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(Posted Till (2017-02-28))

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Is there an effective alternative to the usual NHS prescriptions that I can use to clear my sinus. I have two young children constantly giving me their colds, which invariably developes into blocked sinuses. Now I can take pain, but, I'm a craftsman and I need concentration, no concentration, no fingers.

Posted On:

    Children cannot give you their colds any more than you can give them yours. If a virus entered your energy field it is through your imbalanced and in return  imbalance allowed the cold to manifest.

   I do acupressure directly on the sinus area as well as projecting energy directly into blocked sinus areas with my fingers to break up sinus pressure and headache. I also scoop out auric mucus that usally is stagnet in the energy field. Soaking your feet in warm water with a teaspoon of salt will draw out allot of mucus as well.

      Try and find an energy worker/ massage therapist in your area.

Patricia Huff, Alhambra Ca. CMT Energy Healer

Posted On:
I am wondering how your digestive system is?  Often if the digestive system is not working efficiently at eliminating the toxins, it overspills to the sinuses.  So you could perhaps take a cleanse or detox to help your digestive system or perhaps some supplements to boost your immune system.  A strong immune system would put a barrier against colds. Eucalyptus and Peppermint are excellent essential oils with decongestant properties, so you could inhale those over a steamed bowl of water.  Dairy is also mucus forming, which doesn't help with sinus congestion - so looking at nutritional intake could also be beneficial.

Posted On:

Essentail oils are really efffective for clearing sinus and the infections that go with blocked sinuses.  I recommend eucalyptus globulus, peppermint, basil (ct linalol) and lemon.  Use 2 drops of each on a tissue to inhale, or mix the drops in 20mls of moisture cream and apply to the cheekbones twice a day.

I also sell ready made blends for sinus problems and other conditions if you want to phone me at Penny Price Aromatherapy 01455 251020.  Hope this helps.  Penny

Posted On:
Sorry to hear about your sinus problem.  It might be worth trying a Bioflow.  A number of my customers have told me that their Bioflow has helped them.  Bioflow uses unique magnetic technology that stimulates the blood, helps circulation and has helped with over 160 ailments.  The best thing is that if after 3 months you don't notice any benefit - send it back to me for 85% refund.

Posted On:

Homeopathic remedies can help with your sinus problem. NHS prescriptions tend to suppress the inflammation which causes the blocked sinus and then the body tries harder to cause the inflammation which is simply a sign that your body is out of balance and needs help. Homeopathic remedies look at you as a whole.  Remedies are presribed on your physical symptoms and also for you as a individual person. How does the sinus affect you? As you said you are a craftsman and that is important to you  to be able to concentrate and be happy with what you do -

It is much simpler and better to se a homeopath as  over the counter remedies are very limited and it is extremely difficult to prescribe for yourself. I would be interested to be able to ask you more questions - as it would probably be a fairly simple prescription - however I will stick my neck out, as i know i havent really enough to go on  an d suggest you get some Kali Bich 30c from a health shop or chemist - take it twice daily for 3 days - if you have improvement then just wait and dont take any more unless the symptoms return -if you have no improvement then it is notthe right remedy and i suggest you find a local homeopath.  There is no harm in taking the remedy but i suggst you stop the NHS medications. I hope this helps you and wish you luck with your craft.

Posted On:

can I just add that on reflection if the Kali Bich has no effect then you may like to try Silica 30c -  but  do give it a week at least  for the remedy to work.

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