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(Posted Till (2016-05-24))

Blog Details

How do I stop biting my nails?

I have bitten my finger nails for years and years and would be very interested if someone has a good remedy or proven advice to help me stop.

Posted On:

I have treated three people very successfully for nail biting with hypnotherapy.  You can check on the General Hypnotherapy Register website for a hypnotherapist near you.

Posted On:

I would be thinking that there is some deep psychological reason for you doing this for such a long time and not being able to stop yourself. Maybe try thinking, each time you go to do this what has become habitual to you, stop and think about your emotional state. Maybe try keeping a Journal and record every time you go to do this. It's a little like lighting up a cigarette, most people do this on automatic pilot, and your biting your nails is very much unconscious, so by bringing it into your awareness, it may  help to shed some light on how your'e feeling at that particular time.  If you have other nervours traits, you need to do the same with those, ie bring them into your conscious awareness. I hope this helps.

Posted On:
I am researching the therapeutic effects of knitting and a number of people have told me that they stop biting their nails when they take up knitting. It occupies your mind so it's an effective distractant, but it also accupies your hands. Breaking addictions isn't simply a matter of stopping the behaviour, there are often associated behaviours, situations, social events that may be linked to the behaviour. Getting engrossed in a knitting project will take your mind away from nail biting and make it physically difficult to bite your nails. Why not join a local group and use it as a means of meeting new people too? It's worth a try as there are no side affects, it's relatively cheap and you'll have something nice to show for it in the end.

Posted On:
Nail biting is a nervous habit caused by anxiety. The solution is simple, reduce your anxiety. With less anxiety, you will bite your nails less and you will be calmer and have more fun! Win-Win! For more information about stress and anxiety visit www.drjeanette.com. You can overcome your anxiety naturally and you reach peak performance.
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