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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a natural psychological process in which critical thinking faculties of the mind are bypassed and a type of selective thinking and perception is established.

Hypnotherapy is often applied in order to modify a subject's behavior, emotional content, and attitudes, as well as a wide range of conditions including dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress-related illness, pain management, and personal development.
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Articles Associated with Hypnotherapy

Conquering Stress
Learn how you can quickly and permanently be free from anxiety, depression and stress with a revolutionary, simple-to-follow program that will free you from stress forever. No Drugs – No Potions – No Hypnotherapy – No Affirmations. Wholly Natural Method and 100% GUARANTEED. You will feel calmer, happier
Success pack- empower your life
 Success pack- empower your lifeEmpower your life while you sleep! This powerful personal hypnotherapy program featuring the 3 of the best of Rick Collingwood's best selling Life Improvement Hypnosis CD series to fast track the manifestation of the secret to success in your life today.
Laid Off, Move On
Introducing Laid Off, Move On. A self help / self development multi-CD set or downloadable hypnotherapy audio program from Michael Mahoney specifically developed for those who have been laid off, that is being made redundant. Redundancy is increasing around the UK and most other countries. To be at
IBS Audio Program 60 CD or MP3 download
Innovation & Research Award Winner 2008The home use IBS Audio Program 60® ~ for Children. This IBS in children self help hypnosis program uses specific hypnotherapy guided imagery processes and methods to help alleviate Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS symptoms in children . It is designed to a help
General Relaxation CD or MP3 Download
A gentle introduction to the process of unwinding and being guided with suggestions of relaxation. An entry level programme of encouragement for those who are learning or relearning the art of relaxation. Contains non-specific directed relaxation processes, for those that want to simply re-learn the ability to unwind,
Insomnia CD or MP3 download
A gentle recording to help the listener understand insomnia and some suggestions to help reduce those long nights. Insomnia can be debilitating, frustrating and affect every aspect of life. Track One explains simply what Insomnia is, the different types and some causes. Track two uses gentle hypnotherapy processes
Chronic Pain 110 CD or MP3 download
This chronic pain hypnosis programme is designed to help the chronic pain sufferer by using hypnotherapy, relaxation, imagery and the spoken word. Available on CD or MP3 download. Chronic pain mangement is collaborative, communication between patients and various specialists, and yet sometimes we have to keep looking for
Simply Music relaxation CD or Download
Ideal for therapy room, waiting room, and individual restfulness. Life is often full of pressures; sometimes it can be difficult to find peace. There are many recordings of gentle soothing music available today, but not all achieve what the listener may be searching to find. Music which helps
IBS Audio Program 100 on CD or MP3
A self help home use hypnosis audio program specifically designed for Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS sufferers. Contains 3 CDs, listening schedule, progress log, FAQ plus bonus CD 'IBS Companion'. This program is currently used in 39 countries. We have been helping IBS sufferers and partners with proven methods and
IBS Audio Program 100 CD or MP3 download
Home use hypnosis treatment program for Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS sufferers.  Uses specific hypnotherapy process developed specifically for IBS.A multi CD set with interlinking sessions brings structure to the process of reducing IBS symptoms. With a listening schedule and progress log and other information in accompanying booklet, the program uses a specific learning structure which enhances
Got Stress And Burnout At Work? Hypnotherapy To The Rescue!
Modern day hypnotherapists are mad. They are steamed at the old stereotype of the evil hypnotist swinging the pocket watch and murmuring "You are getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy".  Hypnotists have long been associated with the occult or entertainment hypnosis. It is not uncommon for new clients to ask
Depression and Hypnotic Approaches
A man who had been a "golden-boy" as a child and who became asuccessful businessman as a young adult, suddenly and without explanation falls into a deep and overwhelming "funk." [His name for it.] An elderly woman is deeply unhappy. Twice widowed, she marries a third time, but
Hypnosis and Waistline?
The use of hypnosis for weight loss has been around since AMA authorized hypnosis in 1958 as a method for controlling stress related overeating. It has always been a controversial topic, and some people still believe that this is some kind of hocus-pocus. I think that it is
When Smoking is Due to Stress or Anxiety
To be able to successfully quit smoking, you must ascertain why you are smoking. There are two major reasons why people would normally smoke and get addicted to the behavior:    * Some people smoke due to some stress or anxiety. When they smoke, they get some relieve from
Get the Subliminal Power Now
Subliminal power lies within the subliminal messages. That is why when you get a prompt to download subliminal messages, you must never hesitate. At the same time, this power only gets to you when you want it. You cannot force it to you. So, you must be willing
Is Hypnotherapy for You?
If you are seeking greater physical health, emotional peace or freedom from unwanted behaviors in a safe and completely natural way, the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy may be your answer. Skills of self-hypnosis allow you to create a profound state of physical relaxation that is healthy for
Hypnotherapy Shouting Cure for IBS!
Hypnotherapy Shouting Cure for IBS! As a Hypnotherapist I now see an increasing number of clients suffering from the debilitating symptoms of IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Their ages have ranged from 8 years old to 88 years old. In the case of the wonderful lady of 88 years
The use of the therapeutic audio program in mitigating post-surgical fears in female breast cancer survivors
Abstract Appeared in the Journal of European Association for Cancer Education March 2005The Use of the Therapeutic Audio Program: An Aid to Emotional Recovery After Breast Cancer in Mitigating Post-Surgical Fears and Emotional Presentations in Female Breast Cancer Survivors.PurposeTo determine if on-going posttraumatic and emotional presentations following traditional
EFT - the best self-help for stress
EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – is a brilliant self-help tool for stress.  One of the beauties of the approach, which is based on the ancient Oriental idea of energy being organised in the body via meridians – is that it can provide both skilled depth therapy with