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Acne (10)
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Anti-Depressants (1)
Anxiety (9)
Aromatherapy (7)
Arthritis (13)
Asthma/Respiratory (5)
Ayurveda (4)
Back and Posture Care (7)
Beauty and Skincare (3)
Bereavement and loss (1)
Bio-Resonance (1)
Cancer Treatments (7)
Cardiovascular and Cardiology (7)
Chakra Balancing (4)
Children's Health (5)
Chinese Medicine (3)
Chiropractic (4)
Clinical Trials: Research (1)
Clutter and Space Clearing (1)
Colour Therapy (1)
Confidence Building (1)
Counselling and Psychotherapy (3)
Craniosacral Therapy (1)
Crystal Therapy (1)
Daoyin Tao (1)
Dental Care (3)
Depression (15)
Dermatology (11)
Detox (8)
Diabetes (2)
Ear Candling (Thermo-Auricular) (1)
Emotional Freedom Technique (1)
Energy Therapy (7)
Eye Care (5)
Facial Rejuvenation (1)
Fertility (4)
Fitness, Leisure and Sports (6)
Flower Remedies (3)
Food Intolerances (1)
General Health & Wellbeing (19)
General Psychotherapist (3)
Hair Care and Trichology (2)
Headaches (5)
Healthy Aging (3)
Healthy Eating (10)
Herbal Medicine (10)
Homeopathy (11)
Hypnotherapy (2)
Indian Head Massage (1)
Infectious Diseases, Bacteria and Viruses (7)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) (2)
Massage Therapy (5)
Medication (1)
Men's Health (10)
Menopause (3)
Mental Health (5)
Naturopathy (4)
Nervous System (7)
Neuralgia (1)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (3)
Nutritional Therapy (7)
Organic and Vegetarian (1)
Osteopathy (1)
Pain Relief (22)
Parenting (1)
Parkinson's Disease (1)
Physiotherapy (7)
Pregnancy (6)
Psoriasis (1)
Psychology (6)
Qi Gong (Chi Kung) (1)
Reflexology (1)
Reiki (1)
Relationships (2)
Scenar Therapy (1)
Seasonal Affective Disorder (1)
Skin Care (5)
Sleep and Sleep Disorders (4)
Sound Healing (1)
Stop Smoking (2)
Stress Management (4)
Swedish Massage (1)
Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (20)
Weight Loss (9)
Women's Health (18)
Yoga (3)

(Posted Till (2017-02-21))


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Depression treatment for 13 yr old boy Two natural health specialist have recommended natural lithium by american biologics to help with depression/mood swings for my 13 yr old son.  This is a low dose 50mcg lithium.  Would you s.... View More

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Testicles and Bladder Problem I have irritable bowel syndrom, my lower abdomenan; up to pubic area is bulged. Freefluid is found in my scrotal sag, skin is changed that it have become soft and bald on testicles, when I lift my han.... View More

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Tinnitus Is there really a cure for tinnitus? Please help.... View More

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Liver Function Are there any medicines for an enlarge liver for man age 60yrs.... View More

Posted On : 2008-02-16 12:32:24
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Is Brain Surgery the right Cure for Depression?

This week the Daily Mail published an article on Deep Brain Stimulation that entails two holes being drilled into your skull and then the brain being stimulated with electrodes.

http://www..... View More

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Light therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Can anybody give me any information on the use of light therapy for Chronic fatigue syndrome as I have heard that it helps particularly in cases of sleep disorder problems.... View More

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what is bioenergy healing Hi what is bioenergy healing.... View More

Posted On : 2008-01-29 14:06:50
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Need practitioner for breath retrng for chronic hyperventilation syndrome Pls I am desperate...have googled and googled.... View More

Posted On : 2008-01-27 14:20:54
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Sinustitus Is there an effective alternative to the usual NHS prescriptions that I can use to clear my sinus. I have two young children constantly giving me their colds, which invariably developes into blocked s.... View More

Posted On : 2008-01-21 19:38:00
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Cateracts in Both Eyes

I would like to treat my eyes with my Biopyron --compact 3  to rid my eyes of cateracts.

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Ovarian Cysts What altvernative medicine can help me with my ovarian cysts ?.... View More

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Posted On : 2007-12-30 03:02:29

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Epilepsy my 17yr old son recently had a tonic clonc brain seizure after a night of drinking and very little sleep,he has had a ct scan,eeg and sleep deprived eeg.the neurologist said he has abnormal brain wave.... View More

Posted On : 2007-12-29 23:11:35
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Is there a bath product that can treat eczema? I notice today that BBC News is reporting that Bath products 'can treat eczema' - they, or is there any other remedy that can help clear eczema that is covering most of the body?.... View More

Posted On : 2007-12-12 21:32:59
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How do I stop biting my nails? I have bitten my finger nails for years and years and would be very interested if someone has a good remedy or proven advice to help me stop..... View More

Posted On : 2007-12-10 14:48:53
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I have been sufferin gwith Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and angiodema for 5 years

Are there any natural remedies that may help me

.... View More

Posted On : 2007-12-06 22:37:22
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Manipulater Iam looking for a person who manipulates the human body in the SK area .... View More

Posted On : 2007-12-01 17:44:22
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What is the most effective way to Stop Smoking?

With the cost of cigarettes continuing to rise and the increased evidencethat smoking can lead to cancer, there is a greater desire to quit the habit, but this is easier said than done for one who .... View More

Posted On : 2007-11-26 22:05:57

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I've been getting re-occuring folliculitus for numerous years now.  It occurs mainly on my thighs and buttock region. I received treatment from my doctor but it hasn't resolved the pro.... View More

Posted On : 2007-11-19 16:50:46

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Can Ear Candling Damage Your Ears?

I understand that Ear Candling can remove impurities from the inner ear and stop tinnitus, that is the ringing in the ears; but some say that the vacuum process can sometimes damage the ears.&.... View More

Posted On : 2007-11-14 15:00:48

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