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(Posted Till (2017-02-24))

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pain, muscles or nerves?

I am 70, woman, for the last 2 years I have pain, similar to cramps but extremely painful, mostly in the lower part of the legs/feet, but sometimes in the arm. It comes anytime but mostly in bed. I wake up screaming and it can last for over 15 minutes, it doesn't go away with massage, I have to stay still until it passes. The leg can hurts for days. A year ago they checked my legs for veins/clot (was normal) a neurologist made some moving tests (normal) My blood test came also all right. The docors seems not to know what I have. I tested myself; alcohol drinking, medicine changes, new food, couldn't figure anything. I swim in a sea water canal every day for half an hours. I am over weight but not obese. Sometimes just stretching trigger the pain. I realise later I am urinating alot, I have to go several times. Could you please help me? PLEASE! Which doctor should I look for? Is there a blood exam or whatever, that could give a hint? I don't want to end up in chair and sometimes it is like I feel.

Posted On:

You poor thing.  I wouldnt want to guess and would suggest you see a Kinesiologist.  If you live in the UK you can find one here www.systematic-kinesiology.co.uk

It is possible that Magnesium supplements would help you.  Do you take a lot of salt in your diet?  Also aim to drink at least 2 litres of pure water a day (not tea and coffee)

However a Kinesiologist would most definitely help you by muscle testing and then give you a full treatment which would cover chemical, emotional, structural and electo magnetic imbalances.


Good Luck

Linda Belcher


Posted On:
Sorry to hear about your pain.  I agree you need to drink pure water thoughout the day.  I would seek the help of a good accupunturist and traditional chinese medicine doctor for proper chinese herb prescription.  Also there are good homeopathic medicines availble at health food stores that are specific to leg cramps.  The Hylands company makes a great ointment to treat cramps and a leg cramp pill that is taken under the tongue.  You could take the pills in the evening before bed.  Good luck.  Mearl Thompson/Ancient Harmony Tai Chi Chuan / Qigong.

Posted On:

The body like other items of circuitry which we buy requires balance, order, structure and flexibilty to function: effectively, efficiently and preventatively.

As we begin to appreciate the delicate and specific way that the body needs to function without dis-order we can start to begin to understand what happens when it all goes wrong. Circuitry requires the body to be wired up in a way that allows all biological systems to communicate 24/7 autonomically and voluntarily. 

When we are exposed to physical and/or emotional trauma a disruption is caused along the connective pathways in a specific region of the body as well as to the surrounding and other pathways leading all the way to the brain. For as long as there is trauma and the related memory patterns then dis-order, physical pains and physiological deterioration will stay in place.  

A simple analogy is to that of the traffic lights failing at a busy central London junction during peak hours. Not only will it cause chaos to those drivers in the immediate vicinity but before long it is causing backups to the wider area as well as a nightmare to the controllers let alone the commuters, businesses, families and every other person who is reliant on someone stuck in the traffic.

RaphaYad TM Bioenergy Healing is the dynamic and holistic form of  Bioenergy Healing treatment that can access your body's energy system to radically increase the functioning and repair mechanisms of your body. 

Contact The Bioenergy Healing Clinic on 0845 4561336 or email info@bioenergyhealing.org.uk


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