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(Posted Till (2017-02-24))

Blog Details

Heart Palpitations

From time to time I get heart palpitations which are uncomfortable and very annoying. I am 48 years old and I because my periods have become a bit erratic I pretty sure I'm menopausal and initially put the palpitations down to that. However I do notice a bit of a pattern and that is after a stressful situation and/or very busy time I get them but not until after the event. I had a breast lump removed 4 weeks ago after finding it and having it diagnosed as a benign tumour called a Hamatoma, so all is good but for the last 3 plus weeks I have been having these palpitations and they have lasted longer then before. I feel I'm my worst own enemy as the more I seem to be aware of them the more I stress about them and so the more I get them! I would love to know how to be shot of them so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have an under active thyroid for several years and I take 75 mg a day take Vit C, Co-Q-10, Black Cohosh and evening primrose oil each day.


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I am a kinesiologist so I would always recommend you make an appointment to have a few treatments which would balance your system, address the stress you have clearly been under, do some injury recall and thoroughly check your adrenal gland related muscles.  In the meantime, try to cut out caffeine and see whether that helps - also buy a bach flower essence called "Mimulus" which is for "known fear".  Put a couple of drops under your tongue, breathe deeply and think to yourself "I am well" or "all is well".   Another good bach flower would be "rescue remedy".  A kinesiologist would be able to test for any other specific ones relevant to you which you wouldnt necessarily have to buy but may aid your treatment at the time.  I wish you well - Linda Belcher www.lindabelcherhealthcare.co.uk

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The medication you are taking for your thyroid disorder can contribute to palpitations. You must seek advise from your GP on this matter.

We can however suggest essential oils to help your deal with anxiety and stress. Our nurture range is aimed at non therapists and is easy to use. The nurture peace is for everyday stresses and comes in a pure essential oil blend and massage oil or lotion. You can visit our web site www.penny-price.com or call 01455 251020 for further information. We do hope you are feeling better soon. Regards

Posted On:
Heart palpitations can occur as we lose estrogen so having your hormones checked would be a good idea as well as a CBC to make sure that you are not anemic, which can be a cause. I would recommend adding 200-500 mg of magnesium to your daily regime, depending on how well your bowels will tolerate it. Back off of the dosage if diarrhea occurs. I would also recommend having your thyroid checked and if the function is low consider taking thyroid hormone.  There is a hormone and pesticide free thyroid replacement called nature throid or just taking T4(levothyroxine) may help since a low thyroid function can cause heart palpitations. If none of this works then i would recommend seeing some who could prescribe herbs, such as hawthorne, which is calming to the heart.

Posted On:
Sorry I said in my previous comment that low thyroid function can cause palpitations, which is true, but the reverse is also true that overfunctioning thyroid can cause heart palpitations as well.  Too much thyroid hormone is more likely to cause it than underfunctioning.  You did not mention whether you were on thyroid hormone replacement, if so you may need to switch the medication or change the dose.
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