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(Posted Till (2017-02-19))

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unexplainable heightened sense of hearing

I am 22 years old and work in the restoration field. I have noticed within the past few weeks that my sense of hearing has greatly increased. Every case, it's someone's cellphone vibrating that I can hear that no one else notices. For example, today I heard someoneKs cellphone vibrating in his holster. It wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't standing beside a radio while they were using a tile chipper in the bathroom down the hall with the door closed. I heard it perfectly and knew that it was a cellphone. The owner of the phone didn't even hear or feel his phone vibrating! It happpens every few days but it always a cellphone when it is on vibrate mode. I am just curious if I am losing a sense, and that is why my other senses are getting better to accomodate. I have also star sleep walk, and have never been told in my entire life that I do this. The sleep walking and cellphone happened today and last night while I was out of town working in Kingston Ontario. Are the two relative at all? This can't be normal, and I need an explanation so I can figure out what precautions or steps I should take. I don't mind it, for now, but it is starting to creep out people when I do this...please help me or direct me to someone who can. Thank you very much. - Katherine

Posted On:

Hi Katherine, Don't be concerned that you are losing a sense just because you are experiencing a heightened sense. What you are experiencing is a heightened perception to the frequencies that are omitted from cellphones. These are electrofrequencies and they communicate with our bodies on a daily basis, only most of the time we are not conscious of it or affecting by it. 

When your body's system is not functioning effectively, efficiently and preventively, then your system will be effected by them. This leads to a level of disorder in your body's system.  When you consider that your body has a highly sophisticated way of functioning, it doesn't take much to knock it out of balance. When out of balance it doesn't take much to create further elements of disorder. Then multiply it by a lifetime and that brings you to where you are today.

Take a look at www.bioenergytreatment.co.uk 

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