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(Posted Till (2017-02-22))

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What is the best thing to take for Osteoprosis of the spine

I have just been diagnosed with this condition and would like to treat it naturally if possible- what natural medications are there available and where would I avail myself of them.  I am 66 years old and experienced menopause when in my forties. A partial hysterectomy was performed at age 36 and HRT was preescribed until I was 55.

Posted On:
As a Kinesiologist I would recommend you see a Systematic Kinesiologist who will test what is right for YOU.  However as an educated guess take Calcium and Magnesium (Higher Nature do a good one).   You may also benefit from a product called Everflex from Natures Sunshine Products which contains Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin and aids movement, usually used for arthritic complaints - but dont waste your money - see a Kinesiologist and get tested, then you know that what you are taking will help you.  YOu may also have some food senstitivites which wont be helping (dairy springs to mind - I know you will be tempted to get calcium from milk and cheese but thats controversial and we prefer people get from leafy vegetables such as broccoli and curly kale) and a temporary removal from your diet and substitution with something else may help but again, get tested.  Good luck

Posted On:
One of the best things for osteoporosis is Vitamin D.

Posted On:
You have received many good recommendations.  What has been shown to increase bone density is calcium (not more that 1000mg/day), with a vitamin D supplement (cholcalciferol which is Vitamin D3 form may be more absorbable and active) and magnesium is very important to bones.  There are trace minerals such as boron, silica, manganese and others that are important to good bone structure. Vitamin K is very important as well and some clinical studies has shown its efficacy in increasing bone density.  I recommend a multi-mineral supplement that has calcium, vitamin D and trace minerals. There are other substances, for example, MCHC that has been shown as well to help with bone density and products from soy such as genistein, so adding these would help as well. I would not get overthe counter calcium carbonate or MCHC since these have been found in some cases to be high in lead.  Calcium citrate is more absorbable that calcium carbonate.  Strontium has been marketed for bone health however there are not enough studies on its effectiveness out yet.  It may just replace other minerals in bones. In terms of diet, caffeine, sugar and animal proteins are not good for bone health so it would be good to reduce these in your diet and eat more green, leafy vegetables that are high in vitamin K.  Those that drink alot of tea have been shown to have less incidence of osteoporosis.  Regular exercise is key including aerobic exercise as well as weight bearing. this is alot of information.  I hope that it is useful. 
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