
Findings could be helpful for stroke patients.A new study done by University of Texas at Dallas researchers indicates that watching 3-D images of tongue movements can help individuals learn speech... (Medical News Today)

Neurogastronomy: How our brains perceive the flavor of food
Symposium explores the question: What would happen if scientists could trick the brain into thinking broccoli tastes like chocolate?Two women, seated at a table, told their stories in quiet tones. (Medical News Today)

African-Americans with depression more likely to have strokes, heart attack
African Americans with major depressive symptoms - perceived stress, neuroticism, life dissatisfaction - had almost twice the increased risk of stroke and coronary heart disease, according to new... (Medical News Today)

Recognizing the basic structure of language is not unique to the human brain
A team led at Newcastle University, UK, has shed light on the evolutionary roots of language in the brain. (Medical News Today)

Self-calibration enhances BrainGate ease, reliability
A new study in Science Translational Medicine describes three software innovations that substantially improved the user experience and performance of the BrainGate* brain computer interface (BCI). (Medical News Today)

New research finds hospitals administer wrong dose of drugs to stroke patients in emergency departments by failing to weigh them
A new study has revealed stroke patients receiving emergency clot busting drugs, the correct dose of which depends on the patient's weight, may be receiving the wrong dose because the UK (and much... (Medical News Today)

Study shows once-daily rivaroxaban associated with lower discontinuation rates compared to selected oral anticoagulants
A real-world study presented at the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2015 showed lower discontinuation rates may be achieved with once-daily XARELTO® (rivaroxaban) compared... (Medical News Today)

White coat and masked hypertension associated with higher rates of heart and vascular disease
Patients whose blood pressures spikes in the doctor's office but not at home, and patients whose blood pressure spikes at home but not in the doctor's office, suffer more heart attacks, heart... (Medical News Today)

Study pinpoints the vitamin D levels that may harm heart health
Researchers find people with vitamin D levels below 15 ng/mL are at greater risk for cardiovascular events such as heart disease and stroke than those with higher levels. (Medical News Today)

New study finds testosterone replacement therapy does not increase heart risk
A new study of generally healthy men who used testosterone replacement therapy to normalize testosterone levels has found that taking supplemental testosterone does not increase their risk of... (Medical News Today)

How low to go for blood pressure? Lower target could affect millions of Americans
Systolic blood pressure intervention trial recommendations may have broad impact.A new study finds that at least 16. (Medical News Today)

Large meta-analysis finds lowering blood pressure below current targets benefits a wide range of patients
Using intensive treatment to lower blood pressure below currently recommended targets significantly reduces rates of major cardiovascular events like stroke and heart attack among a wide range of... (Medical News Today)

Diagnosing & treating diabetes in heart attack patients improves heart outcomes, study finds
People with heart problems often have diabetes, which puts them at greater risk for heart attacks, heart failure and stroke. (Medical News Today)

Bang for the buck in stroke prevention: U-M study compares new & old drugs
Patient's-eye view of cost-effectiveness could guide choice between pricey new drugs and inexpensive old ones for many conditions. (Medical News Today)

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