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Painful feet

My feet cause me a lot of problems.  I have hammer toes and although I had physiotherapy for them some time ago, they have become painful again.  Sometimes I feel as though I am walking on broken glass.  Is there anything I can do apart from taking lots of painkillers?
by Margaret Gill
on 03 Aug, 2008

I used to have dreadful sore feet and can empathise with that broken glass feeling in the feet - it felt like I was walking on broken glass and also that my feet were full of broken glass too.  I used to walk only a short distance and I would be in tears with the pain.  I had orthotics fitted which helped a lot as my legs and hips were out of alignment too but again this caused me grief because it is hard to get shoes that look half decent etc and it never really fully overcame the pain and I was limited to the amount of walking I could do.

 I was eventually told by someone that I greatly respected that the reason my feet were so sore was because I wasn't walking my true path and as much as that confronted and frightened me and took me several years to even start investigating my what my "true path" may be - fifteen years later and I no longer wear the orthotics and no longer have trouble walking and in fact this year walked a thousand foot incline in the snow in tramping boots and had no problem what so ever with my feet.  I would never have thought that possible.  I didn't do anything else but chuck in my corporate job I hated and started to look for my "path" and who knows if I have fully found it but I certainly love my work and am thankful for my good feet now and love the adventures they are taking me on.

by Geoffrey Bishop
on 13 Nov, 2007
I would suggest getting back in with a good physio, you need your feet worked on.  How is the lateral arch in your foot.  Is it both feet, and do you have any hip issues?
by Derek Hawkins
on 08 Nov, 2007

Bioflow has helped many people around the world with many kinds of ailment and pain.  There is an extremely good chance that Bioflow will help you.  Bioflow is worn on the wrist.  It will not invade medication.  It might take several weeks before you feel real benefit and loss of pain.


In addition we have some special insoles for problems like yours.  we have had some amazing reposrts about people enjoying walks again.

I'll be pleased to send you a brochure so you can see the range of units available.

With kind regards,

Derek Hawkins 


by Derek Hawkins
on 08 Nov, 2007

Good morning,

I am sorry to hear about the problem with your feet.  There are two things that you can try.  Bioflow has the ability to improve circulation and at the same time ease pain.  Yes it is worn on the wrist because this is the most convenient location to treat the blood as it passes around your body.  We have a range of Bioflows to suit you - it is not a product for a probelm.  They also have a 3 month money back guarantee.  Get a benefit or 85% of your money back.

Secondly we have some very clever insoles that cushion your feet.  We have had some quite extraordinary results where customers with your ailments have found walking a pleasure again.

I will be pleased to send you a brochure so that you can see both items.

With kind regards

Derek Hawkins. 


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