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Past two days vomited bitter clear watery substance

In the mornings I feel really sick and when I brush my teeth and a little bit of this clear watery substance comes up and its really bitter. You would almost think I was puking water. I am 20 years old and I never eat anything when this happens so it happens on an empty stomach. After I vomit it up I usually feel better but sometimes I dont. What could be the cause of this, I am desperate to know. Yesterday I started coughing and now I am having some trouble with mys sinuses. For instance stuffed up nose and sore throat, could that be causing my issue?
by Michael Cohen, founder of RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation
on 07 Sep, 2010 View Therapist Qualifications
Due to the use, abuse, misuse, disuse and lack of servicing that your body's systems has to endure during a life-time, it creates blockages and a breakdown of communication in the your body's energy circuitry system causing your body to work in an adaptive and less efficient way. Therefore it has a limited ability to heal, repair and recover.

RaphaYad TM Bio-energy Healing is a leading-edge technique that can uniquely access your body's bio-electromagnetic [energy field] circuitry system. It is a single source of treatment that moves treatment beyond the textbook and addresses you as an individual. 

This dynamic approach can have a fundamental and positive affect on your bioelectromagnetic field that is responsible for the communication of each cell in your body; their ability to function; your innate healing and repair mechanism; and not least your mind.

For further information, please click on www.bioenergyhealing.org.uk

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by Linda Belcher
on 01 Sep, 2010 View Therapist Qualifications

Sounds like acid reflux which means your digestion needs sorting out.

If your sinuses are blocked, sniff some Olbas Oil or Eucalyptus, cut out dairy completely for a while (milk and cheese).  Take some echinacea and vitamin C for your impending cold.

 You may need some food enzymes to help your digestion or probiotics.  Best to make an appointment to see a Kinesiologist to test whats right for you.  If you are in the UK go to www.systematic-kinesiology.co.uk

Good luck

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