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(Posted Till (2017-02-24))

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am i suffering from serious problem ?

hey m a girl of 15..actually my problem is little embarrassing.. bt have to ask.. actually. m having blood in my stool.. so i want to confirm y iz this happening... hope u'll help me out... thnk you..

Posted On:


Firstly, I am glad you took the first step to sort your problem out, but addressing it. Many people encounter blook in their stools and this happens for many reasons.

If you are able to speak to your doctor about it, you may want to not down these points when discussing it with him, as these answers will help him determine what investigations to carry out.

• What colour is the blood ie bright red, coffee ground colour.

• what colour is your stool (the colour of stools often indicate the state of your health)

• Do you suffer with constipation?(Constipation can lead to straining when going to the toilet, which can cause haemorrhoids and it is these haemorrhoids which bleed) Haemorrhoids are varicose veins which lie in the anus and/or rectum and can internal or external.

• Do you suffer with diarrhoea?

• How often do you have your bowels open per day/ per week

• How much blood are you losing each time.

• What is your diet like? ie do you eat plenty of fruit and veg which offers roughage to keep your bowel movements healthy.

• Do you drink plenty of water? ideally you should be drinking 1.5ltrs - 3 litres a day. (not nice I know but unfortunately our bodies are mostly water and we need that water balance) when you wipe your bottom, make sure to wipe from the vagina to the back, wiping from back to front could drag some of the faeces into the vagina causing further irritation and infection.

If you cannot go see your doctor, please try to answer the questions above and get back to me so I can try to make an assessment, but remember I am not a doctor and my advice is only based on a general basis.

I do urge you to see your doctor.

Kind regards


Posted On:

helo.. .thnxz a lot fo ur help. i m really glad  that you tried to help me ..... actually m feeling uncomfortable while talking to my doctor.. hope u 'll help me out.. i'll answer ur ques. here... 
1. the colour of blood iz bright red
2. my stool  is of dark brown colour.
3.  yes i do suffer from constipation
4. no .i donot suffer from diarrhoea
5. i go to toilet mostly after a gap of 1 and half day
6. my diet do not include regular intake to fruits n green vegetables .... but i dont even eat too much of fast food ... 
7.i dont loose too much of blood .itz hardly a few drops... actually m notice it a few dayz back but only for 3-4 dayz bt then everything was back to normal..  bt now from 2 dayz itz again there..
8.i  drink 5-6 glasses of water a day..

plzz tell me what should i do... how can i cure it.... ???  thank you..

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