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Dental Care

What is Dental Care?

Dental Care is the art and science of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions, diseases, and disorders of the oral cavity, the maxillofacial region, and its associated structures as it relates to human beings. While the work of dentists is often surgical in nature, dentists can and do treat many diseases of the oral cavity and face chemotherapeutically.

It is said that the 17th century french physician Pierre Fauchard started dentistry science as we know it today, hence he was named "the father of modern dentistry". Among many of his developments were, the extensive use of dental prosthesis, introducing dental fillings as treatment for dental caries and stating that sugar derivate acids like tartaric acid were responsible for dental decay.
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Articles Associated with Dental Care

Athletes and Oral Care: How to Score a Touchdown for Your Teeth
When you are out on the field, the ice, or the court, the last thing you have on your mind is dental health. However, there is a time and a place for dental health—and maintaining a healthy mouth will help keep you in competitive shape. There are a
3 Ways Parents Can Protect Kids’ Teeth from Holiday Treats
Between Christmas cookies, fudge, candy canes and more, your children may consume a tremendous number of sugary treats throughout the holiday season. Sugar can directly impact your children’s teeth and are a leading contributor to the development of cavities and other oral health issues. While you may allow
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Are you looking for getting Dental Implant in NYC
There are many reasons behind the tooth loss that may include tooth decay, gum disease, excessive wear and tear, or accidents. Missing teeth can cause lack of self-esteem besides hindering the proper functioning in eating, drinking, and talking. These days, dental implants are known as the most effective
Cardiovascular Fitness: long walks are beneficial
In day- to-day's life, it is very essential that we follow a good diet with some light exercise. Exercise is very much beneficial to possess good health. People in order to gain material success forget their health. If you do not want to live in a land surrounded
Turning Back Time With Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry is very popular right now because people the world over are realizing that they can change the way they look and feel relatively easily with the help of a cosmetic dentist. If you were born with unattractive teeth, if they are suffering the affects of aging,
Don't Gum Up Your Oral Health: 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Brushing Your Teeth
Oral care has been a part of everyone’s routine since childhood. However, brushing since childhood doesn’t mean the oral care routine is correct. Most of the time, patients learn improper techniques only to learn about true oral care routines during a trip to the dentist. Learn dentists’ secrets
Family Dentistry: How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist
There are many reasons why people are afraid of the dentist. Some have had bad experiences in the past, while others have just never really been to the dentist. Regardless of why you are afraid of going to the dentist's office, however, there are steps that you can
Dental Health: How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist
If you're afraid of the dentist, you're not alone. As many as 15% of Americans stay away from the dentist because they are afraid. Keeping your mouth in top shape is important to your overall health, though, so it's important to learn how to deal with this fear.
Transient Ischemic Attack Facts
People are largely getting affected with cardiovascular problems due to hectic lifestyle, faulty habits of eating and drinking, disturbed sleep, unhealthy living, excessive stress, and continuous neglection towards health can cause trouble with cardiovascular system of the body. With the improvement in science and technology, we have discovered
50% of Adults Age 30+ Have Gum Disease: What to Do in Your 20s to Prevent That
Gum disease can affect people of all ages, but adults over the age of 30 are particularly vulnerable. According to Perio.com, roughly 50% of adults age 30 and above have some form of gum disease. If you are still in your 20s and don’t want to fall within
Why My Teeth Are Sensitive to Sweets, Hot and Cold?
I scream, you scream, we all scream from frozen treats! Those are not the right words to the song, but if you're one of the over 4 million Americans who endures hardships from tooth sensitivity to sweets or tooth sensitivity to cold, you may be cowering at the thought
How to Brush Your Teeth with Braces?
Individuals with braces often face a top challenge, and that is brushing. Braces need that extra effort to clean teeth and different angular movements to reach where germs and food buildup, particularly around bands, brace brackets, fixed retainers, and wires. But by considering our expert tips, you can easily
Importance of Dental Care for Kids
When your child’s teeth begin to appear, you must clean them with a soft, damp cloth. You also need to wipe gently over the teeth and gums in order to remove any milk or other food residue. If you can, you must brush the teethe of children. As
Cosmetic Dental Care: 4 Signs You Need Dental Implants
Thanks to modern technology, cosmetic dental care is increasingly gaining acceptance and popularity. Today, it is possible for people who have lost their permanent teeth to have an artificial one fixed. Through dental implants, you will not only be able to function normally but can also restore your
Should Toddlers Be Taken to a Dentist?
We have a general assumption that kids below 5 years of age cannot develop a tooth problem. The concept is entirely wrong. Chocolates and candies are a favorite of the child ever since he develops taste in his taste buds. This can lead to the development of cavities
Only 64% of Adults Have Dental Insurance: 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Pass It up
Eventually, you cannot postpone another dental visit. Despite knowing that oral health plays an important role in physical health as well as how you perceive yourself, many people put off seeing the dentist. People with dental insurance have better oral health than those who do not. Here are
Treatments You Can Expect from a Reputable Dentist in Rowville
Everyone requires dental care to maintain oral hygiene and avoid problems of varying severity. Although daily brushing and flossing can help immensely, regular check-ups are highly recommended. A reputable Rowville dental clinic should be capable of providing many different dental procedures and treatments for patients who require them.
4 Dental Treatments and What They Can Do for You
If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, there are plenty of cosmetic dental procedures out there. From teeth whitening to implants, read on to learn about your options toward achieving a brighter, healthier smile. Teeth Straightening Even adults are prone to developing crooked teeth; when wisdom teeth